Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I close my ears to shut out the cries but whatever i do,however hard i press my ears i m not able to shut out the sounds and cries which are embedded into my brain and into my soul..i m not the same...i will never be the same again...two deaths in less than a month and both in our college is a little hard for anyone to digest and after visiting the houses of the deceased i have come to the conclusion that i m no longer gonna pity the person who died..it is the people close to him/her that he/she leaves behind who are to be pitied..the sounds of the mothers wails keep echoing in my ears..i find myself unable to sleep,unable to concentrate on anything..everything i do seems trivial to me..life is so fickle..here today gone tomorrow..no guarantee no nothing..and both these cases of death in my college have been gruesome...in the first case the waves washed away a 20 yr old boy at mahabalipuram and in the second case a 19 yr old girl was runover by a motorcycle...who would have thought that both of them would die..what dreams and hopes the parents would have had for their children...but no..god had totally other plans..it is at times like this that even I(a strong theist) start doubting the existence of god..if he exists and is looking down upon these atrocities and doing nothing then why do we have an entity called god who is supposed to be looking after all of us..why does he allow the osama's and the saddam's of the world to live happily while takling the lives of innocent and ordinary people...when i was young my grandmother used to tell me that this is the "kalyugam" where the evil will triumph over the good and finally there will be only evil ppl left over in this world and all the good ones will have to go..well that explantion used to pretty much satisfy me when i was young but now that i m 21 and can think on my own i begin to have my own doubts...is god trying to push us to such a level where we totally lose belief in him and then make his grand appearance?? i seriously doubt it...death of such young people is inhuman..infact inhuman is an understatement...i feel extremely sad when i think of what these young people would have become if god had not cruelly terminated their lives..
it is at times like this that a dialogue in my favourite movie ANAND makes a lot of sense to me..there is a particular scene in which Rajesh khanna says,

"ham sab to rang manch ki katputliyan hai jinki dhor bhagwan ke haath mein hai..kab kaun kiski dhor kat jaye koi nahi bata sakta"

roughly translated as,

"we are all puppets in the hands of god..when and where whose thread will be cut off is not known by anybody"
How true!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

As i have been tagged by Rahul 'obnoxious' Maddipatla to write a poem i decide to try my hand at poetry even though i m rubbish at it..so here goes my feeble attempt at poetry!!

Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but nothing like idlis to break my teeth.
dosas like frisbees and horse hide chapatis,
and 'worm'icelli for the brave.
mud coloured liquid and yellow coloured water,
apt aliases for sambhar and rasam.
upma is what they call it,
''yuck'ma is what i'd like to name it.
mutter paneer they say with panache,
green coloured bullets is what they really are.
for those still in the dark,
our mess food is an 'objet d'art'!!!

phew!! i cant write any more than this!!

I love chennai...I love everything about this great city..It is a city which caters to the needs of a wide variety of people right from 75 year old thathas to 22 yr old hippies and i hope after reading this blog even the few haters of madras will start loving it!!
Supraphatam by MS in the morning on the radio followed by a hot cup of wonderful filter coffee with the hindu in one hand is what i call heaven..the weather is the one thing that most of the people hate abt chennai...strangely the weather makes me love chennai all the more..from 7 in the morning till 6.59 the next day morning u ll have sweat running down ur backs and the sun will beat down mercilessly the whole day but i swear that is much better than being bundled up in 4 layers of clothing with a thermnmeter under ur tongue and four tissues in ur hands(which is how i usually am when the temperature is below 15 degrees at 12 noon)..
from the december season kutcheris to the colourful rangolis in the month of margazhi
from the 'sakkara pongal' in the temples to the intoxicating smell of jasmines
from sathyam,mayajaal to spencer plaza
from radio mirchi to 'metti oli'
from MS subbalaksmhmi to ganesh kumaresh
everything about chennai is enticing..an ode to this city would be incomplete without a mention of Bessy beach, the ultimate hangout for people of all ages,be it young couples in love ,new friends gossiping or old friends catching, up the gentle breeze and the sundal are a perfect backdrop for any kind of conversation..and as a bonus are the excellent educational instituitions...from engineering at the IIT or anna university or medicine at stnley or CMC or arts at loyola or MOP vaishnav or music at the kunakudy school of music or dance at the kalakshetra chennai provides a plethora of excellent schools and colleges...
and as a footnote i would like to add that i m not getting a commision from any travel agency for writing this but these are what i(and hopefully many others too) feel about this city..
chennai rules!!!!