Wednesday, June 28, 2006


1. I decide to sleep at 4.00 in the morning and get up at 12.00 pm…after all my body needs eight hours of sleep and it is up to my body to decide which eight hours of the day it must be…I have asked a lot of people this question and I have got really dumb answers the dumbest being “only prostitutes stay awake during night”…LOL :):)…I m sure the call centre workers wont take that accusation lightly

2. I decide to study just two days before the exam after wasting the whole semester and also the study hols?? I mean anyway whatever I study early in the semester doesn’t stay in my head till the exams. I anyway have to study everything afresh before the exams. Why do double work?? Might as well study everything before the exams itself!!

3. I decide to eat chocolate ice cream at cafĂ© coffee day…I mean just because it is coffee day doesn’t mean I have to necessarily drink coffee. I hate that concoction anyway..i get really pissed when people ask me “you are eating chocolate ice cream at coffee day” as if I was caught taking drugs at coffee day!!!

4. I decide to do something that not everyone is doing… let me give u an example.. in the fifth semester we had choice to take any elective which we wished..we had to choose from numerical methods, advanced java and multimedia.. now I opted for java (only 13 people from a department 130 opted for that elective)..and I had people coming and advising me to take multimedia because everyone else was talking it and take numerical methods because it was more scoring.. I actually had people in the dept taking up either of the electives just because their friends were taking it…it makes me sick… don’t they have a mind of their own?? I think I took java not because I exceptionally skilled in the subject or anything but just as a challenge to show that I could do it…ok I probably did not score as much as my friends in numerical methods but that is not the point…I cant stand sheep mentality i.e. doing something just because scores of other people are doing it!!!

5. I laugh loud and long… I mean laughter is the best medicine right?? Well I have had people coming and telling me not to laugh so hard because it is not lady like!!!now I cant help it if I laugh like a hyena...that is just the way I express my happiness…and if they tell me not laugh like that because it disturbs them then I don’t mind mending my ways but not to laugh like that just because it is not ladylike just bugs the shit outta me…I cant stand people who titter and giggle because that totally irritates me…

i cant think of any more whats wrong if's but i ll keep updating this post!! :):)