Monday, July 31, 2006


WOW!! placed..that word feels like music to my ears...i have been placed..i am no longer unemployed..i belong to a company called Cognizant Technology Solutions...from an absolutely jobless dog one second i have a become a Program Analyst is a euphoric feeling.. i mean it might not be offering the greatest salary or might not be the best me being placed is all that matters..i have this feeling that somehow these three years of engineering studies have paid off(though deep down inside me i know that they havent..i m still as ignorant as i was about three years back..only improvement being the fact that i write stories more efficirntly in my exam papers thanks to anna university!!!)..nowadyas with the huge boom in the S/W market it is not all that tough to get a job, with almost evryone making a job with a minimum salary of 2 per annum it is not such a great thing to have a made a job but i have this peaceful and relaxed feeling..and personally i guess making a job is just a matter of luck..u need loads of luck..u need to get into the right interviewing panel, get the right amount of questions correct in ur aptitude(some companies have an upper cut off and if that is crossed u dont get thru the some ppl actually underperform to get thru the aptitude)..the fact that a moron like me has been placed makes it very clear that it is indeed a matter of luck and also gives u a fair idea about the kind of job market out there...never in my wildest dreams had i thought that i would be placed in the first company..well i guess i just have to thank god for this absolutely brilliant stroke of i am just gonna sit back and relax and totally enjoy the final year of my engineering!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

ME into controversy with the controversial book

Well I just had to blog about this incident because this is the first time something like this had happened to me… I had been to spencers with a couple of my friends for my friends birthday and we just ventured into Landmark for some window shopping and browsing through the new arrivals(c’mon seriously now who goes to that place to actually buy something)… and after killing time for about 45 mins we left the place…now as we were leaving the place we had to pass through this security check…never having been caught in one I just sauntered past it lazily knowing that it was just a formality but would u believe it the bloody thing beeped as if I were carrying a few AK-47’s, some dynamites and stuff like that… naturally I was psyched…I thought that it had probably beeped because of the keys and loose change I was carrying in my bag…but even after I had removed them the darned thing continued to beep…and the security guard at the exit asked me to wait separately and there I stood like a criminal waiting for the judges final decision with all the customers staring at me as if I was gonna steal their belongings the next moment… then the manager or some big fart came and asked me to empty the contents of my bag which I gladly did….and I took out the book “how opal Mehta got kissed got wild and got a life” which I had borrowed from my brother in law, some old cd’s, my purse and laid them on the table for them to examine…and he gave me a withering look picked up the book and started turning the pages(expecting to find what??some ganja??sorry I m not Rahul Mahajan)… and he stopped on page 171 with a triumphant look on his face…where did u buy this book?? He asked me waving it in my face…now how the hell am I supposed to know where my BIL got it and said so…. And as if he were the combination of sherlock holmes and hercule poirot he said “well madam if this is your book why aren’t u able to tell us where u bought it and other details”…”well because its not my book u moron” I wanted to scream but all that came out was a meek “its not my book..i borrowed it”…by this time I was dying to know what that fool had found on page 171…it was a bar code tag of the book which is usually present outside the book and which when u buy the book is removed by the person at the counter…some dumb person had removed the tag from the outside and stuck it inside the book when my BIL had bought it… till then it didn’t strike me that I had checked in my bag at the baggage counter at the entrance… finally there was a kind man who came in and asked the person at the counter to run the bar code through a check and they found out that the book had been “bought” and not shop lifted about 3 months back…phew !!!It was then that I breathed a sigh of relief and passed through the check and thankfully the thing didn’t beep and the first thing my friend said when she met me was “stupid u had checked in your bag at the counter…u could have said that!!”…shit!! that didn’t strike me I squealed…
All this nonsense because of a dumb book which wasn’t an interesting read also..cha!!

P.S: it was much much later that I realized that that book had been banned from the shelves of all book shops because of copyright issues and I could have used that also as defense!! : D: D