Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Become a Java expert and you will lose all ur hair and here I break the record for giving the saddest titles!! :P

1. I attended a lecture on Java today in office. There were four people who took the session and my net learning has been
a). The net total of all the hair on all the four men's head = hair on one half of my head
and if u have seen me you will know how little that is!! :P
net learning: Never become an expert in Java. You will lose all your hair

2. Volunteered and attended Swabondhini's annual day as usual this weeknd . It came at the right time and gave me the much need perspective that i need in life right now. For the whole of last week i was wallowing in self pity and asking profound questions like "Why does shit happen to me always" and generally going around keeping a face like a dead duck. After Saturday's event I am like "I have a great set of friends, a decent job, a great family, hell i have arms legs and a brain that functions ok" and i have been trying my level best to not keep a face like a dead duck.
P.S: if my natural face is like that of a dead duck, its hardly my fault, dont u think?? ;-)

3. Saw Evam's play "Who murdered Hamlet" on Sunday and my admiration for Evam has increased exponentially. I am amazed at the amount of talent these guys possess, the absolutely brilliant sense of humor, the unbelievable energy they exude on stage and their ability to weave humor into the most mundane of things/topics/current affairs. I mean they are such naturals. Their performances are spontaneous, not rehearsed and the way they blended current affairs into it was just brilliant. But i have completely forgotten the original hamlet after watching Evam murder Hamlet!! :P

4. My cousin S had his 9th birthday on Sunday and we got him a nice red flashy bike. the thrill and joy which you see on a 9 year old's face when he beholds the bike for which he has been waiting for a long time is just priceless. He kept going to the balcony every 5 minutes till he feel asleep to see if his bike was alright and if someone was touching/fingering it and going "Deiii, Adhu yen bike. Kai vekkadhe, pakkadhe, moochu vaangadhe etc" while we looked on in amusement. Now all of a sudden he has problems with his old bike. Its small, the brakes are sad, the seat is torn etc etc.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hamra Pehla Interview!! :):)

So the guys at blog adda decided that they needed some looniness on their website and decided to ahemm!!!cough!! cough!! interview me!!!!! :P:P
After reading my answers i am sure they would have hit themselves with the nearest lethal weapon they could lay their hands on but nice that they are they eventually did publish it!! :):)

Do read my first ever interview HERE

Man!! Do i feel like a celebrity or what!! ;-) ;-)

P.S: I didnt write the VGP wala line!! God Promise. Mother promise!! :P

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Children of Heaven - a review

I just finished watching this Iranian movie called "Children of Heaven" (Bacheha-Ye aseman).

Thank you so much for gifting me the cd of the movie Sumeetha!! :)

Coming back to Children of Heaven, its one of the most beautiful movies i have seen in a very long time. (This one time i will not tear a movie apart but will give a decent review!! ;) because this movie is really worth a watch!!)

The story revolves around two children Ali and Zahra aged 6 and 8 respectively whose father is a poor tea server in the mosque. One day Ali misplaces Zahra's shoes while going to get them darned and knowing their father's financial position they hide the fact that Zahra doesnt have a pair of shoes from their parents and secretly decide to manage with a single pair. Since Zahra goes to school in the morning and Ali in the afternoon they manage with a single pair of shoes which results in Ali often going late to school and getting into scrapes with the headmaster.Ali gets a chance to take part in the sprint contest conducted by their school and prize offered for the person at the third place is a pair of sneakers. Ali decides to participate, come third and get the sneakers for Zahra . He accidentally comes first and is given a different prize and not the pair of sneakers.

So from where do i start praising the movie? Let me start with the characters of Ali and Zahra. I have never seen such natural actors. At some point in the movie you forget that you are watching a movie and not the real life replay of 2 children. The child artistes emote so beautifully. Be it joy or sorrow or pain or fear or anger they are so natural, Darsheel Zafry of TZP would pale in comparison.

There is especially this scene when Zahra wears the sneakers (basically boys shoes) for the first time to school. She is scared that in PE class the teacher will catch her and tries to hide her shoes behind her desk. And then the teacher announces that in PE class it is best for the girls to wear sneakers because they will help you run and jump much better and appreciates the girls wearing sneakers. The change in Zahra's expressions from apprehension to fear to relief to pride is so beautiful you want to hug the child and give her a new pair of shoes.

Some of the other scenes which stand out in my mind are when Ali comes first in class and is awarded a gold ball pen by his teacher. Though he himself wants to keep the pen he feels guilty and responsible for losing Zahra's shoes and gives her the pen. Zahra is angry with Ali because not only has he lost her shoes but also scolds her for coming late from school every afternoon because of which he is forced to go late. Zahra threatens to tell their parents. So when Ali gives her the pen her pensive face breaks into a shy smile and she tells him that she did not tell their parents. Ali grins and says "i knew you wouldnt"

When Zahra sees her lost shoes on the feet of a classmate she is shocked but when she realises that the girl has a blind father Ali and Zahra do nothing about it and continue to suffer the agony of sharing the pair of shoes.

The bond between the brother and the sister is shown extremely beautifully and the fact that the children are enormously adorable helps a great deal. When Ali's father has some money Ali tells him to buy a pair of shoes for Zahra. The selflessness, innocence and the pure heart of the children touches your heart and strikes a chord somewhere.

The ending is beautiful and Ali's expressions when he realises that he has accidentally won first place and denied Zahra a pair of shoes is priceless.

I cant say enough about the wonderful acting of the two children and I think you should see it to believe it. Its a movie which is worth watching and Indian directors would do well to take a leaf out of movies like this. No loud dialogues, no unnecessary characters and absolutely no melodrama. I think the beauty of the movie lies in the way the director has dealt with emotions so subtly and the understated acting of the children!!

Do watch it if you get an opportunity!!

P.S: Personally i think this post was too sensible for my taste!! :P. Blame Aravind and Sumeetha- They are the ones who got me hooked on to foreign language movies. Errr. I dont know if hooked is the right word. I have seen 3 foreign language movies and i have liked all three!! :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Elder Sisters - Bah!! :-\

So the other day my sister called me and went

Preethi: Yaar Shruthi, Karthik India aa raha hai.

Me: ahaan!! good. Yeh karthik kaun hai?

Preethi: what?? I cant even recollect the number of times i have told you about karthik. Why are u behaving like Lord Emsworth. Next you will probably ask yeh Preethi kaun hai. sheeeesh!!

Me: Preethi. Is it a crime to not know who Karthik is. Bata na.

Preethi: Arey appa's mother's sister's son's son who stays here in Dubai very close to my place. K and I hang out with him and his family mostly

Me: ohh ahhh!

Preethi: he is coming to india

Me: mmm hmm.

Preethi: I want some stuff

Me: ohhh!! who is going to give it to him?

Preethi: Errrr. i sort of thought you would

Me: Like hell i will. What do u want, where does he stay and when does he leave? I will try and give it to him this weekend

Preethi: errr. He is leaving on Friday and he lives in Kodambakkam

Me: Friday?? thats like day after. no way man. Work is shit in office. Its been ages since i saw sunlight. I reach home at 9 everyday. there is no way i can go to Kodambakkam and give this stuff to him. Kodambakkam!! Sheeesh!! Thats soooooooo far. I dont even have a vehicle. I might as well courier it to Dubai. What do u want that is so important?

Preethi: Errr. I want some coffee powder.

Me: what??? You want me to go all the way till Kodambakkam for 1 kg of coffee powder. Hah!! NO way!!

P: Please yaar. Its been 2 months since i last tasted coffee. (Putting on a voice not unlike Lalita Pawar in all those movies where she plays the hero's mother and goes "Cough Cough Betaaaaa mujhe bahu ka moo dikha de phir mai khushi khushi yeh duniya chod ke chali jaoongi")

Me: Whatever happened to Nescafe, Bru etc

Preethi: Ewwwwww. You know how much i hate instant coffee. I want filter coffee. Proper Leo Coffee shop coffee powder put inside a filter with hot water around 100 degrees temperature poured over it and percolating to give the sexiest aroma ever. mmmm

M: there are children in Somalia who havent seen water/food for ages and you want coffee shipped to Dubai!! Sheeesh!! Talk about insensitivity!!

P: please yaar

M: Abey!! why dont you ask karthik to buy coffee powder. I am sure there is a Leo Coffee shop in Kodambakkam.

P: Chiii. accha thoda na lagta hai. Doesnt look nice. He has come to India on a flying visit and how can i ask him to buy me coffee powder, chilly powder, paruppu podu, vetthakozhambu and all that.

M: Its just coffee powder yaaar!! Eeeeeeeee!! I am not going!!

P: Please Shruthi. How many times have i taken you to the movies, played badminton with you, spoken to so many relatives, lied for you, not told amma about the time when you...

M: STOP!!! what else do u want

P: Thats more like it.!! Hmmm some idly podi...

M: Yeah ok. Will do!!

P: Aur Shruthi

M: hmmm

P: Dont go empty handed yaar. buy something for them go. Accha thoda na lagta hai. They are doing us a favor and you go empty handed

M: Sighhh!! Ok. Shall i buy fruits?

P: Fruits?????? Eeeeeee!! Dhadhi!! Buy some mixture and some sweet from Grand Sweets or something.

So today morning i woke up at a godforsaken 5.30 to go to Kodambakkam and give Leo Coffee Powder and Idly podi to my cousin for my sister who doesnt like to drink instant coffee and only likes filter coffee if the coffee powder comes from a certain Leo Cofee Shop in Adyar, the water is set at 100 degrees centigrade and percolated for exactly 7 minutes and 20 seconds!!And oh yeah!! I did buy something from Grand Sweets. Khali haath jaana accha thode na lagta hai!!

Sisters!! BAH!!! :-\
Sisters living outside India - Double BAH!!

Monday, March 09, 2009

I HATE Monday Mornings!!
So whats new?
I hate Monday mornings, especially if u have had one helluva Sunday, right from 3 o clock in the morning on Sunday till 2 o clock in the morning on Monday. For all you guys whose eyebrows have risen up an inch bring them down and wipe that skeptic look off your face. I went on a one day trek to Nagalapuram near Chennai.

This was the 15th time that Chennai Trekkers were doing a Nagalapuram and my first time. I had almost begun to believe that i would die without doing a Nagala and the thought of having missed Nagala 15 times began to haunt me in my dreams. So when Peter sent out the invitation on Wednesday i jumped at it and decided that come what may i was attending this trek even if Geroge (clooney) suddenly called to tell me that he would marry me on Sunday. So on Sunday morning 4 o clock if u saw a pretty young girl sitting with an alien like creature which vaguely ressembles a human (only vaguely mind you!!) at Madhya Kailash, it was me and the weird creature which likes to call itself Rahul!! :P

In this trek for the first time i jumped into water. Yayyy Revs!! Way to go!! :) In all the other treks that i have been to, I have always been terrified of water and when everyone enjoys in the pools i dont even venture close to them. I think of myself as hydrophobic (Just clarifying that I take a bath daily and i am just wary of huge water bodies!! Wary mind you and not scared!! Phew!! That was close!! :P). But this time we didnt have choice but to go splash in the water and I went SPLASH and maa kasam it was SO MUCH fun. I mean for a minute there when all that water went up my nose i was like "Oh my god i am dying" but as luck would have it (your bad luck and my good luck) i did survive and had immense fun!! :)

And so by the time we finished and came back to Chennai it was like 2 in the morning and I was completely and thoroughly exhausted and shamelessly slept in the front seat and made the driver too feel sleepy!!

Sighhh!! So right now my leg feels like a sugarcane after it has been passed through one of those umpteen sugarcane machines u see on the roadside, climbing a flight of stairs causes pure unadulterated agony with each muscle crying out in pain, my eyes are burning from the lack of sleep and the light from an unfriendly computer, my neck is completely cramped because of an errant branch which hit me wham!! in my neck and the slightest movement of the head sends shooting pains through my shoulder and back. So every time someone calls me i move my head in a very royal and slow manner like an emperor. I knew i had blue blood running within me!! :P

not to mention the many thorns which now proudly reside under my epidermis and every time i hold a pen to write something or hold a cup of tea or keep my hand on the mouse there is something which pricks me and makes me go ouch. :P

And on top of all that i have so much work that i started writing this post in the morning at 10 and just about managed to finish writing it.

But i feel good. Yay!! Finally finally i did a Nagala!! :)

P.S: I deleted my previous post for obvious reasons. Some of the comments which i received were in really bad taste and before the discussion grew up to something which would not be favorable for family viewing :P, i decided to remove it. Personally i thought it was a plain harmless post, one of those posts which you write in the spur of the moment as soon as you think of it but sadly people started having silly fights in the comments, started calling each other names and started discussing many other graphic details which i feel are best left unmentioned.