Thursday, November 27, 2008

I got up today morning to read the newspapers only to read about Mumbai EVERWHERE.

I just finished reading Maximum City, one of THE BEST books that I have ever and I was wondering if I could/should do a review on the book and I read in the newspaper today that Vijay Salaskar is dead!! I almost feel like I know him after reading Maximum City.

I wish I were illiterate deaf, dumb and blind. I wish I didn’t have to read the news every day. I wish I didn’t have to hear about the death of the ATS chief and read in the newspapers about this.

Terrorists come to VT/CST, the busiest terminus ever with grenades and AK-47 and there is no security to stop them.

Terrorists come to the Taj hotel. casually ask which room houses foreigners and are readily given the information with no one to question them

We lose our best cops, our ATS chief and 2 other encounter specialists to petty despicable men from a completely new terrorist outfit which calls itself Deccan mujahideen and all we can do is sit and stare at the TV screens in horror

The terrorists demand that all Mujahideen should be released and instead of taking steps to increase security and prevent such terrorist attacks we will meekly hand over the ruthless terrorists. Why struggle so much to capture and kill the terrorists when at a later point of time you are anyway going to release them.

The impotent government sits and offers condolences to all affected and will probably throw in 1 lakh as compensation for each life lost.

It’s a shame that not only can this country not protect its own people but also puts the lives of people from other countries in danger. So much for Athithi Devo Bhava.

I shudder when I think of the world that we handing over to the next generation

I gulp when my 8 year old cousin asks me why people are bombing and shooting other people. I don’t know how to answer his questions.

I am ashamed of myself.

What is this world coming to?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random Scribbles on a Rainy Evening

It has been pouring in Chennai for the past 3 days and having missed the last bout of rains in mid October I am glad I am here when Chennai is being struck a hurricane. In a sudden bout of kindness and unusual spark of humanity, HR sent a mail today afternoon declaring that EOD (End of Day for all you plebs) today would be at 5 because of the looming hurricane and advised all the associates to leave early to avoid getting caught in the storm. They were however quick to remind us that EOD on Friday would be extended by an hour. So much for kindness and humanity.

So its one of those lazy evenings when for a change I am home early with nothing much to do. Cant go out for a walk. Though I love walking and getting wet in the rain, walking through knee deep slush and mud is not exactly my idea of a good pastime. I cant read a book. Coz I have already read all the books that I have and I cant go out and buy some because
a) it is raining and
b) it is the 26th of the month and my bank balance is errr in double digits.

Not really enough to buy a book. I cant watch TV because there IS no TV to watch. I cant mail a friend of mine overseas whom I have been grossly ignoring for a week now lamely blaming work and other things because her mail is languishing in my personal folders in my system in office to which I have no access from home. Sorry Anu.
So right now I am sitting here listening to the steady “chh chh chh chhh chhh” of the rain outside my window and it reminds me of all the wonderful rains that I have experienced in the 23 years of my existence.

-- The rainy seasons in Surat from 1992-1997 with Preethi and my cousins Rishu and Prashu when we would continuously watch Tom and Jerry from 2 in the afternoon to 8 in the night and still not get tired..

-- Playing dark room.

-- Cutting the little earthworms in the balcony with the kitchen knife and watching in wonder as the two ends of the earthworm wiggled in two different directions while it poured outside and produced more earthworms for us to cut and experiment

-- Making mud pies and small plates and spoons of mud and playing house house (Sheeeeeesh!! How much I loved being a wife and mother then!! :D)

-- Learning to ride a bicycle on my own in the parking area and cycling in the narrow area between two cars so that even if I lost balance I wouldn’t fall down but would fall on one of the cars while it rained mercilessly never letting me practice my bike riding on the roads.

-- Purposely wading through ankle deep, knee deep water and wetting my shoes and socks just so that I could hear the pleasant “squelch squelch” of my shoes whenever I walked and get scolded by amma.

-- Going to bed at night listening to the howling of the wind and the “crick crick” of crickets.

-- Snuggling up under a quilt and close to paati while she told us stories, happy to be safe and warm at home while it was dark and cold outside.

-- The rains in Jamnagar which always brought with them cyclones. Cyclones became such a run off the mill thing for us that every rains we would go “Cyclone a?? seri seri” and go on with our work.

-- Driving in our first car – a blue color Maruti 800 in the rains watching in wonder as dad put on the car viper which magically devoured all the little drops which formed on the windscreen.

--The rains in Bombay which are MERCILESS and go about ravaging the entire city with a clinical precision not caring two hoots about the people who suffered. The impudence and audacity of the Bombay rains has always mesmerized me.

-- The rains in Chennai – the friendly rains as I call them. Always raining throughout the night, letting us enjoy the pleasant weather during the day.

-- The rains when I was in class 12th and paati would invariably make bhajji or bonda every time it rained. Snuggling to a god book with a cuppa tea in one hand, bajji in the other, listening to the rains – Ah!!! Bliss!!

-- The rains during my fifth semester in college when Anna University postponed the exams because of heavy rains and I sat and cried in the common room in our hostel because my trip home which I had been looking forward to had been postponed indefinitely and as if to rub salt on my wounds it didn’t rain at all the whole day.

-- My friends trying to cheer me up during that time and even today I remember distinctly. I was crying and one friend said “They have postponed the exams man. Lets not waste this holiday, lets go to Mayajaal and watch Harry Potter 3. Because of the rains we will get tickets easily and it’s a weekday too”. And off we went in that ominous looking weather to watch a movie and cheer “me” up!!

-- Now I feel glad they postponed the exams. One of the BESTEST times of my life when I made some of my closest friends, had all night talk-athon and chat-athon sessions in the rains. Getting wet every time it rained.

-- The rains in Manali during final year tour when we walked on the road, a light drizzle beating down on our faces, a cup of hot tea in hand, rushing to the nearest dhaba to have some aloo ka parantha!! Lovely!! :)

-- The sudden rains in Skandagiri which took us by surprise and lashed out at us with all their fury leaving us shivering and singing in our tents throughout the night

-- And finally the rains now which help me think of all the wonderful rains I have seen!!

Ah!! The rains. Its amazing what the rain does to me. I love the rains!! :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram should be renamed to "Gautham Menon a 'Pallarnu Arayanum' "!! :-\

DISCLAIMER:People who liked Vaaranam Aayiram please don’t read ahead. Sarcasm is something which comes naturally to me and I might have gone a little overboard with my sarcastic comments in the post below.

Gautam Menon. I have nothing against you wanting to tell your story. Everyone has a story to tell. I have nothing against you loving your dad so much that you want to make a movie out of it. I have nothing against the fact that all your life you called your father Daddy(uvvaacck!!), I have nothing against you wanting to cast Surya in your movie. But I have everything against you wanting to subject us to such colossal bull shit.

Surya!! whatever were u thinking? did Gautam Menon show u three scripts of three completely different movies and ask you to pick one? and did u say "No, I want a little bit of script 1, a little bit of script 2, some part of script 3 and a lot of skin show - by Me and not the actress!! heh heh!! Ah!! Now that would be a great movie" and did Gautam Menon nod his head docilely?

Simran, did you tell Gautham Menon, "listen I have looked gorgeous in all the movies I have acted so far so please give me a disgusting retro look for my young days with a bouffant hair style, pig tails and tight clothes. And oh no!! the women around me who are also supposed to have the 70s look can look modern and have fairly decent hair styles. Just spoil my look"
It was painful to see Simran, one of the prettiest and most versatile actresses given such a look. I think Gautham Menon just went overboard with the retro thing.

The sad part about the movie is that despite an absolutely brilliant performance from Surya and fairly decent performances from everyone else the movie sucks big time. Surya has done a mind blowing job, Simran takes the cake with her sensitive mother role, Divya Spandana is effervescent enough and Sameera Reddy does the sassy smart chick role well. but the end product is something which shocks you with its absurdity, It’s like this. You start making food. You see that the paruppu looks good, tomatoes look nice and red,chillies are nice and fresh, you have all the correct spices to make a perfectly good sambhar but what u finally get after three hours of playing around with all the good ingredients is an inedible bowl of something which you would like to call sambhar and which after tasting a euphemistic and polite person would go "Interesting. but one spoon is enough. Thank you" while a person like me would go "Bleaaaaaaaaaah!!" and spit it out.

The movie is a complete drag with no co-relation whatsoever between the various parts. It’s like this (Pardon all the food analogies but the only good part about the movie was all the good food which I ate). Someone gives u a nice hot masala dosai to eat with piping hot sambhar. you start eating it and u are just half way through it when someone suddenly snatches the plate and gives you cold ice cream. you are like "what the hell" but since you are a tolerant person you start eating the ice cream. you are half done with it when someone snatches that away too and gives u a cup of piping hot coffee instead. By this time you are completely pissed.
That in short is how the movie is like. three completely un related things thrust upon you with no common thread except Surya.
I dunno which aspect of the movie to talk about first. So I will start with the things which irritated me the most and move on to the things which were the most absurd

1. I am yet to see a middle class Tamil family in the 80s speak English at home and the father calling the mother darling. The overt usage of English was very irritating. Even when the father Surya was lying on his death bed, a poignant moment and a the kind of moment where every Indian would exult only in his/her mother tongue Simran says "Oh my god!! what happened?" and the daughter goes "you will be fine daddy, you will be fine". got on my nerves.

2. Ok maybe this is a pet peeve of mine but I can’t stand people calling their parents as "Mummy, Daddy". ewwwwwww!! I mean call them Amma and Appa (or whetever it is that u call them in ur mother tongue) and see what a difference it would make. In the entire movie Surya must have called his father Daddy a gazillion times and to me, each time it felt like someone was running a nail across a black board (shudders!!). So much so that at the end of the movie when the father Surya dies and son Surya goes "Daddy Daddy" someone in audience could no longer control his anger and said "Dei, Daddy Daddy nu sollu, Daddy body aaitar da. ippoyavdhu Appa sollu" :D. I couldn’t agree less

3. Yes Gautham Menon. We are all fools. And so are the people sitting at the US consulate office stamping the Visa. We completely believe that if u tell the Visa people "I don’t want to study, I don’t want to make money, I don’t care about your country, my 'girl' is there. thats why I want a visa" they will smile benevolently and give you the Visa!! Duh-huh!!

4. ok. I have heard of smart intelligent people doing engineering and scoring obscenely high marks (I was not one of them) but I am yet to hear someone say "I am expecting 99% marks. I am flat rank holder, city rank holder, state rank holder and AIR holder". Jeeeez!! Gautham Menon, couldn’t u have been a teeny weeny bit realistic?

5. Talking about realism, I have been employed for the past 2 years earning what people would call a modest salary, quite enough to lead a fairly luxurious existence but forget a house, I don’t have enough money to own even a square feet of land and this unemployed guy who has arrears in his final year of engineering builds a house for his dad, clears all his debts and even gets enough money to fly to the US and woo the girl he loves. BAH!!

6. The MOST responsible and nicest parents (which is what the Krishnans are shown as) will not know that their son does drugs till he reaches the point of no return and as soon as they "think" he has recovered (oh they don’t even send him to a rehab. they just shut him in a room and let him scream. Really responsible I must say) they will send him on a holiday to some unknown place to "discover" himself. Really Gautham Menon. I think this is where I had tears in my eyes and wondered how much more you could insult our intelligence.

7.I think I am just going quit the IT industry and become a vagabond and work undercover as a pimp and sell women. Trust me it’s the easiest way to catch crooks. Pose as a pimp and every criminal in any place will at once believe the fact that u r a criminal and lead you to THE guy who does child trafficking and sells women just like that. Very easy. Really

8. The movie is also an insult to the intelligence and infrastructure possessed by all criminals. Tell me one terrorist organization or criminal gang which fights with swords and daggers?? :-. I am glad they didn’t show the criminals carrying a bag of stones and using that to pelt the good guys!! :-\

9. Most women (MOST) would go into hysterics and cry if they heard their husband was going to die. When the doctor tells Simran that Surya would die of cancer she tell him "Uh oh!! I thought he would die of heart attack. Didn’t expect cancer". LOL!! the dialogue writer sure had a great sense of humor!! :D

10. Most women (MOST) would either sit next to their husband's body or cry their eyes out after he is dead. Simran on the other hand sits inside a room sending an SMS to someone while everyone is in the hall crying for her dead husband. A scene which was supposed to be a poignant one became a laugh riot. :D

Finally I can’t fathom why the movie was called thousand elephants. I can think of the following reasons
a. Surya said "Daddy" 1000 times?
b. You would prefer to be crushed to death by 1000 elephants than watch this movie?
c. The movie had a net total of 1000 Tamil words?
d. I can give you 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t watch this movie??

Being sarcastic you say?? All I can say is BAH!!!

Do yourself a favor, DONT watch the movie. I went with high expectations and came back thoroughly disappointed. And if you have already watched it Sigh!!! what can I say!! God Bless You!! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Title ko maar goli!!

1. I have this terrible problem of tears magically appearing in my eyes when I yawn and not just couple of drops but whole oceans of tears. It’s a really unfortunate thing when you are in some meeting in office and my body over reacts to words like ‘holistic’, ‘development’, ‘leverage’ , ‘business users’ ,’client’, ‘integration testing’ and the likes. As most of the meetings in office consist of these words its rather tough to control them yawns and in turn them tears. So it so happens that every time the person who is talking looks at me he sees a girl with a bright red face and pursed lips, flared nostrils and eyes full of tears desperately trying to hide a yawn which is threatening to reveal itself.
Tip: Never try to hide a yawn. Might as well yawn it away than suppress it. a suppressed yawn causes more agony than a full bladder in a meeting room.

2. The only question in CAT 2008 which I answered confidently was a question in verbal. That question had a couple of lines from my favorite book (unaccustomed earth by Jhumpa Lahiri) and I had to correct the grammar in it. I aced that question!!! I wish CAT had more questions on books by PG Wodehouse and Roald Dahl and Gerald durell and rohinton mistry and James Herriott and….. Sighhhh!! I would sitting in those IIMs now!!

After-thought: Thanks for gifting me Unaccustomed Earth for my birthday Aki. Pssst... I want Hitchhikers hide to the galaxy trilogy for my next birthday!! :P

3. Asking friends to meet you outside one of the statues in marina beach is a BAD idea especially if the friend of yours doesn’t know Chennai. So I had asked sheikhee to meet me at marina on 5.30. By the time we met each other it was 7 and both of us had a lot of kind words to say to each other. :-\. He was standing on one end of marina saying “hey I m front of a round white building (ullavar statue)” and I was at the other end saying “hey I am front of a round white building too (Thanthai periyar maligai)”. Sighhhh!!
Idle Musing: I was just wondering how people survived before the invention of cell phones. I mean if this had happened 10 years back what would we have done? Thank god for technology!!

4. Nowadays I am scared to check my yahoo mail. Everyday either in one of my school groups or college groups I see someone’s wedding invite. People my age getting married or engaged or having babies (no kidding!!) and I scream silently. How!! How can people decide who to marry, get married and have babies at the age of 22??? I am jealous. I cant even make simple decisions like “do I want to eat my idli with chutney or sambhar” and I spend 5 minutes every morning wondering if I oughta eat idli with chutney or sambhar and there are people MY age who are making life altering decisions.

5. I am relationship, commitment and responsibility phobic. I hate responsibility of any kind. If I sense the slightest hint of responsibility I bolt. I get along extremely well with people who have no expectations from me, which is great because I have no expectations from anyone. I do not expect people to call me, mail me and message me and hate feeling bogged down. My closest friends are people who would talk to me the same way if I called them every day or once in two months. I remember in school I had a couple of friends who would go “Revs, you promised to sit with me and instead sat with XYZ” or “Revs, you said you would call me last evening but you never did” and it would suffocate and choke me and make me feel like I was losing my freedom. No wonder I am not in touch with any of them now. Even if I tried to it would be a string of “you never kept in touch, you never called, you never mailed etc.” I have never understood possessiveness or the need to be answerable to anyone except my parents. I am extremely wary of sensitive people and people with any kind of emotional baggage. They scare me.
Ok now that’s a lot of introspection shit, so I will stop right here!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Scrabble with Siddhu!!

So siddhu (my 8 year old cousin) and I have been playing scrabble (playing only scrabble actually) for some days now. I taught him the game some 2 months back and now he plays scrabble all waking and non school hours with anyone who is willing to play with him. So nowadays every evening when I come back tired (?!?!?!) from office he smiles sweetly, gives me place to sit (totally put of character) and waits till I am in a sufficiently good mood to pop the question “scrabble valayada variya?”. Now the warmest welcome that I have gotten from him during the before scrabble days are “Vandhutiya?? No. I cant take my books off from the sofa. You sit on the floor” and I will go “grrrr”. But recently he has been welcoming me with his voice dripping with a sweetness that only an 8 yr old is capable of!!

So taken in by this new show of affection from Sid I have been humoring him and playing Scrabble with him. The other day I was playing with him and losing. Now lets get some things clear. I DO NOT mind losing in a game. In most games I am the loser and I don’t care as long as I am having fun. But with Siddhu I HATE losing coz he HATES losing and LOVES to win and if he wins against me he goes prancing around the whole house saying “Gummu thalakadi Gummmma, Sidhhu na summa va”

@preethi: Yeah!! Thanks for teaching him that!! Its something that every 8 year old kid must know. BAH!! :-\

So anyway to avoid losing I had to desperately make a word which would give me at least 30 points and I had SAD letters. So I decided to cheat (:rolling eyes:) and made the word Linux (which u ideally cant make coz it’s a proper noun) and he protested as usual but I was ready

"There is no word called Linux" he squealed

"There is" I said

"There is NOT"

"Heyy!! You are 8, I am 22, would YOU know or would I know?"

"I would"

"Like hell you would. You can challenge me if you want to but remember you will lose a turn if you are wrong"

(This is my brahmastra. I know he wont challenge me coz he is scared of losing a chance and some points. Oh BTW challenge means if you think the word which the other person makes doesn’t exist you can challenge him and look at a dictionary and if you are right the other person loses a chance and vice versa)

He hesitates like I predicted and says

"What does it mean?" He asks in a small voice

"It’s the name of an Operating System"

"A what???"

“An OS” I say like I know everything. “you know what your computer runs on”


“Yeah. Linux is another thing just like windows. Windows is a valid word right? So is Linux” (I silently pat myself on my back that Thank God he doesn’t know the concept of proper nouns and common nouns yet)

"Ok." He says half heartedly "how many points do you get"

“48” I give the widest grin ever

“what?? Nooooooo” he says

“I made it on a triple word Sid. So 16 points. Multiply it by 3. 48 it is”

He lost the game by 15 points

That night as he was getting ready to go to bed I called him and told him “Hey Sid!! There is no word called Linux. I cheated and won. Ha ha ha”

“Ammaaaaaaaaaa. Shruthi cheat pandra”

“Siddhu. Go to bed. You will get up late and be late for school tomorrow”

“Paaati. Shruthi “bong” aatam aadra”

“Siddhu. Thoonga po”

Me: Muwhahahahahahah!!

Question which is topmost in your minds: what kind of a person cheats 8 year old kids and derives pleasure out of letting them know that they have been cheated?

Answer: Revs kind of a person!! :P

Revs is to the word “mean” AS Obama is to the words “Yes we Can”.

:Grinning Evilly:

Thursday, November 13, 2008

20 questions tag!!

I had been tagged by boobesh aaaaaaaaaages back with this tag!! so here goes!! :)
I have discovered a tag llike this is the best way to pass time when ur quries are running and u have nothing else to do but look at an ominous looking screen which says "Executing Query"!! :P

1. Which is THE crappiest movie you’ve seen?
Oh!! Loads. Toppers are Laga Chunari mein daag, all Vijay movies, Vel, De Taali

2. If you have a dream come true, what would it be?
Run an NGO.

3. If you could, whose butt would you like to kick?
I have been thinking for 10 minutes now and I cant think of a single person!! Jeeeez!!!

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Buy the book section of Odyssey, landmark and crossword and all other books in the world, a huge house and a dog and shut myself in and read till I die.

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I am in love with all my friends!! :)

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Being loved by someone you love

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
If its George Clooney – eternity. Anybody else – Naaah!! Not worth it!! :P

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
Duh-huh!! What kind of a silly question is this. “Let go” would be the answer 99.999% of the people would give, unless you are a psycho killer and say “I would gouge out the eyes of the other person, rub a l’il salt, then throw acid on his face and then shoot her”. (eeeeeeee. Am I a psycho??? :-\ )

9. If you could root for one social cause, what would it be?
Emancipation of the Girl Child

10. Do you lie?
Yep!! More often than I tell the truth

11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Dunno. I m not a fortune teller

12. What’s your fear?
Losing my loved ones

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
No clue!! :)

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
Single and RICH!! I thought the two combos should have one good thing and one bad thing. So I guess it should have been married and rich and single and poor. Rich and poor being good and bad of course!! :P

15. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
(That’s the most intelligent reply I can give to this question!! :P)

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
I guess. I don’t know. Never been in one.

17. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
Dunno. But then again no one’s ever done a seriously HORRIBLE thing to me before

18. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?

19. Your all time favourite song. Only ONE. And why?
Grandma’s feather bed – John Denver
Coz I am listening to it now.

20. I TAG these people
I tag anyone who is married or is in a relationship. The tag doesn’t make sense otherwise!! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

An open letter

Dear Hindu and Times,

Thanks to you

1. I know that Barack means blessing in Arabic
2. I know that Obama’s younger daughter suffers from certain allergies so they are very particular about the kind of dog they want
3. I know that Obama’s father was an Indonesian, he has roots in Kenya, his mother married an African American whom she later divorced and married an Indonesian
4. Thanks to u I know the first gaffe that Obama made, by talking about Nancy Reagan who did séances (she did not do séances. it was Hillary Clinton. that was the gaffe)
5. I know that Barack Obama’s mother had a keralite friend who sends her best wishes to Obama
6. I know that Sarah Palin is so dumb that she doesn’t know Africa is a continent. hu hu!! :-\
7. I know what his policies are, what he intends to do, when he will be sworn in etc
8. I know that he loved his grandmother and was devastated by her death and that she frequently passed racist comments
9. I know that McCain accepted defeat very gracefully and made a very touching speech
10. I know that Obama's slogan is “Yes we can” with everyone yelling “Yes we can”

But No thanks to you

1. I have no clue what pratibha or manmohan means
2. I just realized I don’t even know if manmohan Singh is married and who pratibha patil's husband is and if she has children or not and if those children have allergies or not or if they own a dog or not
3. When I don’t even know who their spouses were, how on earth will I know about their parents or their children??
4. I don’t even know what was the first speech that pratibha patil or manmohan singh made forget the "gaffes" in those
5. Ha ha ha ha. That would be my reaction if someone asked me to name the woman who was close friends with Pratibha Patils' mom
6. I don’t even know who stood against Pratibha Patil in the presidential election let alone the oppositions vice presidential nominee
7. I have no clue what Patil or Manmohan Singh's slogan during their elections was

Maybe you can argue saying Barack Obama is the first African American US president and hence the wide publicity. But wait a minute. Wasn’t pratibha patil the first woman president in India??

Why must we cover the US presidential elections so extensively?

On the day Obama got elected Hindu's front page, last page and the two sport pages were completely devoted to the US presidential elections with photos of people in Kenya celebrating, bush congratulating Obama.. Jeez!!!

Three days back the times on the front page had an article on Obama’s first speech and gaffe after becoming president.

What next? Thebrand of toilet paper he uses?

The brand of hair cream he uses???

Why is it so important for me to know what Bill Clinton names his dog and cat?

Do the US newspapers cover Indian election so extensively?

I don’t care if Obama’s daughter is allergic to dog hair or not (I just realized I don’t know if I am allergic to dog hair or not!!)

Hindu and Times, maybe u can change ur name to Washington Post and New York Times respectively

P.S: yeah!! You can argue saying I could have chosen not to read about Malia's allergies and sigh!! I guess its because of people like me that a country like the US is THE most over hyped country!! Am I a hypocrite? I don't know.
P.P.S: Pro-US people desist from leaving acerbic anonymous comments. Yeah!! you love your country and i love mine!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So true!! :)

One of my favorite cartoon strips!! :). Found it when i was cleaning my folders!! :). I think all bloggers would be able to relate to this one!! :)
(Click on image to see the bigger version of the strip!! :))

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Of train journeys, TT's and sisters with bright ideas!! :P

So this weekend yet another really close friend of mine got married (yet another person gone from our evergreen bachelor club!! :P). My sister preethi had come down from dubai for the wedding and on Friday evening we left for Madurai to attend the wedding. Now given me (lucky me!! :-\) and the affinity which the Indian railways (or for that matter any means of transportation, be it flight, train, bus, car, bullock cart…) has for me I should have guessed that something untoward would happen. The first blow of the day came when another friend of ours who was supposed to accompany us called and informed us that she had been hospitalized and wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding. We were extremely disappointed when we reached the station to board our train.

We came to our compartment and decided to check if our names were present in the reservation chart and discovered that only my sister’s name was there. We checked our tickets to see that though money had been deducted for three tickets we had been allotted only one seat and the other two just said 0000 ,0000. So much for one extra seat. Screw all online reservations. Down with irctc site. Burn all fat dark TTs in black coats!!

Neither were we given one more seat that night nor did the money for the two seats gets debited to our account!! And on top of all this the TT glares at me and says “your name is not there in the chart. You oughta pay a fine”. :-\ . i cant help but ask "Why me God? Why me?? "

So the whole night preethi and I spent sleeping literally on top of each other cramped in one side upper berth, unable to breathe and totally unable to move and realizing that if I moved I would poke her eye and sprain my shoulder and if she moved she would kick my nose and get a back ache. Preethi genius that she is (note author’s voice dripping with sarcasm. :-\) suggested an arrangement and said “Arey shruthi I am telling you. We can sleep really comfortably after this”. Maybe it was the night, maybe I was too sleepy or maybe I suddenly felt like humoring her and I actually listened to her silly idea and nodded my head. they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So in the picture below I have tried to capture the exact arrangement of our arms and legs which preethi suggested!!

Errr. Actually the picture looks way too comfortable. I assure you we were anything but that!! The berth seems too big and And we are most definitely not stick figures. Fortunately we are vertically challenged and unfortunately we are horizontally blessed (in other words, we are short and stout!! :P). With our legs on top of each other (and oh yeah!! Mine stink too!! :P) and dangerously close to each others waists we were at the risk of wiping out all possibility of any future generation of Ramanan’s if u know what I mean. Ultimately after some polite words had been exchanged and I told preethi what exactly I thought of her “splendid” idea in a few un parliamentary words we changed the arranagement!!

After the whole ordeal we came to one conclusion. That both of us badly needed to lose some weight and reduce our girth if in future both of us wanted to occupy one single side upper berth in any train. :-

Well I did mention that I would write no more posts about my travel travails. But as we tried to catch some sleep that night, without maiming or killing the person and were relieved beyond words to finally arrive at Madurai, preethi, all groggy eyed, grinned, gave me one look and said “Write about this on ur blog man!!” and with my head cocked to one side (not in style but as a result of an exceedingly uncomfortable position my neck refused to straighten) I could only grin in approval!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Finally the results of the short story contest have been declared. (First time visitors read THIS) And the entry which I had predicted would definitely win the contest won it. You really really MUST read the story of the winner HERE. Her story is flawless (or rather, I couldn’t find any flaws in it!! :P). I loved the attention to detail, loved the Brahmin flavor, loved the style of delivery.. everything. I completely fell in love with her story. And I am mighty glad she put it up on her external blog too so you guys can read it and enjoy it!!
Congratulations Deepa. Way to go!! :) :)