Sunday, March 21, 2010


1. The maami of the 90s, at social gatherings used to talk about sarees and where they were bought and whether the wards of XYZ had married or not and other equally mind numbing things. The new age maami talks about facebook, writes on the walls of nieces and nephews, shouts "i love you sweetuu" and "lovingly" uploads embarassing photos from one's childhood which are talked about in great detail at social gatherings. I am not sure which maami i prefer!

2. Right when I am about to graduate from J-school and become a journalist, I hear about THIS and THIS
This is what I call divine intervention. Captain oops Gabten TV is my future now. To work with Gabten Vijaykanth. Wow! Now i know what reason I will give when people ask me why I chose to do journalism after having done engineering.

3. Being a disbeliever or rather, being agnostic I do not understand the concept behind shrardham or the fact that our ancestors have become crows and hence we must feed the crows to please them. I do not understand why we must waste perfectly good rice, paruppu, nei, vazhekka curry and feed about 2 kilos of above mentioned stuff to the crows. Don't get me wrong. I love crows. I find them more appealing than most human beings. I just think that giving 2 kilos of rice to hungry street children on the occassion of your loved one's death anniversary is probably a better way of remembering them than feeding crows. Having read his diaries and having heard stories about the way he lived his life, something tells me that S.R thatha would have been infinitely happy if we did not waste the food on crows and used it for something more worthwhile.
But year after year I go to Madhya Kailash for each thatha's death anniversary, watch the kurukal do the puja, watch them gloriously mispronounce our names (and even the mantras i daresay :P), get scolded by the kurukkal for sitting cross legged on the chair (its impolite for a girl to do so), docilely watch as mounds and mounds of rice is stacked away for the crows, crowned with ghee and paruppu and then sit and eat the food which only I, being the grandchild can eat and come back home. I do this because I know it makes paati happy and since I am the only grandchild or rather the only one in the "lineage" who is in India and Chennai I go and eat because apparently by doing so I am giving shanthi to the aatma of my thathas and also earning much needed punyam for me. I cannot help being sarcastic but honestly if God did exist I think he should be worried more about the shanthi of his children who are alive than the shanthi of the souls of the dead.
Ah well but thats just me!

4. To expect the world to be uncomplicated and your life to be as smooth as a baby's bottom is like expecting Mayawati to use taxpayers' money for the betterment of Uttar Pradesh and not use it to make garlands for herself. Aint gonna happen ever. Might as well get used to the fact that life is complicated, people are very very complicated and only the age old Indian mantra will help you. "Thoda adjust kar lo".

5. Reading a book about M.S.Subbulakshmi (A Life in Music by T.J.S.George) I realise what a LOT that woman has been through. What we see is only the singer but to read about the person behind that voice was very very inspiring. Marrying a man who was 14 years her senior, not able to marry the man she loved, giving music precedence over everything else in her life, bringing her husband's children from his previous marriage like her own children and not having children of her own, hers is a story which is worth reading according to me. Moved me somehow.

6. NOW, when the academic year is almost coming to an end the college library decides to stock up and the library now has rows and rows of actually interesting books and fiction at that. Our college library which was never known for its collection of fiction now has lots of good fiction books which alas we will never be able to read! I cant wait to start earning (AGAIN) so i can go on a book shopping spree and buy all the books on my ever growing list of books to buy which i have prepared in the past year.

7. Watched the movie October Sky and after a long time shed tears for a movie (So thats a book AND a movie which have moved me in a week. Yayy. Here's to more such fulfilling weeks!). Loved the subtle way in which the father son relationship is handled in the movie (reminded me of the HORRIFIC "daddy daddy" way in which the same was handled in Vaaranam Aayiram), loved the dialogues, especially the one in the end where Homer tells his dad who his real hero is, loved the southern accent, loved the way some of the scenes have been shot and loved the story. It is the true story of Homer Hickam and is a remake of the book Rocket Boys (which is an anagram of October Sky) written by Hickam. Any more suggestions for good movies?

8. The song "Iktara" from the movie Wake up Sid is what continuously runs on my ipod these days. I love the song. Its almost as if the song writer looked at me, observed my life and decided to pen the song. Beautiful words.

O re manwa tu to bawra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Kaise main chaloon
Dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raaste

So true! :)


The Babbling Brook said...

will entirely agree to the 'Library stocking up now when we graduate' bit. Sheesh. The utter gaddhari they have done with us.

October Sky is another favourite movie of mine. Of course for Gyllenhaal reasons. :p

Vinu said...

Go see "Little Manhattan" (it's got to do something with your previous post...the love way ahead of time... ;))

Nice post this one! :)
Got a touch of anger to it...!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

+1 on october sky.
absolutely true. Loved the book and liked the movie.

alone in d crowds said...

:) Mm.. Try and watch 'Big fish' too. I love the way it portrays the dad-son relationship. :)

India-la motham 750 TV channel irukku. Adhulla Paattu, cartoon channel poga news irukkara channel 175. Idhula Tamilnaattula mattum mothan 40 channell-la news solraanga. aana neenga yen Gabtun TV mattum poganumnu solreenga. Ungalukkum Bakistan theevaravaadheengalukkum edhaavadhu thodarbu irukka?

Arun Ramkumar said...

ah lovely ! you oughta do these arbit snippets more often!

PS: cant wait to watch you on captain tv!!! :p

Nams said...

well written!

and i second you on the iktara song.. for me, even the second stanza holds true... :(

Sanjeev said...

Revathi..congrats..captain tv la enna job ?

Revs said...

Gyllenhaal. Sighhhh! *Dreamy eyes*
Thanks for visiting :)

anger? You think? I wasnt feeling particularly angry when i write it. insipid yeah but angry no! ;)
Little Manhattan? Right!
Thanks for visiting :)

Will get the book asap :)

LOL!! Hahaha!
I laughed like crazy at the "Bakistan" theevravadhigal dialogue. :D
Na gabten TV la work panna poren saaar. Indha ulagatha and namba naada kaapatha dhaan i am going to join it. yenna paatha ipdi kettutengle! :P
Thanks for visiting :)

Thankee! :D
and me on captain TV. oooh! that will be the day!! ;)

Sigh!! Hum dono jitna confused saala duniya mein koi nahi hoga!:-\

Nanri. Captain TV la yenna joba irrukum? To save the worrld for Bakistan theevravadhigal of course!! :P