Monday, October 29, 2007


It has been raining cats and dogs and donkeys and tigers for the past two days. Seriously. It has been raining like nobody’s business. All schools are off today, all colleges are off today. I won’t be surprised if they close down government offices too. Then why the HELL are IT companies working all the time??? :-\

What I want: hot steaming tea with a plate of pakodas, a nice book and some good music
What I have: hot tea from the vending machine, code which doesn’t work

What I want:
a job which lets me talk to people, read a lot and write a lot
What I have: a job where I talk to a maximum of one person, read the lunch menu everyday, and write some nonsense and try to convince everyone that it is code.

What I want: to read John Grisham’s latest novel called playing for pizza
What I have: complete reference java

What I want: is to be able to sleep peacefully without anyone waking me up and asking me to come to office
What I have: am at office at 8.30 owing to the bus driver who drove like he had a pregnant woman in his bus and was rushing her to the hospital

What I want: is to roll my jeans up and splash with gay abandon in the puddles formed by the rain outside
What I have: a voice inside me telling me that I am 22 and a professional working in a leading IT company and professionals working in leading IT companies DO NOT splash in water!!

Sigh!! But what is most surprising is that despite all this I am really really happy and completely in love with life right now. What IS wrong with me??

Friday, October 26, 2007


Hi all,
I need a favor from you guys. You need to fill this survey up for me. Now before u guys think this is one of those stupid things which says "choose the fruit u like the best and we will tell you your personality" and in the end says "if u chose orange u are a person who likes oranges" or something equally and incredibly silly, let me tell you that this is a real survey and it would help a lot of people if u took this survey seriously and gave your esteemed opinion (:P) on the questions listed in this survey. Your results will not be shown to you or anybody else (meaning it is an anonymous survey) so feel free to check whichever option you feel like. Here is the link which you need to follow and take the survey. Even if u dont like my blog and hate the way i write please be kind enough to take some time off your busy schedule and do the survey. Thank you!! :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Week that was

It has been a good week.
On Monday I did something which I have always always wanted to do and I am glad I finally got around to doing it. A tiny feeling of guilt still lingers but the sense of achievement (however small) kind of overshadows the guilt
On Tuesday a part of code which I had written actually worked. Now this is something earth shattering and mind blowing. Right from class 12th when I first started coding, till now not a single piece of code of mine has ever worked and I was elated when something I had written actually worked
On Wednesday I got the following mail from one of the readers of my internal blog and I haven’t stopped smiling since. It always feels great to be appreciated but this mail just made me soooooooo happy. :)

Hi revs … was thinking to write to u from a very long time …Chakkas post likha hai yaar …Loved reading it ….But whenever I go to d comments section , I read ur or someone’s retaliation n start laughing out so much tat I forget what I was about to comment …I enjoy reading all your posts …D best part is d choice of topics …Everyone can relate to them…u r very witty and u know wats d best part is tat ur humor is clean n neat n u never make fun of others … Ur posts tells us tat revs is a simple , down to earth and very approachable gal…And thanks for linking me in your post … I was so happy to be linked by u … Please continue d great job …Keep Blogging !! Keep Rocking!! Kudos to u!! J

Thanks a lot Sona. You absolutely totally and completely made my day. :)

Since I have had a great week till now obviously today/ Thursday had to be a spoiler. Got up to find no current hence no motor and hence no water (Aaah!! I know what u guys are thinking. No!! the next statement is not hence no bath). I rushed to my grandmother’s place early in the morning to take a bath. Fought with an absolutely irritating auto fellow in the morning. I hate these fellows!! Seriously. Almost missed the bus and on top of it I have this absolutely infernal cold which refuses to go away so my eyes are constantly watering!! Sigh!!
Anyway I will get back to work. And yeah Happy Birthday Namu!! Hope u have a great day. You are one of the nicest people I have known and the past 11 years of knowing you have been fantabulous!! :). Have a great day!! Love you!! :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today is the birthday of one of the most important people in my life. The person I love most and respect lots. She turns 66 today and I hope she lives for 66 more!! :)
Love you loads and loads paati (I know u will probably never read this but still I just felt like writing this). Wish u a very very very happy birthday. My grandmother by the way is one of the most special people in my life and the only person whom i listen to.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


People are the most interesting creatures on this planet. Maneka Gandhi and the late Steve Irwin might not think so but personally I just love observing people. Have u tried listening to random conversations around you when you are alone either traveling or sitting in a theatre or in a shop? Sometimes these conversations can be very interesting and provide the much needed entertainment you need when you are alone. This is not called eavesdropping. Eavesdropping is when you listen to some conversation which has something to do with you. Listening to the conversations of some random people and compiling them into a blog is what I call research!!! :)
Here I write about some conversations which I have heard when I have been traveling in the bus, train or in theatres etc

1. Heard in the bus. A conversation between a girl of about 20 and her boyfriend on the phone. I could hear only her side of the conversation so I conjure up the boy’s side.
Her: Hmmm. Then what else. What did u have for breakfast?

Him: idly

Her: hmmm. Just idly?? What did u have along with idly?

Him: chutney

Her: what chutney?? Coconut or tomato?

Him: Coconut

Her: Hmmm. Then what else?

Him: I need to go. I will talk to you later. I love u

Her: Hmmm. Bye. I love u too You keep the phone down. Last time I hung up first and u didn’t speak to me for 35 full minutes

Him: No. you hang up first. I promise you I won’t be angry. And I love u more.

Her: No sweetie. You hang up first. And no I am sure I love u more.

(the “you hang up first” and “I love u more” conversations go on for about 15 minutes after which the girls mobile goes out of charge and she is forced to cut the call. By this time I have lost interest and I am afraid I will lose my breakfast too if I listen some more and move onto the next conversation. I have never understood what two lovers talk or why they talk for such long duration. I mean I am sure they don’t discuss about global warming or about the condition of slums in India or about the agenda of the world development report. I think the worst thing that service providers like airtel and hutch have come up with are CUG or groups where they provide unlimited free hours of talking.) Note: My friend Milinta has written a whole blog on this “talking for long hours phenomenon”. U can check out her blog too!! ;)

2. This was the conversation heard between a mother and her son in the theatre when I had been to watch some animation movie

Boy: Mommy. Why have the switched off the lights

Mother: so that we can see the movie

Boy: but I thought u needed light to see

Mother: Yes. But only if they switch off the lights we can see the movie better. If they switch on the lights the picture won’t be very clear.

Boy: Why does it become dark? Why can’t we always have light?

Mommy: because the sun goes down in the evenings.

Boy: why does the sun go down in the evenings?

Mommy: because like u there are other children on the other side of the world who want the sun so the sun goes to meet them

Boy: other side of the world?? Where is that?

At this point I lose patience and move on to the next conversation. The boy kept asking questions and the mother patiently kept answering. A child’s inquisitiveness is amazing no doubt but something which is even more amazing is a mother’s patience. I swear had I been in the mother’s place I would have scolded the child and asked him to watch the movie quietly!!

3. Following was the conversation I heard between a husband and a wife outside a change room in a clothing store. She would go inside, change into something and come out and show her husband.

Wife(wearing a green kurta): Sathish how about this one. This is the the same kurta which preity zinta wore in Lakshya.

Now Mrs.Sathish by no stretch of imagination looked like preity zinta and to be very fair to her, Mr.Sathish also by no stretch of imagination looked like Hrithik Roshan.

Anyway mildly put the kurta wasn’t exactly flattering her figure and was hugging her at places which are best left unmentioned and I was expecting Mr. Sathish to say so much

Husband: Ummm..Errrr.. Well actually this color doesn’t really suit u.
He picks up another blue kurta which if it were worn by Jayalalitha would be loose for her

Now this is the color which would really really suit you

Wife: what u are trying to say is that I look fat. That’s it. Isn’t it??

Husband: no Uma. I am just trying to say that blue color would suit u much better than green.

Wife: ok. I will just go and ask if they have this green kurta in blue. Except for the color everything is fine with the green kurta right?

I am beyond myself with laughter as I see Sathish squirm. And I did not envy his position when Uma came with the same green kurta in blue color and told him she was going to buy.

Sathish: ummm… maybe we should just visit some other shop Uma. The prices here are too steep!

Uma: Are u crazy? This kurta’s original price in 650 and I am getting it at 300 after discount. There is no way I am letting it go. Why are you so apprehensive?

Sathish: (He is really gutsy I decide) No it’s just that maybe this kurta is a little tight for u. maybe we should try the next size!!

Oh my god!!! You guys should have been there to witness what ensued afterwards!! Phew!! They had such a big fight and they kept on fighting. Yours truly just left the place!! ;)

4. This one was while I was traveling in the train from Chennai to Bombay. Some of the moments of my life which I cherish are the train journeys when we as a family would travel from wherever-in-India-we-were-at-that-moment to Chennai. So I love observing families when I am traveling alone. It takes me back to the good ol’ days. Anyway this particular family had two daughters, a mom and a dad and was ur usual gujju parivar.

Daughter 1(called Pinky): mummy!! I want the window seat

Daughter 2(called Sweety): mummy!! Nahi. I want it. Remember last week when u were talking to gupta aunty on the phone and the milk was boiling in the kitchen I asked u if I could have the window seat u said I could have it.

(I pitied mummy and appreciated sweety’s cleverness. The best time to ask a parent for a favor is when they are extremely busy, totally un-interested in what u have to say and cant wait to get rid of you.)
Pinky: but mummy the last time we went to madras Sweety sat at the window seat

Mummy: we had 2 window seats then Pinky and both of you were sitting at one.

Pinky(obviously not very pleased): but I want it.

Daddy: Pinkyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Sweetyyyyyyyy!!! Bas Karo!!! Enough of ur nonsense. Pinky will sit for half an hour then Sweety will sit for the next half hour

Pinky: I get to sit first.

Sweety: no!! I do. Daddy tell her.

And the fight went on. I didn’t think pinky and sweety were being childish. My sister is 25 and I am 21 and we still fight for the window seat when we travel together. : I have always maintained that it is good to have a bit of fighting/squabbling between siblings. (I am not sure how many parents concur with my views though)

5. Following is the conversation which took place between my mom and my dad when I was in class 7 and till date remains one of my most favorite conversations

Mom: (talking to my dad): Shruthi (yeah that’s me. That’s what I am called at home As to why I am called shruthi at home, well that deserves a separate post in itself) has been really naughty. I have been getting lot of complaints regarding her behavior from all her teachers.

Dad(reading the newspaper): Hmmmm

Mom: She actually put horns on the head of her computer teacher and it got reflected on the monitor and she got caught (this is completely true. This did happen and till date it has been the funniest and most embarrassing situations in my life).

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: And preethi doesn’t study at all. I am worried she will hardly score in her 10th exams.

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: Maybe we should send her to coaching classes

Dad: Hmmm

Mom: you never listen to anything I say

Dad: I don’t believe it. I just don’t

Mom: what?

Dad: in a country with 1 billion people isn’t there a single doctor who can find a cure for Sachin Tendulkars shoulder injury??

Mom: *&^%*%&**^.

Errr. The scenes that followed were errr. Not very pleasant and hence I shall refrain from elucidating for fear that some children by chance might come visiting and get scared!! :P
There are many such conversations which stand out in my memory but this post is getting way too long anyway. Maybe I will do a conversations part-II. :). So till then Keep Talking!! ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I really really need to control my anger. I really do. I am generally a very nice person(Really. I swear :P) but if I get angry I just seem to completely lose control of myself. And the minute after I have literally raped the object of my anger with the choicest of words I begin to feel sorry and wish I hadn’t done it. The other day a certain colleague of mine and I were having this discussion about our favorite authors. This is how the conversation went

Me: Oh cool!! You like Grisham too?? I love “The Client” written by him. Have u read that?

Colleague: oh yeah!! I loved that one too. And Erich Segal's Class and Doctors is simply mid blowing

Me: oh yeah!! I just completely fell in love with Class. And more recently, did u read khaled hosseini's kite runner and 1000 splendid suns

Colleague: Oh my god!! Yeah yeah yeah. Absolutely loved them both. I cant believe our tastes match so much

Me: (Moving on to the acid test): Hmmm.. errrr. Then I presume you like PG Wodehouse

Colleague: Shucks No!! I HATE him. I just can’t stand the way he writes

Until this point I was genial, friendly and nice, even cracking little jokes but once she said I hate PGW I think I completely lost it. u can tell me stuff like "I think your father is a terrorist Revs, and he is the master mind behind the WTC bombing" and I wont be provoked, or u can say stuff like "I think ur sister is a cannibal and the only reason she calls u home so frequently is so that she can fatten u up well and then eat you" and I would probably just give u a little smile and say "Oh!! Is that so??" but if u say stuff like "I hate PGW" I get livid. Come on. My dad can turn terrorist (errr.Appa if you are reading this u know I love u!! :)), my sister can turn into a cannibal (on second thoughts she already is one. Preethi if you are reading this c’mon sis it’s time u faced some facts). Both these events are not entirely impossible but hating PGW?? Now that’s impossible. PGW aint a writer. He is a magician who plays magic with words.

Shit!! This is exactly what I was talking about. I need to simmer down. I just need to.
Anyway after my colleague made that statement I went "What??????? You don’t like PGW and u call yourself a person who likes to read books??" (Now, I realize that I was being entirely unreasonable. I cant understand a word of what Paulo Coelho is trying to say in alchemist and I don’t understand why the boy must speak the language of the desert. call me shallow, call me un-philosophical but that’s the way I am but then when I was at the peak of my outburst I wasn’t really thinking reasonably). But the point I am trying to make here is that there is a world of difference between saying "I don’t understand what PGW writes" and saying "I hate PGW". The former statement I can tolerate,even understand, the latter, I have realized sadly is beyond my tolerance level. Needless to say after that little outburst of mine my colleague hasn’t been very cordial to me to put it mildly.
Same thing happened with a friend of mine who said she didn’t like the way Atif sings and I again went "What???????*&^%^##@$%&"

I just need to get a hold on myself

Following are some of the things I need to do

1. Need to tone down Sreesanth like behavior
2. Need to visit the Himalayas and have a look at how the sages live
3. Need to apologize to my colleague
4. Need to be more tolerant
5. Need to accept the fact that not everyone likes Wodehouse and not everyone can appreciate Atif's singing. (But for crying out loud how can u not like stuff like this "A melancholy-looking man, he had the appearance of someone who had searched for the leak in life's gas pipe with a lighted candle" or "I should like to start by saying that since the first human being crawled out of the primeval slime and life on this planet began nobody has ever loved anybody as i love Gertrude Wnnkworth".Sheesh I am doing it again.)
6. I really need to follow this need to list!!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Shantaram!! Awesome!!

For the past one week I have been staying up nights and trying to spend every waking minute that I get reading Shataram by Gregory David Roberts. I still haven’t finished reading the book. It’s a huge book about 1000 pages and I still have 100 odd pages left to finish but I just cant help writing a review. What a book man what a book. I am usually lousy when it comes to reviewing books but there are very few books which I have really really felt like reviewing and this is one of them. It’s been a long time since I read a book which has been so stimulating moving and un-putdown able. Its non-fiction and I generally hate non-fiction and self help kind of books. This book is a kind of a self help book too I would say.

The real life story of a man who has been through sooooooooooo much in life and the way he has written it is BLOODY brilliant. I have just completely fallen in love with the way he has written. He describes India and Bombay so beautifully that it especially appeals to a person like me who has this “crazy almost bordering toward madness” kind of love for India. I cant really explain what I love about this country but I just love it with every fibre of my being and to hear my sentiments being voiced by a foreigner, to hear my country being praised by him felt so good.

And another astounding thing is that Gregory david Roberts wrote Shantaram three times after the prison guards destroyed the first two versions. Each version was around 600 pages. And to have continued writing after having his first two version destroyed tells you about the kind of amazing grit, willpower and determination this man possesses. It is very very hard to believe that it has been written by a prisoner, an armed robber and a hopeless heroin addict. There is a part in the book, around 50 pages, where he talks about his stint in an Indian prison. It just completely moved me to tears and threw light on the kind of circumstances under which prisoners in India live and the way they are treated. (But according to Roberts such is the case in every prison in this world.).

Shantaram is a riveting read which is at once moving, touching, humorous, dark, thrilling, full of suspense, compassionate, sensational and erudite. I am running out of adjectives to describe this book. Please do read it. Don’t let the size of the book intimidate you. Trust me it is worth the read.

Next on my list is Orhan Pamuk’s ‘Snow’ and ‘My Name is Red’. I generally do not read books written by Nobel prize winning authors because most of what they write is a bouncer for me but I am going to try. So any reviews on these two books are most welcome!! :)

Friday, October 05, 2007


It is a Friday and I feel none of the excitement associated with a Friday because I am working tomorrow. I had this wild fantastic idea today morning that maybe just maybe everyone at work will forget that tomorrow is working and not turn up thinking it is a usual Saturday. Lame I know but then when u are as desperate as me for a weekend u begin to hallucinate and think that anything is possible. And today morning as soon as I checked my office mail the first mail to meet my eye was this mail from Operations HR “just a gentle reminder to tell u that tomorrow is a working day as usual and we are compensating for the holiday announced on Monday because of the state wide bandh”. So much for everyone forgetting that Saturday would be working. Never before have I pressed the shift + delete keys with more vengeance to delete a particular mail. :-.

And after u have had an absolutely fantabulous four day weekend (God bless mahatma Gandhi for being born on October 2. October 1 was a state wide bandh so ultimately it became a four day weekend) doing nothing but eating, sleeping and making merry with your friends, you hate coming to office so much that the hatred which osama bin laden feels for Bush would seem trivial compared to it. The best day was Monday. I love going around with my friends and roaming around the city but I love idling away time reading a book and listening to music a little more than that. Monday I was on house arrest because of the bandh and I spent it reading a PG Wodehouse, listening to songs by KK and eating vengaya sambhar and vendekka curry made by paati. I have decided that IF IF IF IF IF ever I marry I will only marry someone who can write like PGW, sing like KK and cook like my grandmother. That’s not much to ask for. And oh yeah!! If he happens to look like George Clooney I wouldn’t mind that!! ;)

I just realized that I have been meting out step-motherly treatment to my blog. After I started blogging on Cognizant internal blogs I have almost stopped blogging on my external blog. I feel really bad coz this blog has been with me for almost two years now and has seen me through sooooooooooo many things. My emotions are best expressed when I write about them and this blog of mine has been proof of that fact. So no matter how popular I get on the internal blog revsrules will always be my first love (internal blog would be my second love, and third would be the guy who can write like PGW, sing like KK, cook like my grandmother and looks like George Clooney(this one’soptional)..;) ). Well anyway so I am going to increase my blogging activity on my external blog and try to blog almost daily about my un-eventful life. Maybe writing about it will make it more eventful. Maybe. Un-eventful life reminds me, I better get back to work!! ;)