Thursday, October 30, 2008


1. I went “ewwwwww” when my grandmother woke me up today and said “get up. You have office today”

2. I went “ewwwwww” when the share auto fellow told me “CTS a???” and I nodded my head sadly and stupidly

3. I went “ewwwwww” when I heard the disgusting beep when my access card hit the doors, so that they could open and let me in.

4. I went “ewwwwww” when I saw that my mailbox had thousands of new mails, the latest of which said “welcome back Revathi. PFA the defects which have to be fixed by EOD.”

5. I went “ewwwwww” when instead of amma’s hot horlicks I had to drink the brown color, smelling of cockroach poop watery tea in office (don’t ask me how I know how cockroach poop smells. I just know that if ever cockroach poop were to emanate a smell it would be very close to the tea in my office’s vending machine!! :-\)

6. I went “ewwwwww” when I went to the cafeteria and had the DISGUSTING food there consisting of totally uncooked, unpalatable food after having basked in the glory of amma’s superb cooking for 2 weeks. For the first time I wasted the stuff on my plate (sorry, you kids in Somalia!! :() and for the first time I was the last person to complete eating!!

7. I went “ewwwwww” when I got a mail saying “pay 100 bucks for birthday celebrations and come join us in wishing birthday babies at 4 in the cafeteria”. I might as well have taken another day off and saved myself 100 bucks and a couple of plastic smiles

Lots of such ewwwwww moments and I m going ewwwww now even as I think about it!!
I wanna go back home!! waah waah waah!! Stop it Revs. You are a mature 22 year old. (but even mature 22 years olds are allowed to miss home!! :( )

Anyway back to Chennai guys (I loved this part) after a completely harrowing journey (I m not going into detail. I think there are entirely too many posts on my travel travails on this blog!! :-\) and back to the grind (I hate this part)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Diwali!! :)

To all the readers of this blog (yeah!! I am delusional. i tend to think i am very widely read and my blog has hundreds of readers!! :P)

"Wish you a very very happy and prosperous Diwali"

So amma and i put a beautiful Rangoli outside for diwali while appa sat and watched aaja nachle and occassionally came and left comments like "hmmm, nice. good good" (its amazing how useful men can be!! :P). After 4 years a proper diwali. sighh!! Last time we had a proper diwali was diwali of 2004 when all four of us were together, preethi was unmarried and we had a huge rangoli, lots of pataasu and the works!! :)

Preeethiiiiiiiiiii we missed you big time!! :)

I hate to leave tomorrow and go back to "work" . Aaaaarghhhh!! I so hate it!! :(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jamnagar diaries

1.     So I got a sexy looking hair cut today (yeah!! When u go to the beauty parlor and the lady there asks you “step cut, layer cut, mushroom cut, v cut, w cut??? Which one do u want?” and u say “errrr. Nothing. Just trim my hair. Can u just cut the ends off a bit. I want to get rid of the split ends” and she shows u 2 inches of hair and says “can I cut this much?” and u absent mindedly say “hmmm ok” and she cuts bloody 6 inches and u r left with exactly 4 inches of hair on your head what u get ultimately is a sexy looking hair cut!! :-\). Whatever !!! My hair is wayyyy above my shoulders now and I m feeling kind of insecure now. Yeah insecure. It feels like stepping out without clothes and going “ueee man. Itni thand kyun lag rahi hai”!! :P

2.      So yesterday my dad took me on a walk and asked me “errr. Shruthi. You know. If there is someone in Chennai whom u get along well with you should tell us. We wouldn’t mind”. Fully understanding what he was trying to say I acted and innocent and went “I get along well with everyone appa!!” and he is like “no. I mean for life”. God. My dad is cute!! :). The conversation ended with me telling him “I don’t want to get married and live with a man appa!! please”. I hastened to add “errr..neither with a woman. I just want to be alone” when his eyebrows kind of shot up!! :P

3.      So now that I have lots of time at my disposal I spent the entire weekend watching “Indian idol”. More than the actual show the auditions are really funny and hilarious. Sample this. The judges went to London to pick a couple of contestants and this girl sings “aap jaisa koi meri zindagi mein aaye toh BAAP ban jaaye”. Ha ha ha ha!! OMG. Even as I m typing it my face just broke out into a huge grin. :D Javed akhtar hastened to tell her  “beta..baap ban jaaye nahi, BAAT ban jaaye”!! my mother and I have been giggling like little school girls ever since. :D

4.   .  Today I went on a cycling trip around the township with mom and dad. That is the advantage if u have a mother who is a school teacher. She just has to call a couple of students and within 4 minutes we have 20 kids outside out house saying “teacher teacher, take my cycle.”, “no no ma’am take mine. Naya hai” and I went and picked this ladybird. Its been ages since I rode a cycle. Last time was in 12th I think. I had a red color BSA SLR then I think. I always craved for a ladybird but a BSA SLR is what was handed down to me by Preethi (that’s the disadvantage if u have a sis who looks after things very well. If she had broken the cycle my parents would have been forced to buy me a new cycle. But no. she polished it, cleaned it, rode it well and ultimately gave it to me!! :-\). So where was I? yeah cycling trip. It was lovely. The township looks lovely and I had a capital time cycling with mom and dad. Both of them were way ahead of me and I was panting and puffing to catch up with them.  I can still ride a cycle with both my hands off the handle bar *big accomplishment grin*. All through the trip my mom and dad tried to convince me to quit my job in chennai and come and live with them. The township is beautiful, the mall is great, there is a huge multiplex, the air is salubrious, food is great, and i would save a huge chunk of my salary but.. So why don’t I want to come and live here?? I dunno. I guess Chennai is home now. Sigh!! I am so confused

5.  My sister got her passport!! Yay yay!! Ok. For uninformed people she lost her passport while in a foreign country, one day before she was supposed to come to india after 6 months and she was devastated. She even went and tried telling the passport officials “hey, I look like an Indian. Please let me go to india”. LOL. Last heard the passport officials in dubai have been warned about a crazy looking Indian woman desperate to go to india and willing to try anything. Anyway after 3 weeks of plain AGONY and pure determination she got her passport. You gotta hand it to that girl. When she learnt that one of the passport officials had lived in neyveli for exactly 3 months of his life she went and told him “you are from neyveli? My great grandfather is also from neyveli. Can u please give me the passport now”!! :D :D. I think he gave it just to humor her. So congrats preethi!! :)

6. .  Yesterday my mom was cribbing saying “OMG. Township has become so crowded shruthi. I cant tell you”. Find below pictures of peak hour traffic in the township. First one was taken at peak hour in the morning and the second was taken at peak hour in the evening. I could only gape and feel glad that my parents weren’t in Chennai.  Where is the traffic u say?? Duh-huh. Our car was on the road!! :P

Monday, October 20, 2008

Taaaaaaaaaaaaag!! :)

Been tagged by Milinta with this rather nice tag I should say. I liked doing it!! :) because I have been really busy and have not been blogging at all (Mr.Chitragupta stop noting all this down. I am just kidding!! :-\). Anyway here goes!! :)

The tag:
Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.


Your oldest memory

Date : August 26th 1992 – Madras – JYM Kalyana Mandapam

Partners in crime: Shruthi – age 6

      Preethi – age 9

      Ramya – age 8

Occasion: my uncle’s wedding

Circs: now JYM kalyana mandapam has two floors. Generally the girl’s family gets the ground floor and the boy’s family gets the first floor. Ground floor is sad. It is teeming with mothers who are always thinking that kids below the age of 9 will be up to no good, or teeming with relatives who want to wrench your chubby cheeks off saying “Preethi kutti Shruthi kutti, mama kalyanathukku vandhirkella?” (no. we are 6 and 9 year old suicide bombers planning to bomb this place. Duh-huh?? What else would we be here for?) or teeming with close relatives who go “Shruthi take this veshti to kicha mama” or “Preethi ask sarasu mani to go and give the white color packet to cheenu mama before muhurtham” or some such trivial errands.

First floor on the other hand is relatively free coz the wedding takes place on the ground floor and people normally don’t venture up. So Preethi, Ramya (less of a cousin and more of a local rowdy) and I were very glad that the boy’s “side” had been given the first floor. The first floor had a HUGE hall about 40 feet by 40 feet and many other smaller rooms and the scope of how much of fun we could have playing hide and seek, catch catch, cut the cake etc left us breathless. Here was a whole big house to ourselves, with no furniture to hinder our moevment and no elders to bother us. We started playing when a couple of pesky kids from the “girls” side came up (for the same reasons why we had come up) and wanted to join us (mind you, they just wanted to join us. They didn’t even ask for space to play alone. Now when I think of what I did I feel so silly but hey we were just 6 then. We are more mature now. God promise, mother promise!! :P) and this was the conversation

Them: naanglum unga kuda valayadalama? (can we also play with you?)

Ramya ( in the most authoritative tone. she was pretty much the boss. Preethi and I were her side kicks who stood on either side with our arms crossed like henchmen and showing attitude): Idhu yenga mama Kalyanam (this is our mama’s wedding)

Them: (confused): idhu yenga chitti Kalyanam (This is our chitti’s wedding too. or was it attai. I really don’t remember)

Ramya: mela payyan aathu kaara dhaan irrukanum. Ponnu aathu kaaranga keezha dhaan valayadanum (only the boy’s side can stay on top. The girl’s side has to use the ground floor for playing)

Them: konja neram valayadarome (can we play for some time please?)

Ramya: idhu yenga mama Kalyanam. Yenga mama ku naanga ungla ulla vittom nu theriya vandha ungla thoratthi thoratthi adipaar

(this is our uncle’s wedding. If he comes to know that we let u in he will beat u within an inch of ur life!!)

And they fled, probably thinking “oh my god. We are getting our chitti married to a man who beats little kids”. LOL. this is my oldest memory ever and even know when I think of it, it cracks me up. Shankar mama wouldn’t/couldnt hurt a fly and we painted such a gory picture of him. Am glad the kids didn’t go and complain otherwise Ramya solely would have been responsible for stopping the wedding!! :D:D


Psssst. My oldest memory is Ramya telling pakathu veetu mama’s wife “unga aathukaar ----- pottukala” :D:D:D:D but jeez I cant write about that can I??? ;). This is a public space after all!! ;)

What were you doing 10 years ago?

1998 – Class 8 – JH Ambani Vidyamandir – I was the minister of discipline or cleanliness or red house captain or some such nonsense. I used to LOVE my school and LOVE Jamnagar then. Not anymore. The school has gone to the dogs, the kids are having love affairs in class 6th, my favorite teachers no longer teach there and the principal has changed 4 times since I left.

Happy times those were. Times of school uniforms, sparkling white socks and black shoes, smart red sweaters, hair in plaits and ribbons, a life of innocence, fun, frolic. What a carefree life. The thing which I worried about most was the fail mark in Sanskrit. Ahhhh!! Jaane kahan gaye woh din!! :(


Your first thought today morning

No thoughts in the morning. Got up only in the afternoon at 12.30!! Ah!! Vacation. I love that word. When else can u get up in the afternoon on a Monday unless it is august 15, jan 26 or October 2nd!! :|

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Hmmm. Books for sure (all kinds. Archie comics, tinitin, PGW to rohinton mistry to Gerald Durrell. Hmmmm. EVERYTHING). Couple of friends. (mandatory)

Jeeeez. I cant think of anything else.

Hmmm food maybe, music, couple of good movies and a laptop!!  (optional)


This year ….

Started off on a euphoric note with me getting a call from TISS, then there was the double disappointment. TISS bombed and sis left for Dubai!! :P. after the crest and two troughs it has been just a normal monotonous year. And oh yeah!! Chennai trekkers, one of the best things ever to happen to me. made a lot of new friends this year thanks to trekkers and my blogs. 

Hmmmm. On hindsight i made a LOT of friends actually. After college got over I didn’t think I would make a single decent friend in office. But no. I have made some great friends and that too with people whom I have never met but only exchanged mails. Its an amazing thing when u have never seen a person but know that person like the back of your hand (Anu, am tagging u with this tag!! :). you get the GBCI award for revelation of the year and "nicest person whom i have never met" award too!! :D) I also spent a lot of quality time with college friends and now i m spending quality time with my parents.

on the whole it has been a satisfactory year with a lot of reading and writing. discovered a lot of great authors. Been reading some good fiction and non fiction. hmmmm. what else? two more months to go. lets see what they bring!! :)

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

I see myself as a 36 year old. Nothing more, nothing less. :P

Sorry. But I don’t know what I am going to do 4 minutes from now (ok, for the smart ass who just went “you will be publishing this post Revs” – THANK YOU! :-\). I am eternally clueless and perpetually confused.

And heck!!! 14 years from now who knows if I will be alive?

Ahhh!! Now comes the exciting part where I get to tag people.

I tag



Nive - new to blogger

Rahul (because he loves being tagged!! :P) 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Meeting with an old nemesis - Sanskrit and Mrs M

Today as I was taking a walk around the township with mom I met an old nemesis of mine. I have decided that in future if I want to walk around in a place where I had once received my education I will either do it in the middle of the night when no one is around or wear a burkha. 

So amma and I were just sauntering with amma as usual giving me advice and self nodding my head sagely, looking at the ground in an attempt to look remorseful for being errr... Me (read lazy, sleepy, bored, lethargic, spend thrifty, anti marriage etc...) when suddenly a voice comes saying "Arey Revathi beta. Aap kab aaye?"

In slow motion I lift my head and whom do I see?? I see  Mrs. M** (name changed to protect I dunno what. not like she is going to read this blog but whatever). Now I had always been a decent student in school. never getting those obscenely high 99s and 100s and neither failing miserably in any subject except except for SANSKRIT. I never really understood Sanskrit in school (errr.. I don’t do it even now). I never really understood why we needed to study Sanskrit. Why??So that one day when I die and meet god I can talk in Sanskrit, impress him and convince him that he should send me to heaven instead of hell where I ideally should be for the kind of deeds I have done??? I mean what is the use of studying a bally language which I would never use .

Errr. mind you, not that I "use" the other subjects and languages I studied in school/college. That is a totally different thing but back then in class 8th I thought that in future the math and science which I studied then would help me conquer the world and help me earn the "big bucks" (gosh!!! big bucks it seems. lol. :D. big pennies is more like it!! :D). I hadn’t heard of anyone having Sanskrit as a subject in aptitude exams or Sanskrit as a "stream" in class 11th or anyone saying we have the Sanskrit Olympiad exam or Sanskrit coaching classes or doing a Bsc in Sanskrit or..... Anyway I am digressing. you get the drift dontchya?? I hated Sanskrit from the bottom of my heart and with the kind of marks I got in Sanskrit, I don’t think the language liked me anymore than Ratan Tata likes Mamta Banerjee.


in class 8th Sanskrit was introduced and it was obvious from day one that I wasn’t getting the "hang" of the subject. Mrs. M was a huge fat white Punjabi lady (I have had a fear of Punjabi ladies ever since) who had a booming voice and would go "lata, latah lathabhyaaaaaaam...hey lata, hey lata, hey lata" (Sanskrit purists desist from commenting on my Sanskrit. the lata conjugation is probably the only thing which I sorta remember from those miserable days). I never did understand why in the end of the lata conjugation we had to shout at lata and go "hey lata, ho lata, haaaye lata" or something like that. Exclamation it seems. BAH!!

so the first unit tests (or monthly tests or quarterly tests... I really don’t remember) and I errr..... euphemistically put did not make enough marks to make the merit list, in fact I did not make enough marks to even make the "pass" list. sighhhh!! cutting the crap.. I flunked. and if u r a self respecting conscientious 8th standard kid you will cry at having failed. I mean jeeez you don’t fail in 8th standard and especially not when your mother is a teacher in the same school, your Sanskrit teacher looks like she has 8th std kids for breakfast everyday and when u made a decent 80 (ok 75!!!) in all the other subjects. but sigh. fail I did and I continued to fare poorly the whole year and finally ended up switching to French in class 9th.


Now Mrs. M hated failures. I mean no teacher likes failures but she HATED them. and she would never miss a chance to humiliate me and my Sanskrit paper always looked like it had been written in red and corrected in blue. she would put a huge cross across my page, put a merciless and fat looking 0 in the left, write the correct conjugation in red and write "bekaar" (worst). I would be in tears every time I saw my paper. She was a great teacher or so people told me but I think teaching me Sanskrit was as herculean a task as asking Angelina Jolie to be not sexy (errr.. me being AJ and "not sexy" being Sanskrit!! :P). Needless to say I never thought very highly of Mrs. M and I think the vice versa was also true.

so today she met me in the park and did what she does best. humiliated me. she pulled my cheeks and went "Beta. ghar aaye ho? yaad hai na? hamesha Sanskrit mein fail hote the aap" (you have come home?? Remember you would always flunk Sanskrit in school) 

Me: (thinking) what the... lady I am on vacation. you don’t need to remind me how miserably I failed in ur papers and frankly u never did teach properly!! :-\


Me: (saying)heh heh. yaad hai ma'am. kaise bhool sakti hoon. (I remember. how can I forget?)


M: abhi bhi aise hi fail hote ho kya? (do u still fail like this) followed by a guffaw


Me: (thinking): lady now u have had it. eeeeyaarrghhhhhhhhhh (mentally bringing a karate chop on her head)


Me: (saying): heh heh. nahi ma'am. ab to bas pass ho jaate hain (no. I pass now)


M: ok beta. ab mai nikalti hoon. (turning to my mom). bada accha lagta hai jab old students milte hain. I feel young (feels nice to meet odl students. I feel young)


Me: (thinking). lady. no amount of Botox or retinol in this world can make u look young. and u may feel good meeting old students. I don’t repeat DONT feel great being reminded that I was a failure (sigh. I know I am being rude. she wasn’t a bad sort but..I dunno :))


Me: (saying); Thanks ma'am. bye!! 


sighhh!! moral of the story: never go for a walk in broad day light in a place where there is high probability of meeting old flames (:P) or teachers. and later I came to know that she was on a "karva chauth" vrath and hadn’t eaten anything from morning (praying for the long life of the husband). maybe she was hungry and she decided to eat my brain instead. sigh. they ought to have a rule for karva chauth. no eating anything and brains strictly prohibited till u see the moon!! :-\


P.S: is karva chauth a Punjab da festival or UP festival? I saw lotsa Punjabi aunties doing the karva chauth routine today (looking at the moon and looking at the husband). always thought it was a UP thing. hmmm


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A love ahead of time!!

a "romantic" short story i wrote for a contest in office.
a lame albeit sincere attempt at "ROMANCE" :D:D
Lakshmi got up and one hand of hers mechanically reached out and turned off the alarm lest it rang and disturbed Gopal who was sleeping peacefully. Even without looking, even before it rang she knew what time it was. 5 o clock. Every night when she set the alarm Gopal would joke saying “your body’s alarm is more reliable than Orpat. Why waste time setting an alarm?”

She got out of bed, brushed her teeth and went about her ablutions in a mechanical manner. Getting the milk, cutting open the packet, emptying it into a vessel, adding a little water to drain the packet of its last drops of milk, setting the vessel to boil, boiling the water to make the coffee decoction. After making herself a cup of hot frothy filter coffee, she retreated to the swing in the balcony to watch the break of dawn as the dark blue of the night gave way to the cerulean sky of the dawn and a gentle breeze tickled her senses. Somehow the dark blue of the sky always made her think of him. His eyes. Those deep dark azure eyes of his eyes which spoke volumes though he was a man of very few words.

Lakshmi closed her eyes and it all came back to her like it had happened yesterday. She was 18 and it was the Navratri season. Lakshmi and her sister Vijaya had gone to Sarasu maami’s house for golu. She was the best singer in the neighbourhood. “MS kurral. Truly gifted you are Lakshmi” Ranga mama, Sarasu maami’s husband would say with a nod of his head. That day she sat down to render a Bhajan in the kapi raagam. She always closed her eyes while singing. Her concentration wouldn’t divert that away. That day as soon as she finished singing and was met with thunderous applause, she opened her eyes and he stood before her and for the first time her innocent eyes met his cynical ones. There he was standing with a smirk on his face with a book in his hand and his hands crossed across his chest while everyone else in the room used their hands to applaud her song.

“Nara, did u hear that?” Sarasu maami asked him. “How well she sings doesn’t she.”
He smirked some more and made a noise somewhere between a grunt and a cough and retreated into his room

Oh!! How she hated him.

Narayan was a black sheep of their Agraharam. “Iconoclast. Too much of education and spending time in the public library has made him like this. Disgrace to Sarasu and Ranga, such nice god fearing people” appa would hiss when he spoke of him. “Ayyo naastheekama (atheist)?? Shiva Shiva” her mother would chant. He had radical ideas and “is way ahead of his times” Sethu anna would say. None of this made any sense to Lakshmi. All she knew was that she hated him because he refuted religious customs, thought too much of himself and was a pompous ass who loved to smirk at her.

And then the rains came. She would never forget that day. The first time he touched her. It was pouring cats and dogs and she had missed her last bus home from college and as luck would have it, she had forgotten her umbrella too and was walking towards the shade of the bus stand to wait there till the rains abated. It was pouring so hard it was impossible to see anything in front of her or to see the road or make out if she was walking on the pavement or on the road. Suddenly she felt a hand on her arm and someone pulled her to safety as a car whizzed past her. “Are you crazy?” she heard a voice. She turned around and found herself staring into those eyes again. “Th…Thanks. I..I..didnt hear the car. It was raining and…”. “Never mind” he hushed her. “Here take my umbrella and I will walk you home”. He was still holding her arm. She pulled it away determinedly and said “No, Thanks. I will wait at the bus stand and take the next bus home”. There. There it was. That irritating smirk again. “Ok. I will wait with you” he said. She was extremely glad he said that but said “Suit yourself. It isn’t my bus stand for me to prevent you from waiting there”.

“So? College eh?” he said after an uncomfortable silence of 10 minutes

“No, I enjoy walking in the rains at 6 in the evening, getting drenched and getting hit by cars frequently” she said sarcastically even as her heart beat like 100 drummers were working overtime. She moved away afraid that he might hear it

He smirked again and she wanted to scream.

“ok. I am sorry I spoilt your hobby of getting hit by cars by saving you. Won’t happen again” he said

She smiled and looked up at him and time froze. She didn’t remember how long they kept looking at each other. He later told her that, that was when he had fallen in love with her. A car sped by and splashed water on them and screeched to a halt. “Nara, Lakshmi what are you doing here? Get in the car” Ranga mama’s voice came through the sheets of rain. Ranga mama dropped her home and that night she for the first time she thought kindly of him.

The bus stand became their constant meeting place. Maybe it was co-incidence, maybe it was providence or maybe it was how Narayan planned things but everyday when she stood in the bus stand he would leave the public library opposite the bus stand and walk up to her. They spoke about everything under the sun. Slowly she started looking forward to their daily meetings. She realized that contrary to what appa said he wasn’t an iconoclast but was just agnostic and liked to question things and just had un conventional ideas on many things, things about which she had been taught to think in a particular conventional way . He was like no one else she had met. He was eloquent, extremely well read, kind, sensitive, had an amazing sense of humor and she enjoyed talking to him. What she felt for him she had never felt for anyone. He completely changed the way she looked at life and the way she thought. He gave her life a totally new perspective. The first books she ever read were the ones which he loaned her, books which when she saw in the market reminded her of him. She read and re read those books and marveled at how beautifully they had been written. She was only existing till she met him. After he came into her life she started living.

After an year when she had finished her they started “maapilai hunting” at home for Lakshmi and she realized that she didn’t want to be with anyone else except Narayan. That evening when they met at the bus stand, their last time ever, she told him they were looking out for a groom. She still remembered how he reacted. They were sitting side by side and when she told her he gave her one long serious look, those azure eyes boring into her and said “Marry me”. That was that. They decided to tell their parents

That evening she confronted amma and appa and told them she loved Narayan. Appa blew his top.

“what??? That iconoclast? See savithri. Look at what your daughter has done. I told u not to educate her. You educate women and this is what they do. They think if they can read the paper, they can rule the world. Keep them at home and marry them off at 18. Look at what she has done. I cant show my face anywhere now”

“Appa, please. He is really nice. And you know Ranga mama and sarasu maami so well” she pleaded

“so?? Do u have any idea what he does for a living. How he will take care of you?”

She was stumped. She had known him for an year and not once had she asked him what he did for a living

“See. You don’t have an answer. You want to marry a vagabond, who doesn’t believe in God, who doesn’t have a job. Shiva shiva. We have found a nice boy for you from Kumbakonam called Gopal. He works for a reputed bank in Madras…”

And that was the end of it. She shouted, she screamed, she pleaded, she threatened to kill herself but Appa wouldn’t budge. She never saw Narayan again. He tried writing to her and the letter was intercepted by Appa and he tore it without reading. She wasn’t allowed to go out of the house. She hoped Ranga mama and Sarasu maami would come and talk but nothing happened. Gopal’s parents came approved and appraised her, a date was fixed and she was married
That was 30 years back. A lone tear escaped her eye and fell into her cup of coffee, gone cold now. Gopal was a good man. He was a decent husband, a good father, a very good son, brother and son in law. She had no complaints. Regrets? Yes. She had those. Her 26 year old daughter had visited last month from the US with her American husband with whom she had “lived in” for an year before deciding to get married. Gopal and Lakshmi hadn’t said anything or rather weren’t able to say anything. In their heart of hearts they were glad she had married someone of the opposite gender. They had a Brahmin style wedding and an American style wedding. When she looked at Priya, her daughter, she wished she had been born at a different time. At a time when falling in love wasn’t taboo, when a job in a reputed bank wasn’t the only thing parents looked at. If only, if only…..

She never heard from Narayan after that. After marriage she had moved to Madras and her parents made sure she never visited Trichy, making it a point to visit her when she felt home sick. Conversation was always careful never steering towards Ranga mama’s family. Once she had discreetly asked amma and she had promptly gone and told appa. That was the end of it. Narayan was like a chapter of her life which had existed only in her imagination. No record of him existed anywhere. She didn’t even have a photograph, a letter. Nothing. Just memories of a man who had taught her to think and now existed only in her thoughts.

“lakshmi” gopal’s voice echoed. She quickly wiped her tears away and responded to his call.

The sky was orange now, the sun high up, the beautiful dark azure shade completely gone.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Wednesday!! Mind Blowing!!

I saw "A Wednesday" yesterday.
it re-affirms a statement a friend once made about me when i told him i love richard gere and george clooney. He said "Why do u always have a thing for older men?"
Sighhh!! Naseerudin Shah for the kind of acting that you have done i have totally absolutely and completely fallen in love with you. you absolutely rock in the movie

1. the chacracterization of everyone in the movie has been done so well, somewhere in the middle of the movie you forget the fact that its a movie you are watching and thse people are "acting". its amazing

2. Deepal Shaw cant act. Deepal "beta" please go back to doing "mere nasseb mein tu hai ke nahi..." kind of nonsense wearing no clothes and the most disgusting pout i have ever seen. thats what u do the best. Werent you ashamed to share the frame with stalwarts like Naseerudin shah and Anupam Kher? ok. maybe i am being too harsh but she was just blecccch!!

3. Jimmy Shergill never looked so awesomely cute before. Kya attitude maara hai. Maan na padega. the centre of his hair kinds of stands up due to static or someting and he looks "O so cute" with that hair of his, when he is chewing a gum, wearing his coolers and walking down the alley to beat the bad guys. Sigh!!!

4. Not wanting to spoil the l'il "twist" in the end, all i want to say is that personally i think this country needs more "Wednesdays". Go figure!! :P

5. some of the dialogues are like AWESOME!!! there is one where anupam kher says "kya guarantee hai ki if i release the terrorists you will tell me where you have planted the bombs" and naseerudin shahs says "guarantee??? kya mai aapko fan bech raha hoon???". lol lol lol. :D:D you are so dude Naseerudin Shah. I so love you!! :)

6. Everytime the terrorists came forward and introduced themselves they would say "mumbai 1993 (name of the bomb blast and organisation) fakr hai" and everytime i heard it as "fuck*r hai". sighhhh. I have a really dirty mind. i oughta read more ramayana, mahabharata and scriptures!!:-\. :P

7. I heard that because of huge ego problems between Anupam Kher and Naseerudin Shah they refused to share the screen for more than one scene. i wish we see more of these two actors together. They are just AMAZING. i mean it seems like they started acting from the time they were born. my dad was so overwhelmed he is like "ask Naseerudin shah to act like a worm and he would do it with panache". i couldnt agree less. he is the star of the movie

8. My mom and dad who had already seen the movie and came with me just because i hadnt seen it were sitting on either side of me and acting all smug because they knew what the suspense was and i did not. how i begged amma to tell me what the twist was but all i got in return was a supercilious smile. i am glad she didnt tell me. the twist is worth waiting for in the movie!! :)

9. The Jamnagar which i had left looking like Mamta Banerjee some 17 months back has had a complete makeover and looks like Angelina Jolie (no kidding). we have a beautiful multiplex within the township which screen all the latest movies (it was a different thing that when the message "all patrons are requested to stand up for the national anthem" flashed on the screen only my parents, i and three others stood up in the whole theatre. we were the only "patrons" in the whole theatre!! :P)

10. Please go and watch Wednesday. its the best hindi movie in recent times. Trash like "hello" (based on the equally trashy book "one nite at the call center") oughta be banned or their directors should be blown apart the way the terrorists are blown apart in Wednesday (ooops!! did i just let the cat out of the bag?? :D:D)

Monday, October 13, 2008

In the land of the NANO!! :)

1. I hate travelling in second class sleeper trains. By the end of the 45 hour journey I am dirty sweaty and smell like a skunk and a stinky one at that. I was on a train which consisted of 300 christians coming back from a convention in channai. All the time I feared someone would come and burn the train down given the situation in Orissa and the sudden hatred towards Christians. I will never understand communal riots. Out of my closest friends, 3 are christains and one is a muslim and though it sounds very dramatic I would rather give my life than see them die.

On the other hand I love travelling in second class compartments. This is where you can see real india and its people, admire the green fields as they whiz by, capture a beautiful sunset, wave to the little kids working in fields, talk to people who try to convert u to Christianity by giving u books on the gospel of Christ, get invited to the house of some random stranger in ahmedabad whom u know for ten minutes and have them scold you when u politely refuse and tell them u have to immediately catch a bus to Jamnagar. Hmmm. I love this country!!

2. I am yet to come across a toilet in second class sleeper trains without obscenities scrawled on the doors, near mirrors, above the commode etc. personally I think the toilets in Indian second class trains is where the Indian male gives vent to all his sexual fantasies. And its really not an advantage when u can read hindi, tamil and gujarati, the languages in which most of the obscenities are scribbled in along with graphic pictures. The reader might ask why this particular blogger wants to go and read the stuff written on the doors. All i can say is "Hey!! Two days in the train. I need some entertainment man!!" :P

3. After I got down in ahmedabad I had to catch an auto to reach a bus stand. I had been instructed by amma, not to give more that 30 bucks to the auto guy. Anything more would be daylight robbery she insisted. I catch and auto guy and try my rusty gujarati on the guy. Its been 8 years since I spoke gujarati with anyone and I do not miss a chance to practice. I tell him “mane paldi javoo che” including a nasal twang to achieve the authentic gujju effect. 40 rupees he says. Though this is the first time I am going to this place in ahmedabad I act like I own the place. I turn my nose up act like a seasoned gujju ben and say “hoon 30 aj aapun” (I will give 30 only). He smirks as if to say “I can see through u clearly, u pseudo gujarati” and says “Beso Beso ben” (sit sit sister). That’s one thing about Gujarat. Everyone is a sister or a brother. He drives in a way which would make schumi blush, skips all the signals and says ahemdabad has become a very unruly place. He asks me where I am from and I proudly say “hum to madras se aaye hain”. “Ahhh madras. Wahan to roads acche hotein hai na?” he says and I just gape at him and don’t say anything lest I blurt out the truth. In the end I end up giving him 35 bucks for all the entertainment he provided me.

4. I go to the travels guy and the luck of the Ramanan’s starts working again. I have been travelling fro 38 hours now and all I want to do is reach home, take a bath eat good food and go to sleep and this guy tells me he cant put me on the 10.00 o clock bus because only “gents” are there in the bus and he cant send “ladies” in that and puts me on the 11.30. I have 3 hours to kill. I eventually end up calling up all my friends at STD rates. I figure that since I am anyway not going to use my phone for the next two weeks I might as well talk and while away time. I also finish the last few pages of maximum city by suketu Mehta. One of the best books that I have EVER read and will ever read about Bombay. Its amazing. Thanks to maximum city I had no idea how two days flew by in the train. Amazing book. People who haven’t read it yet please do read it. Will do a review soon.

5. Reached Jamnagar at 6 in the morning to be received by two completely excited human beings who have been waiting at the bus stop for an hour now expecting me to come. My parents crush me in a hug and the bus driver smirks and says “utarne to do” (let her at least get down first). I have come up with a law for family. This is how it goes
a. If you visit home daily parents don’t care two hoots about u. you are scolded frequently, the food is on the table, the keys are with the neighbor, u can fend for yourself they say.
b. If you come home once in 2 months they worry about how thin u have become, make sure you eat your meals on time, there is ice cream in the fridge keys are still with the neighbor
c. If you come home once in 6 months you are a princess, your food is ready when u want it, your bed is made, you are fed sometimes, you are scolded very rarely and they don’t leave u alone and go.
d. If you come home once in 17 months (a la moi) you are treated like ROYALTY. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t get the kind of welcome you do. Your mom doesn’t say a word when without taking a bath you sit in front of the computer. She climbs up the stairs with the breakfast in hand and comes and gives ur breakfast to you. You just say “internet appa” and your dad disconnects his laptop and connects the PC to the modem. You just saunter into the bathroom and scream soap, shampoo, towel at regular intervals and have them handed to you without a word. 5 years back amma would have said “did u go to take a bath or go for a picnic” (I have never really understood the significance of this statement. I mean I thought people went prepared for a picnic. whatever).
Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the daughter she sent looking like “Karnam Malleswari” comes back looking like “kallubai” the woman from the famine affected district in Orissa which hasn’t seen food in 10 days. Appa gives me one withering look and says “she has lost more weight than I did after my open heart. Feed her something” and that’s what I have been doing since I landed. Eating eating and more eating.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Yay Yay Yay!! finally finally, in spite of the presence of several anti social elements in my office my leave which i have been trying to get approval for, FINALLY got approved.So Revathi Ramanan leaves for Jamnagar this saturday for a 2 week vacation. After 15 long months and 4 long years for a diwali i get to go home!! yay yay!!

Good News:
i am going home
staying with parents
good food
no office
no java code
no bugs
no boss

Bad News:

no bar camp!! :(:(
No Chennai for 2 weeks :(
Jamnagar (eeeeeks!! how i hate that place)

Jamnagar you know how much i hate you so please behave yourself
Chennai you know i love you, don't miss me!! :)

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thanks!! :)

The other day i got a mail from one of the readers of my blog saying

Hi Revs,

Recently I had been to Los Angeles and visited this famous Chinese Theatre where you have hand and foot prints of many Hollywood actors.
Well I took this photo of George Clooney's hand and foot prints. Just after taking the photo the first person came into my mind was you :) (don't know why :D ) so thought of mailing it to you.
Not sure whether you will like it or not :)

Keep blogging :)


and he sent me the following pic

I couldnt stop laughing. and after reading his mail i had this faint hope that if my love for clooney had reached los angeles, the day isnt far when it will reach hollywood and Georgie will come and ask for my hand in marriage after acknowledging my true love for him!! :P

Here i am on Gandhi Jayanthi - a national holiday, sitting in office handling them null pointer exceptions, waiting for them SQL queries to run and fixing them javascript errors but life doesnt seem all that bad.
Thanks Chintan and be rest assured that i LOVED the pic!! :D
Now i have something to worship!! :P