Saturday, January 30, 2010

Duniya hi saali khilaaf sasuri!! :P

So I am happily singing 'Beedi Jalai le' and bounding up the stairs of the hostel after a particulary distasteful meal of sticky noodles, stone hard peas masala and chapati. I am on a high. One of those highs which have no explanation, you know. Where you just feel light and are in a "singy" mood.

I take two steps at a time and I reach my floor. I turn sharply to find assorted men's underwear hanging on the railing of the steps. I am shocked and i stare uncouthly for a minute. I am in NO way interested in men's underwear. Its just that I find it rather strange to find men's underwear hanging on a floor which is a floor full of girls. I think "Jeeez. do these boys have no shame? Coming to the girls' floor and hanging their dirty..err..clean linen? eeeeks". I dismiss it as a sudden burst of insanity and walk towards my room still LOUDLY singing "Beedi Jalai le". I am at the part where Bipasha goes "jigar ma lagi aag..dhan te nan na na dhan te nan" and i sing particularly loudly and even break into a little jig.

I reach my room at the end of the corridor, put my key into the keyhole to open the door but strangely the door is open. I am surprised. I could have sworn my roommates left for Pondy. Oh well. Maybe they are back. I open the door with a flourish singing "Thandi hawa bhi khilaaf sasooriiiiiii" and I see three boys in various states of undress doing ermm.. various things totally and absolutely taken aback at this sudden female intervention and that too one which is singing a rather tapori song rather loudly and one which does not have the habit of knocking on doors.

Dense and absolutely brainless that I am I stare at them and go "Eh?"

My hand flies to my mouth as i realise my mistake and I swear rather loudly and use a word which i reserve for special occasions where I am in deep shit.

I am in the third floor standing in front of room 305 while my room is on the second floor and my room number is 205. Third floor is the "boys" floor.

I open and close my mouth not unlike a goldfish, almost as if I am waiting for them to apologise and vacate the room.

I then mumble a sorry and turn around to see another boy in the corridor grinning condescendingly at me.

I run like my pants are on fire and in an instant I am in my room on the bed aghast at what I have done

How could I have not noticed I was on the third floor?
How could I not see the big and bold "305" on the door?
How could I not miss the Garfield poster on my room's door?
How could I not miss the giggling of the girls and the general girlish smell of the corridor?
How could I not sense that it was the boys' dirty floor?



Rajlakshmi said...

lolzzz ...Oh god you actually did that!!!! :D ROFL :D
absent mindness at its best :D

Sriram said...

bade bade deshon me aisi choti choti bathen hothe hain :)

Vipul said...

:P ............... still carryin the naughtiness and innocence in u as 10 years back.......good... keep it up

Vipul said...


Nams said...

lol.. hahahhaa... oh boy, wish i were there in person to see ur plight! :D :D :D

Revs said...

Ohh I sure did. Didnt realize that as i was taking 2 steps at a time I was actually going one floor higher!! ;)
Thanks for visiting! :)

LOL!! Thanks. now THAT is consoling! :P

Heh!! Thanks man. Though I must take offence to that statement. I am much more mature and less naughtier than I was 10 years back! :P
Thanks for visiting!

HUMPH!! And i am glad you werent there! :-|

Anonymous said...

Ha ahahahhahaha... I can soooo imagine the look on your face!! LOL! Come now, I'll take u toa good saamiyaar and pei ottify you. :D :D

The Survivor said...

Kya nazara hoga woh, guess you left the guys speechless :)

The underwear you saw hanging was probably the sign that you are entering the wrong territory.

D_Observer said... have an uncanny knack of putting yourself in very innocent situations :mrgreen:

Anu said...

You have been there and you have done it :D

maxdavinci said...

Aise Zalim ka chod de makaan jod de

now, why does that line make sense suddenly!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

yeveno sight adikalamndu plan and then this long story nadathu ma

Revs said...

Ohhh you have seen that expression on my face a LOT of times! Remember final year, the holi incident when i mistook the hostel manager to be a peon? :P

Errr.yeah. Like i said i was on a high and i didnt notice silly things like men's underwear in a women's floor!! :P
Thanks for visiting!

Heh!! Thanks :)

LOL!! Thanks :)

Ha ha ha ha!! Hell Yeah!! :D

nee yennalam pannanum nu nenaikarayo adha yen blog la yezhudhadhe!! :P

Vinu said...

You are what I'd call an unreliable narrator.

How are we, lesser mortals, supposed to believe that it was all an act of chance?

The Revs I know would probably be scouting around for "news"...and I'm sure this is a cover up on what was not covered. literally.

Jhooti kaheki! ;)

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Amazed at your umatched ability to out do yourself when it comes to absolute absurdity... Think about tomorrow when one of those guys would be a lame news channel reporter... Flashing news.. Boys hostel mein balatkar ki chal... Koufnak aurat ki zalili zurnat... Kaisa hua ye hadsa dekhiye aak ki special mein - garal opens baais hastel ki door.. Pura floor mein macha shor!!
Been a long time since I commented na... Hehe.. Enjoyed your post... Catching up with others. Btw.. What happened in the next few days... I need to hear the repurcussions.. :)

Kavi said...

had a similar incident during my coll days..

just that i went straight into the guys restroom only to see a guy awestruck. He was least expecting a girl :P
And seriously i couldn't sleep that night sigh

Coll admin to be blamed, they need to have a proper plan when they construct :D

Janit said...

You just made me remember the time I stepped into a ladies toilet in the office.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.........I laughed my as off reading this while my mom was giving me sharp looks from the kitchen as I wasn't helping her out with making vadas and laughing instead.

Anonymous said...

LOL...blame your smelly feet...they took you to the smelly floor...they have no mind you know, just like you!!!! :P
Did you go down and actually smoke a beedi to vent out all of that //states of undress doing ermm.. various things// ;)

Anonymous said...

Btw, tum ladkiyon ke floor pe kaise reh rahi ho? Dont temme you have started to do hardcore girly gossips...cant imagine REVS of all ppl doing that!! :P
Waise guys n gals in the same hostel building sounds interested...guys on top of gals situation (am talking of 3rd n 2nd floor here **saint**)!! :)

Deepa Garimella said...

hey this post reminds me of something I walked into!! posting now on my blog...check it in a few days

Aliyah said...

Ayyooo.. very embarrassing, still had me in peals of laughter.

Aaarti said...

ooh ouchy ....hehehe... :D

nithya said...

Nice one.. and yeah reva.. I'm sure it was a genuine "mistake"! seri how do I subscribe for your blog?

nithya said...
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Anonymous said...

You shameless rot!! Men's underwear dirty.. Women's underwear dirty nahi hoti? Such sexist statements are the reason for the vanishing integrity of the nation.

lavanya said...

hey khub reading ur blog after very long time...awesome post :)