Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ganguly - Part I -Birth and entry into our lives

DISCLAIMER : Those of you who are reading this post expecting to read something about Dada and his unfavorable position with the selectors let me warn you that this post has nothing to do with him.

Twenty 17 years olds with no common bond between them, out of their homes for the first time in their lives, terribly homesick, hopelessly failing in all the class tests, ragged by seniors, awed by our “day scholar” peers who were “city girls”, apprehensive about everything and completely hating hostel life in an engineering college.

And then Ganguly happened. I still distinctly remember the day he came into our lives. It was 5 in the evening and the day of an India Pakistan match. Our seniors had bunked college and were sitting in the TV room watching the match. All of us (first years) had just come back from college, back to the wretched hostel and were sitting outside hostel, drinking a brown colored mildly warm, sickeningly sweet liquid which the mess workers liked to call tea and making polite conversations with each other about the day’s happenings when we heard whines and yelps from behind a bush where we were sitting. Having heard horror stories from seniors about how our hostel was infested with snakes (stories which we later passed on to our juniors!! :P) a few of us retreated from the bush while a few brave ones ventured into the bush to discover the source of the noise.

And there behind the bush lying next to his mother, looking at us shyly with black eyes which were limpid pools of innocence was Ganguly. The smallest, whitest, cutest and loveliest puppy we had ever seen. (Though I have many photos of Ganguly I don’t have a single one of his in that almost divine form of his.). we quickly called all the scaredy cats who had run away to show them the puppy (not christened as yet). We watched in unmasked delight as he shyly hid behind his mother probably embarrassed by the presence of 10 girls looking intently at him.

One of us (the only one who was in the senior’s good books – Fermie was it you?) called them to have a look. The match had just gotten over with Ganguly performing abysmally as the captain and losing out to archrivals Pakistan by a huge margin.

"Yevlo azhaga irruku" one girl squealed

"Eeeeeeeeeks. Rabies varum." Maintain your distance. That was me. I was a person who was very very scared of dogs (stress is on the word “was”. Ganguly completely changed my outlook and the day I make enough money and buy a house of my own, I will buy a German Shepherd or a cocker spaniel or german shepherd to give me company and name him Popeye!!)

It’s a boy squealed another one who had a dog at home

Yenna per vekailam? What shall we call it? this question was doing its rounds and suddenly a voice said “Lets name him Ganguly. The way he performed in this match only a dog deserves his name”. this sent peals of laughter and hoots of approval amongst all present and we turned around to see who had christened him. It was Sita akka. One of the nicest, seniors, then known to all of us as padips (a crude term used in engineering to refer to anyone who studied) and scholarship holder. So Ganguly he was and since his mother was friendly enough we gently lifted the little fellow and held him up high for everyone to look and admire while he yelped and whined for his mother.

Having restored him to the safety of his mothers lap (errr. What else would u call the part of a dog’s body where her children lie?? ), We spent the entire evening and a better part of the night looking at Ganguly, feeding him the mess food (which he refused politely, preferring his mothers milk to horse hide chapatis) and talking about him late into the night with the seniors.

At last we had found a common bond amongst us. At last were not scared of our seniors but were chattering happily with them about Ganguly. At last it looked like we were settling down.

(To be continued..)

For u guys to be able to relate better to ganguly here is a pic of him!! :)
Click to get a better image and to see Ganguly in all his glory!! (do check out his eyes!! :))


preeti said...

revs zinda hai ki mar gayi? this is the best place to catch you de.

preeti said...

anyways, i miss ganguly too :(

Anonymous said...

Awww...Which Gym does Ganguly go to?? (I meant this doggy Dada only), asking you cos he got well shaped muscles on the legs and all!! ;)
Aur eyes are lovely...contacts daala hey kya jaise apne dada ne?? :P
Nice write up Revs...wish Ganguly could write, teri har pol khuljaati!! lolz..

Sanjeev said...

"Ganguly, feeding him the mess food (which he refused politely, preferring his mothers milk to horse hide chapatis)"- laughing out at these lines.. too good..

I really thought you were gonna write about DADA after seeing the title..
takes me back to my primary school days when i named my pup Steffi(but for different reasons, unlike your naming conventions for Ganguly.. cos Steffi was my fav sports star)..

Thoroughly enjoyed reading it first up on a Monday morning :)

Sanjeev said...
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Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

first DD and then you ....ayoo yen college la naya paatha ...they shoot .. :|

GoodEarth said...

Wow! nice post Revs! had me smiling throughout :-) Dogs are always darlings!!
we have two sweet doggies at home... Blinky (Lhasapso) & Julie (Labrador) :-)

Sheks said...

Lets name him Ganguly. The way he performed in this match only a dog deserves his name
Idhu konjam over (I'm a Dada fan)

One of my friends has been more than helpful to a childless cat.One day during the second year he stroked the cat's head and fed it an idli only for us to discover the next day that the cat had delivered a litter of kittens.

While driving I always look out for dogs crossing my path in the nick of time,so that I call shout out "Naaye" without having to worry about damaging a person's identity if the one who crossed my path was a human,

Anonymous said...

Ahh.. Explains a LOT.. :P :P

Who am i said...


i remember how i was begging u gals not to call him ganguly...bcos i loved DADA(i still like him.)...

but revs how come u din mention abt this..."ganguly is the only sori pudikatha naaye in our college"... thats why he had so may fans .....

i too miss ganguly ..:(

Revathi said...

:(:(. Ganguly was/still is a darling!! :)

if gangs could write he would have told stories about how kind and considerate i was!! :P
and he is cute nahi?? :P

Thanks a lot!! :)

what???? shoot them?? what kind of inhuman college does that??? :-|

:):). wow!! a lhasapso?? they are so cute!! :)
Thanks for visiting!!

sigh!! nee vandhale mokkai pottutu dhaan pova nenaikaren!! lol
kidding man!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

like what???? :P

dahling. this is just part I. other parts are still to follow!! :)

Milinta said...

GAnguleeeeeeeee.... We miss you :( :(

Anonymous said...

u know what i was ust scrolling up n down in ur blog trying to find something of my interest. i saw ur second post about GANGULY n i thought its crap...(coz m not a much of cricket fan)... so i passed down... but i had too stop when i saw the pic of ur dog... hahaha... n that when i came to know that GANGULY is actually a dog...
very nicely written and interesting too...
i read each n every word of it... :)