Friday, April 28, 2006


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What kinda power(s) would you choose, if you could undergo bad-ass mutations? You can mention a maximum of 3 powers you'd like. And try to be imaginative....

1. to be able to go home whenever i miss home and to be able to come to hostel whenever i miss hostel..

2. to have good food whenever the cook in the mess dishes out some unidentifiable,inpalatable,inaesthetic looking food.. be able to have a good novel as soon as i hear of it instead of waiting for someone to finish it and give it to me or waiting for the librarian to issue it to me...

i tag anyone who is jobless enough to read this ;) ;)....

Monday, April 17, 2006


Aaaarrghh!!!its that time fo the year again..EXAM TIME...
Shit!!!why why the hell do we have exams..i mean who the hell are those bloody pompus people sitting in anna university to test my knowledge and keep exams..why do they have to screw us EVERY six months????the past four months have been pur bliss...even as a formality i havent picked up my books..and as for those pathetic misnomers called "unit tests" i have never really cared....

we had our college culturals called INSTINCTS and i had amazing fun for two weeks...and then we had the farewell for the seniors..hostel farewell department almost a month gone in that..this semester has more or less flown and before i can say "what"??? the exams are looming on top of my head with people rushing to take xerox,borrowing books from the library(ugh!!) and booking tickets to go home for the study hols..and before i know the study hols(another misnomer) will be over and we will be writing our exams...and then it will be the time for 3 o clock in the morning chais,can-u-please-wake-me-up-after-5-minutes and ofcourse damn-i-havent-studied-a-thing just 12 hours before the exam.....

well basically the bottomline and the reason i wrote this blog is because i absolutely LOATHE exams and i dont wanna study!!:(:(:(...

P.S: kindly excuse this blog..i was in a highly strung state when i wrote this :):)....

Phew!!! I never thought i would get around to writing about this cliched topic...infact when i started this blog i promised myself that the one topic i wouldnt discuss about would be love...but for the past few days i have heard of so many incidents of people who have been in love for a long time that my hands are itching to write about it...incidentally these people have been in love for a long time but i was unaware of it..and for people who know me i m still angry that u dint care to tell me:):):)..thats what i found kind of funny..when i asked one of my friends as to why i had been kept in the dark about her affair she told me that i wouldnt understand and also because i was against love...

well yes i agree with the first part...i just cant understand how people fall in love and can forego going home just to stay with their er ah um....boyfriends/girlfrineds(i m of my friends refused to go home during the study hols coz she wanted to spend "quality time" with her boyfriend)...i cant imagine putting up witnh the hostel food,washing my own clothes just to stay with my BF..and i dont think there would ever be a day in my life when my parents(who incidentally are the people who have taken care of me for the past 20 yrs before mr.x er swept me off my feet) would occupy a lower position in the list of the people i love..i think i ll always be indebted to them for what they have done for me....and for petes sake how can some person whom i have known only for a couple of months be more important tha ur parents...

anyways coming to the second part of the insinuation against me that i m aginst love i completely put my foot down...i mean i really respect people who are in love..most of these people who i know have been in love from their 11th in the elventh i couldnt even make descions like whether i wanted to have idly for breakfast or bread!!and i still cant for that matter!!!!!and there were people who had actually decided whom they wanted to spend their whole life with..i mean i m sure it would have taken tremendous courage on their part to actually take such a major decision in life..that is one thing which i respect about them..another thing is how brave they are..none of their parents know that they are in love and all of them are extremely confident of the fact that their parents will eventually come around to of my friends who is a brahmin loves this guy who is a christian and i cant even imagine how they ll react in her house!!!so i guess it take a lot of bravery and courage to go and fall in love without caring a damn about the odds...but like one of my friends says "u dont go around asking abt the guys caste and financial status before falling in just is a feeling i cant is something which u have to experience"...well as an experienced person i guess what she says is true!!!

so finally for all those people who thought/think that i m against love I RESPECT U GUYS :D:D:D:D....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ABCD's(American Born Confused Desis)

"Can i have one more of those salty donuts"???asked my 5 year old cousin in his all american distinct twang looking perfectly adorable in a power rangers T-shirt and with a bar of candy in his hand...salty donuts???i was stumped....a food item which i was not aware of??it took me quite a while to understand that he was actually talking about our local medu vada!!!

i looked at him and wondered about his future and the future of all the ABCDs..he was an american citizen(owing to the fact that his parents had been in the states for the past 15 years) would he view himself 20 yrs from an americanised indian or totally american??what would he say if his parents(who had their roots in india) told him that it was wrong to date at the age of 15??and when he faced the outer world would he be discriminated because of his brown skin and distinct indian features and a name like adarsh subramanian(which by the way has been shortened to adash mani by the americans..wonder whats so difficult about adarsh)..before sept 11 i dont think i would have worried so much..but with the security becoming tighter and tighter in airports and when everyone with a different sounding name and a beard is viewed with suspicion i m not so sure..

Coming back to my cousin when i asked him if he would like to come back to india he told me "the waterrr(spelling mistake intended) here is so salty that it makes me wanna puke and the bugs(read mosquitoes) bother me.i think i like baltimore better" that time i laughed but when i gave thought to it i realised that they are so used to luxuries that even if they decide to migrate to india its going to be tough for them to adjust..they cant imagine sleeping on a mat,eating with hands,walking to a place(its always "are we gonna drive??") and so many other things.

And as for me there is no place in this world i would rather be than india and particularly chennai..india with its politics,oppressive weather,reservations in educational institutions and poverty has something so attractive about it that i dont think i could ever leave it let alone thinking of getting an american citizenship and being confused all my life about whether i m an american with roots in india or an indian with a life in america??i would rather be in a country which has been my home for so long and where i have the freedom to do anything and be close to my near and dear ones than be in a country where i have to slog to get a green card,visit my country only once in two years and give up my culture just for the sake of earning a little extra money..Though it may sound cliched "There is no place like home" and wild horses couldnt drive me to the US of A..and who knows if we just wait long enough maybe we would see a day when the economic times headline screams "one dollar=1 rupee";);)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

This is a poem i read in one of the chicken soup series and i just fell in love with it..


There was once an oyster ,
whose story i tell.
who found that some sand,
had got into his shell.
it was only grain,
but it gave him great pain.
for oysters have feeling,
though they are so plain.

now did he berate,
the harsh workings of fate.
that had brought him,
to such a deplorable state.
did he curse the government?
cry for election.
and claim that the sea should give him protection.

no he said to himself,
as he lay in a shell.
since i cannot remove it,
i shall try to improve it.
now the years have rolled around,
as the yaers always do.
and he came to his ultimate destiny--stew.

and the small grain of sand,
that had bothered him so.
was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow,
now the tale has a moral,
for isnt it grand what and oyster can do,
with a morsel fo sand.

what couldnt we do,
if we would only begin,
with some of the things,
that get under our skin.