Saturday, April 19, 2008

What's in a name? Sigh!! Ask me!!

For the past 21 years I have had 2 names and when I say 2 names I mean 2 good names. It would have been all right if I had one good name called Revathi and the other one called chintoo, mintoo, munnu, chunnu, babloo, or something. That way at least people would have been able to differentiate between my good name and my pet name. but in my case I have 2 good names namely Revathi and Shruthi. And let me tell u for a perennially perplexed person like me its quite a confusing thing to have 2 names. When I was born my parents named me Shruthi. For the next two years I was called shruthi and I have a birth certificate which says I am shruthi. In the year 1988 my family suddenly decided to change my name to Revathi. I have asked all the members of my family why my name was changed but haven’t got any concrete answers. Some of the answers I got were

1. When I asked my sis she told me that I wasn’t the own child of my parents and that mom and dad had adopted me from the milk man who had 10 daughters, was in abject poverty and my parents decided to adopt a daughter of his (me!!) and since the milk man had named me shruthi my parents didn’t want to change it and hurt his feelings so once we moved to a different place my name was changed. For a long time, I think till class 12th I believed that I was adopted and would pick petty fights with my parents thinking they were being unkind to me because I was adopted.

2. Shruthi in Sanskrit means good sound or pleasant sound. My cousins tell me that two years after having named me the family realized that naming me shruthi was like naming TR Rajender Azhagu Sundaram or like naming a child of laloo Prasad yadav and rabri devi as Einstein. There is a saying in hindi which goes aankh ke andhe naam nayan sukh which would describe this situation perfectly!! Anyway my cousins said that my name had been changed because it would have been ironical if I had been called shruthi because I cried all the time and croaked like a frog. And that’s why my name was changed to a harmless revathi which doesn’t mean anything and is the name of a star in the sky.

3. My uncle tells me that he named me because he loved the movie mouna ragam and decided to name me after the heroine in the movie called revathi. Till date I shudder to think of what would have happened if my uncle had watched some other movie and decided to name me manorama or jayalalitha or something. Sheeesh!! The way my family members have played with my name!!

Anyway like I said the problem of having two good names gave rise to a lot of confusions and errr. Heart breaks in my life. Now at home no body knows that I am called revathi in school, college and office and outside of home no one knows I am called shruthi. I remember in school I had this huge crush on a guy and once he told me that he would call me and come home in the evening and collect my history notebook for some notes. I floated all the way home and all evening I waited beside the phone for his call. As fate would have it the phone rang when I went to get a drink of water and dad picked the phone. Now my dad is really absent minded. He forgets our birthdays, his own birthday, his anniversary, which class we study in, where we work for everything. The only thing he does remember is the name of latest version of linux. Ubuntu, edubuntu whatever. :-\.. Anyway this was the conversation between the cute guy and my dad

Cute guy: Hi uncle. Can I speak to Revathi

Dad: Revathi?? There is no revathi here. Wrong number

Cute guy: is this Mr.Ramanan’s house

Dad: yes, but no revathi here. (click)

Me looking at dad: (thinking). Not only have u ruined my life, u also just lost a great son in law.

So u get the drift. I had a tough time managing two names. And to top it all in one of the schools I attended there was a girl called shruthi and that gave rise to confusions galore. I would answer her attendance, collect her papers and was mortified when I saw “Shruthi loves nikhil” scratched in big bold letters on one of the trees in school, only to realize later that they weren’t talking about me. Personally I love the name shruthi. All my life I have hated the name Revathi and sometimes I wish things had been the other way round with all my important documents and birth certificates bearing the name shruthi and revathi as a pet name. I have never been able to relate to the name revathi. It reeks of sophistication and panache two words, I would never associate myself with. :)

Whats in a name said Shakespeare. That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Yes sir it would smell as sweet no doubt even if it were called sewage but then the name defines the identity of a person and having two identities is not something which I like. Sheeesh. I wish I was alive in the year 1498 so I could have explained to Shakespeare the importance of having a name and a single name at that. I mean seriously would he have taken lightly to the fact if we changed his name from William Shakespeare to a Billy Shakeabong or something? :-\


Jaya S said...

Billy Shakeabong?! Come on, I think your situation is better than that of those people's who are scared of having their pet names come out in public, for fear of eternal embarrassment. Though, I agree, it must have been pretty painful losing a prospective husband to this confusion ;). Are you sure now you weren't adopted? Maybe you have some of Wodehouse's genes in your blood.

>>Jass said...

"I think till class 12th I believed that I was adopted and would pick petty fights with my parents thinking they were being unkind to me because I was adopted."

Ooh my uncle and me used to do that to my sister.

My sis goes like "Why dont i have a first birthday video? why does only he have?"

Mom ll be like " It got lost during something something"

My uncle be like "Arey thats cos you were adopted blah blah..."
and there come the tears and tantrums.LOL

Bbut seriously you are kidding that you actually believed it till 12th, right?

Anyways If you really want you can actually get all those documents changed, just a lil bit of paperwork involved et voila, revathi is gone.

Okay this comment is getting too long...But jeez whats in a name? *grin*

Arun said...

ah, back to yer very best ! sumptuous :D !
(and finally I get an answer to a question I asked ages ago...)

ok its offical..from now on I shall call you Shruti... dig?! :)
but we ll are used to calling you Revs for short...what short form does shruti have??! :p

Karthik Subbaiah said...

haha... To start with, I should say, your sis surely has given quite a few awesome(err...miserable) times for you...Am I right? She is mighty witty I must admit. I mean...adopted from milk man who was in abject poverty...gawd!!

Talking about names, strange coincidence..coz..I also have a similar name problem. For starters, I like to be called Karthik. For thats my goddamn beauty of a name. And of course, would like to append Subbaiah as last name. But as fate would have it, thats not my...err...official name. Its a pathetic Karthikeyan M S. Its like this "chaapa" that I am this idli eating, veshti katting tamil Iyer southie. Phew...But then what the hell...I aint alone in this world of unliked official names...:D

@Blog: You sure do know to tickle the funny bone the cynical way. Azhagu Sundaram for TR..hehe..And imagine if your blog id was a nice read. The blog goes well with the 'C' of your blog space title. :)

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Oh yeah...Forgot to add.. Mr.Shakesphere..spear...speare...whatever... doesnt know that his name is really difficult to spell...And huh...History has it that he has put on paper 'Whats in the name?'. Hypocrisy is indeed an age-old prob...

Observer said...

LOL Azhagu Sundaram for TR!! True, names have caused lochas that have created some of the most humorous situations.
WHats in a name? Lots and Lots apparently.
Great post Revs!

Ravi said...

Guess Ragesh is yet to see this post.. I think I'll give you what his comments would be..
Your've two names for split/two characters of Gemini.. :D ...

Srinath S said...

typicam tam phenomenon...

my materanl gparents gave me a name...
my parents another..

my paternal gparents another...

thankfully i managed to minimize damage

Milinta said...

Lol! I think both revathi and shruthi are too sophisticated for u revs.. u should change ur name to something like ummm... muniyamma or pichamma for ur level of sophistication. ;) :)
Great post as usual!!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

madam in 1498 you would have been talking to Shakespeare's great great great grand dad..
and btb ..i really admire your dad :D he a Luggie?

ashwin said...

Good blog

Name is important. Sometimes our parents don't realize that.

Having a common name is irritating sometimes. That too like "Ashwin".
PS: My dad was too lazy to think a name & decided to name me based on star

Starting from school to my workplace, A hell a lot of people share my name & it leads to mistaken identity,e-mail,blah blah blah.

Given a chance , i would prefer NONAME instead of ashwin

Vipul said...

hey i never knew that u were shruti.. i thought it was ur sister ur mom used to refer to.. he he.. if ppl who have know u for over a decade can make mistakes,others are bound too.. i can understand ur frustration level.. better publish ur final name along with a pic in newspaper or somethin.. nyways nice one as usual.. me tired of praising all ur blogs time and again...VIPUL

Revathi said...

what a romantic thought!! maybe i was adopted. mayeb i am PGW's long lost gran daughter or something!! :D
and lol @
//it must have been pretty painful losing a prospective husband to this confusion
tell me about it!! :)

Sheeeesh!! all u elder ones are bloody terrorists man. my sister had amazing fun making me believe that i was adopted. :|

what about shoo!! :P. yeah. now Revs sounds better.Sigh!! confused as ever!! :)

@Karthikeyan M S
lol. sorry dude. just couldnt resist that!!:D. and rofl @ manoramarules!!heh heh!! Sheeesh!! what a scary thought!!

Thanks man!! :)

heh!! thanks for visiting!! :)

u minimized damage?? so what name did u finally choose to take?? till date i wish i were called something cool like Razorina Ramanan!!
sigh!! if wishes were horses beggars would ride!!

oh!! being funny are we!! hilarious!! :-\

dont ask!! my dad loathes windows. he is a linux whiz!!

lol@ noname!! :). thanks for visiting!!

Thanks vipul!! :)

Anonymous said...

hi hope ur whole family is dedicated to the software field. you are having a great father who uses linux. Usually old people use windows only.
what would ur father think if he reads this blog?
Whether "I have lost a good son-in-law" or "thank god, i have done a good job"?

Anonymous said...

You said it. I have the names Ashwin and Subash. Thankfully Ashwin is what people who I get along with know and not subash.

In days when I was a kid, I used to blink at mom when someone asks for my name. I had to figure out if its father's side or mother side which the relative or friend belongs to and accordingly say if I am Ashwin or Subash. Sometimes I had to tell my name to a mother's side person when a father's side uncle will be nearby, who would promptly pottu kuduthify that I consider myself Ashwin and not subash.

With all these confusions I blink and they would go "enada pera keta muzhikare"..Pinna !!! "Pera keta summa athirudhulla (eanku ulukulla)"

- T'tor

JaLpArI said...

Hey revu. . .
You have got a splendid blog, i must say. . . I have just started blogging. . And its not goin too well. . Mumma doesn want to buy me a lappy. . Coz i wont even study the little bit that i do. . Newaz. .
names can surely be a prob. .
listen to my bit. .

the day i was born. . I was named Almas Kiran . . Coz i was a beautiful child. . So fair. . And such rosy cheeks. .And blah blah and blah blah. . Almas means DIAMOND in Arabic. . And kiran is rays. . That you know. . So my name actually was supposed to imply. . Diamond with its rays(well!!! Ehemmm). . But then came the twist. . My aunty from mumma's side was all against this combination. . .she told that there 2 names together would make the gal . . Oh so hot tempered. . Coz kiran is usually considered as suraj ki kiran. . That is the HOT sun. . And almas has a second meaning 'POISON'. . .so Almas became the real name. . And Kiran my nick. .
though i have always used the two names together for unofficial things. . . I too had problems with identity. .
like when cousins from my mumma's side visit home. . They forget that ALMAS does live in that house, when a call comes. . (this, inspite of repeatedly telling them that Almas is ME ), or when in the college hostel, im never delivered posts addressed to KIRAN of 3rd year. .

yaar . . Kuchh bhi keh lo. . . Khud ko milkman ki beti manna. . .woh bhi till 12th . . :-) :-) your sister is too lucky to have a sis jo uspar itna atoot vishwas rakhti hai. . .

too long a comment . . Nai?
kya kare ?
control nai hota. . :-)
tc tatas