Sunday, March 09, 2008

A Slice of my life

Some random happenings in my life lifted from my diary and censored for a larger audience!! :P

1. Today for the first time someone called me aunty. For a long time the kid was calling me and I just ignored him thinking he was calling someone else and then he says “shruthi aunty can u please pass me the ball”? I was taken aback. Its like discovering the first white hair on your head, like discovering that you are not completely impervious to knee pains and back aches, discovering that its been so long since you passed out of school that you now have friends whose children are in school and you gulp and gasp and stubbornly try to hold on to whatever remaining youth is left in you. I am sure you are smirking right now and thinking “hell, she is only 22 and is hyperventilating as if she is 42 and is suffering from mid life crisis”. I am not disagreeing with the fact that yes I still have more than half my youth left ahead of me but it is just kind of unsettling that children call me aunty and adults expect me to be responsible, take my own decisions and also help them take decisions. the other day I almost burst out laughing when someone asked me “I am planning to invest in so and so mutual fund. Do u think it is the right thing to do”. It was hilarious. I have no clue about mutual funds, the bull and bear are just one domestic and one wild animal to me and it is best not to talk of my pathetic knowledge about the share market. Anyway coming back to the point I am just not used to this sudden adulthood which is being thrust on me. I hate it when people tell me “you are so immature. Cant u act your age?” I know I am trying unsuccessfully to cling on to my childhood and college life. Sigh!! I wish I grow up soon.

2. my sister’s husband has got a job in dubai. Even the person with the meanest intelligence can understand that this means my sister and her husband will be moving to dubai some time soon for a of minimum three years. I have been trying not to think about it and trying to postpone the inevitable but yesterday as they sat talking about things like visa, house, transfer, flight tickets etc it just struck me that in less than three months I am going to lose the one person I am closest to in this world and the thought is killing me. Things like “arey email hai na” , “flight tickets to dubai have become so cheap you can almost fly once every six months” , “arey yaar, mai every week tujhe call karoongi” are just idle talk. The truth is that things will never be the same, with her some thousand of kms away. Its weird. From the time preethi was in 10th till she got married we lived separately. She did her 11th and 12th in Chennai while I was in Jamnagar and then she went on to college and work. All those years I never felt any of the things which I am feeling now. Its just that for the past 2 and a half years we have grown more closer than we ever were and I hate having to break that. I am going to miss all the night shows, midnight chats, midnight movies at her place, her miserable cooking (read semiya upma), her good cooking (read everything else), stealing all her good clothes, pigging out on ice cream, teasing her intelligence (or the lack of it), being the peacemaker in all the fights which my sister and BIL have, riding with her on the two wheeler, screaming at all the chauvinists on OMR, eating vegetable pulao at punnu da dhaba with her…. Sigh!! So many things. Its an irony. The things in my life which I want a change in remain exactly the same (I have the same software job, same working hours, same miserable code which doesn’t work etc) and the things in my life which I wish would remain the same are changing (my sister moving and other things which I cannot mention). Life is cruel.

3. I have lost 5 kgs of weight in the past 3 months with absolutely no conscious effort from my side and I am sick and tired of people squealing, screaming and shouting at me saying “Eeeeeeeeee. You have lost so much weight. What did you do?” , “Oooooo!!! Don’t you eat at all? It isn’t good to lose so much of weight so drastically. So what did you do to lose all this weight”. Please!!! I don’t know why I am losing weight. If I knew then I would stop doing whatever it is because this weight loss has me also worried. How much ever I eat, however little exercise I get I lose weight. Might sound like an ideal situation (and trust me I was pretty happy when it was happening. Imagine. You can eat all the ice cream in the world without caring a damn about ur waistline) but now I am not so sure. One doctor said I had borderline tuberculosis (no kidding!!), another said it was work stress and said I should take it easy and stop working hard. Now work has been extremely taxing for the past 6 months but not so much that I start losing weight because of stress. After that I stopped visiting doctors. All my family members have their own theories though. My mother thinks it is because I work too much, eat very little and worry a lot. Her solution? Quit your present job, come and live with appa and me in this godforsaken place also called Jamnagar, work in reliance and eat good home food”
I would rather run a mile in tight shoes than work in Jamnagar. K
My grandmother in her typical predictable fashion thinks it is because I don’t drink milk and eat curd rice. I am tired of telling her that it has nothing to do with my eating curd rice and drinking milk as that’s how I have been all my life but no use.
My sister in her usual dum dum style thinks it is because I have fallen in love. I have not even tried telling her that the only man in my life right now is Herbert schildt (errrr. He is the guy who authored complete reference java) and the probability of my getting a boyfriend sometime in the near future is equal to the probability of Andrew Symonds completing evolution and becoming human. In other words zero. But she goes on and on and on, teasing me with every person she can think of. I have told her in typical hindi film style that “mere maang mein mai sirf george Clooney ke naam ka sindoor bharoongi” but even that doesn’t stop her!! L

4. though it sounds extremely clich├ęd and lame I have just realized that we realize the value of someone only when they are gone and dont care a damn about them when they are actually there.

5. Its amazing how you can totally relate to a complete stranger at times and how ever lasting friendships are sometime built in a jiffy. I recently started mailing this really really nice lady in los angeles (indian - working for cognizant) who i came to know because she reads my blogs and its incredible how we hit it off right from the word go. Its wonderful to mail her and i do not find peace until i have mailed her whatever happened the whole day and all our mails to each other always exceed two pages!! :). Thanks Anupama. You have made my life so much better. Your mails have given me something to look forward to when i get ready to go to office each day.

6. This is the 102nd post on my blog. i cant believe i have written 100 (gasp!!) posts!!


Arun said...

gee Revs aunty, that was a very poignant post ......too bad about yer sis moving away :( !

and as for ole Herbert , dont go after him..he's a twisted casanova..apparently he's the man in a lotta lives - guys and gals ! :p

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

revs dont eat curd rice? WOW!!
kindred spirit!!

Sanket said...

//I have not even tried telling her that the only man in my life right now is Herbert schildt (errrr. He is the guy who authored complete reference java)//
Err.....ain't you forgetting someone....the 'alpha male' of our company. LOL ;)
//mere maang mein mai sirf george Clooney ke naam ka sindoor bharoongi”//
too good girl, too good!!!

Siva said...

It is very hard when someone who is very dearest moving too far. But they will be back in ur life as well. Some times we have to accept life as it is. :)

Ravi said...

hey revs !!! Hearty congrats on crossing 100 posts :) .. really great writing.. no wonder if u hit 1000 soon :D ..

>>Jass said...

1.Aunty? Well thats not all that bad is it? Look at it this way, atleast they dint call you patti.. *smirk*

/*No point in being grown up if you can be childish at times*/

Hmm maturity is measured by knowledge about mutual funds? I dint know that ;)

2.aww man, yep thats the way life goes. Change strikes you right in the face when you want to hold on to something for eternity.
Buckle up and get ready for the ride with a smile, cos change is inevitable.
Beautiful description there, totally heartfelt.(Considering the fact you took em from your diary, it should be actually) :)

And oh shouting at chauvinists on the OMR?! Oh this must be the censored part *dorky-grin*

3.I dont know what to type here :P

4.Very true that.

5.Amazing. Totally.

6.Yay! Way to go.. wow 100
I hoping to touch 10 soon.(soon is relative word)

7.End of comment :P

nivedita said...

Join the club!
Hmm.. Life is a vicious circle. We too were once 6 year olds calling 20 somethings aunty; only to realise the blunder of it all when the tables are turned. And what we are going through even has a name - Quarter Life Crisis!

joel said...

hey... was under the impression that both your blogs have the same content.... jus discovered the contrary today!! Great writing... ur usual style and flavor....Keep Goin!!

Jaya S said...'re a veteran! (Oops...did I just make you feel old?) Too bad your sis is moving away, but you're lucky enough to have a sister- isn't that great? Hopefully your next post will be more optimistic, more you :).

Vijay said...

I have read all ur friends blogs, reffered in ragesh's blog. Your is the best and most lively. The first thing I do in the morning is to see whether there is any post in your blog. You have opinion about everything. Naeyar virupam- write something about indian IT graduate working abroad.

vijay said...

why don't you blog daily. Reading it may be a boost to start the day in good mood. May be Horlicks

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about your Akka is moving to Dubai. You can e-mail her and talk to her often. Before you know it Akka will be back to Chennai.

About your weight loss I think you are working too hard. Don't worry. Enjoy the weight loss. Eat more what you like.


Revathi said...

ah well. HS mite be the man in a lotsa people's lives but he seriously right now he is the only man in my life. :(

though i wud love to be called kindred spirit i thrive on curd rice. i said that in spote of ewating loads of thayir sadam i still remain thin!! :)

@sanket, sive and ravi
thanks a lot!! :)

thanks a lot for the lovely long comment. if only u blogged as often as u commented!! :)

@nive,joel,jaya,vijay and ramya
Thanks a lot for visiting!!! :)

ashwin said...

Work. Crap. U mention this word in your blog and i shall comment about it from antartica :)

I didn't have time to read your blog for long time. Had to work for 69 hours a week for a release.

I usually read or your blog for relaxation. Till day before yesterday, i didn't have time for that too.

Stressed out sometimes looks like a mild adjective. Wonder why i am still working when i don't time to spend d money i earn.

God... save us from these companies

Ragesh said...

Lol! U cany believe u have written 100 blogs? i cant believe u have written only 100, i was expecting 1000 he he , u are the Sachin tendulkar of the blogging world.. he he

K.Kiran said...

Hmm it is your name that made me to check your blog.
R E V A T H Y ,nice name.
And by the way nice postings too.

Aravindan said...

Nice post!

100 posts?? Great going!!