Saturday, May 13, 2006

Angry!!! :-\

I m angry!! oh yes I m very very angry..actually anger doesn’t even come close to describing what I feel now…are all men like this??? Or is it just a few…no I guess it must be just a few coz the few men that I have known in my life have been decent…if u r still wondering what I m talking abt..well I m talking abt EVE TEASING…nothing gets on my nerves more than being eve teased…whistling I can take, even singing songs to some extent but trying to get physical!!!!!!!!yuck!!!! its unsafe to go anywhere on the roads in the buses in the electric trains and so many other places…its not even about the physical torture, it is about how emotionally abused u feel..u feel like u have no self respect left… u feel so disgusted that u don’t want to complete the work u set out from home to do…it is at times like this that I feel it is better to be a fisherwoman or a woman who sells vegetables..Once I was on a bus and this bastard puts his hands on a fisherwoman and oh man!!! He gets totally ticked off by her…she says “unga amma mela kai vepaya, unga thangachi mela kai vepaya #%$^&&%$$ (bad words) and he says “aaaman nee periya kannagi..unnaku selai vekaren”And that does it..she screams her head off at him and he gets off at the next stop..i m not saying this is going to stop him from eve teasing but the next time he even thinks abt it he will aleast think twice..i think it is only the middle class woman that has to suffer all this…I mean the fisherwomen somhow manage with their rough ways and the ultra rich have never been inside a bus,train or worst on ranganathan they don’t know either how it feels to be abused just because u r a woman!! All these men should be castrated infact I wish I could mete out a punishment worse than castration!!

Friday, May 12, 2006

I was just going thru my 12th farewell photographs and found one snap of my math professor a.k.a CV…if any of u sankara ppl visit this blog then I m sure this blog will make a lot of sense to you and I just had to share this incident with u..;);)
I have had lots of interesting converstions with CV..this is one of them!!

1. first was the time when i had just joined school and i was summoned by CV in the staff room(the mortuary like room near the commerce section) and this was the conversation which took place between us..

CV: Vanga ma Revadhi(spelling mistake intended..thats how he pronounced my name)

Revathi: Good morning sir

CV: Neenga dhaane ma Gujarat lendhu vandhurkenga??(grins brightly showing all his "flawless teeth")

Revathi(thinks): ayyo pei!!!!!!!!!!!
Revathi says: yes sir...

CV: have u learnt sex in your school ma?

Revathi(thinks): what the @$*%^@&^*#*??
Revathi says(with a flabbergasted expression):Sorry sir??

Vijaya ma'am pipes from the nearby chair: U would surely have learnt sex in 7th ma!!

Revathi(thinks): duh!!

CV(irritated): yenna ma muzhikarenga?? sex padichadhu ila ya??Venn diagram,Major sex,Minor sex...etc...

Revathi(with a sigh of relief): oh!!!!!!sets a sir(stressing on the letter 't' )..yes sir padichiruken!!

CV: Good ma..i was going to teach something related to sex and i just wanted to know if everyone had done it

Revathi(thinks): Shit man wish i could roll on the floor and laugh
Revathi says: thank u sir..(for what??teaching us sex??LOL)..May i go now?
CV: yes ma ..just tell everyone that i m going to teach sex next class
Revathi with a grin: sure sir!!

LOL!! i had a great laugh that day!! :D:D:D

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


After reading the hindu in chennai (which if i may say is a really good paper with impeccable language and content) it was quite a shock for me when i started reading the Times of India..i mean u have stuff like "Naomi Campbells's dress plays peekaboo at a recent fashion show" right below the heading "TIMES OF INDIA" on the first page..and its not just a rare occasion..everyday the Times makes it a point to put up some really cheap article as its headlines...once there was a headline which said "Kylie Minogue shows her middle finger at reporters" and one more "Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to sell pictures of their baby for 1 million dollars"... i mean do we really need to know such stuff..and the best part is that these items occupy hardly ten lines on the left corner of the 13th page..seriously the times has to come up with some other strategy to attract readers.
Now for the part which really shocked me..when i expresed my revulsion towards such articles in the times to my mom she says "well the Times caters to readers like u doesnt it?? you enjoy such articles and i m sure it is the piece of news you read first..youngsters like u enjoy page3 articles and he has got a newspaper to sell..and he is willing to use any strategy"...well i will not be a hypocrite..yes i do read news items like that..but that is not the first thing i read...i mean y would i read something on the left corner of the thirteenth page which only mildly interests me..the first thing i read is the sports page and then i got to the sudoku and then read the rest of the paper..but i was just thinking about the way my parents and scores of other parents feel about youngsters like mother thinks i m so enamored by celebrities and their lives that the only thing i read when i get my hands on the newspaper are page 3 articles and no amount of my explaining my stand had any effect on her...
Makes me think that we are a really misunderstood generation sometimes...:(:(

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I was just reading the times of India today morning when I came across an article in which an IIM A graduate had spurned a 7 lakh per annum job to open a school in surat... I felt so insignificant... it made me think if I had ever done anything that made me feel happy and satisfied? And the answer was nothing... next year this time I ll probably be working in some software company staring at the computer screen for 12 hours at a stretch and totally and absolutely hating what I do... do I have the guts to spurn a job offer like that guy did?? Do I have the guts to put my foot down and say “no I won’t do this? I m going to open a school or an NGO”...No!!! The only thing I have ever done is talk about social issues but I feel ashamed to say that I have never taken a sincere step towards anything... its always “what if my studies get affetced”,”what if my future isn’t secure” and so many other what ifs.. I hope someday I have the courage to do what I really want and achieve it!!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Last week my cousin was teaching her three year old kid some rhymes and being the ultimate vetti that I am I was just listening to them when suddenly I felt that the English rhymes which we teach children and those which we have grown up learning are in really bad taste. here are a few examples

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall and so on…

now tell me does a three year old kid have to read such violent stuff about poor humpty falling and cracking his head(and the book my niece was reading had pictures of humpty falling and cracking his head)
they could atleast have ended it on a positive note by saying that the kings men were able to lift humpty…but no..they have to be as crude and heartless as possible
I felt like re writing the poem like this

Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
Humpty dumpty had a great ball
He liked to play with one and all
Or something like that…

little miss muffet sat on a tuffet
eating her curds and whey
there came a big spider and sat down beside her
and frightened miss muffet away

now again we have poor miss muffet being scared away by a mean spider and not able to eat in peace..and they also give pictures in these rhyme books where miss muffet upturns the whole bowl of curds and whey on herself and my niece promptly wanted to try the same thing with her bowl of cerelac..

jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water
jack fell down and broke his crown and jill came tumbling after

this is one of the worst rhymes ever…I mean what is the purpose of having rhymes..just have easy small words which rhyme with each other right?? Well I can think of so many words to rhyme with water and down..for that matter I can change this rhyme with the same words in the following manner

jack and jill went up a hill to fetch a pail of water
jack came down and found a crown and jill came running after..

see what I mean…I can think of so many other examples.. about little bo peep losing her sheep,ten little soldiers standing on a wall and one by one they fall and finally the last one commits suicide or something like that…. as if we don’t have enough violence in this world we expose our children to stuff like this even before they start teething…
but if u take our own traditional rhymes in our regional languages we have so many sensible and sweet lullabies and rhymes
I can think of a few which my grandmother used to say to put us to sleep..

One was “nila nila odi va..malia melai odi va….”
Another one was “amma ingey va va..aasai mutham that ha….”

And so many others…
Personally I have nothing against the English language or anything but after I listened to my cousin teaching those rhymes to her daughter I just felt that we could have better and non-violent rhymes with morals like our regional languages..