Friday, November 21, 2008

Vaaranam Aayiram should be renamed to "Gautham Menon a 'Pallarnu Arayanum' "!! :-\

DISCLAIMER:People who liked Vaaranam Aayiram please don’t read ahead. Sarcasm is something which comes naturally to me and I might have gone a little overboard with my sarcastic comments in the post below.

Gautam Menon. I have nothing against you wanting to tell your story. Everyone has a story to tell. I have nothing against you loving your dad so much that you want to make a movie out of it. I have nothing against the fact that all your life you called your father Daddy(uvvaacck!!), I have nothing against you wanting to cast Surya in your movie. But I have everything against you wanting to subject us to such colossal bull shit.

Surya!! whatever were u thinking? did Gautam Menon show u three scripts of three completely different movies and ask you to pick one? and did u say "No, I want a little bit of script 1, a little bit of script 2, some part of script 3 and a lot of skin show - by Me and not the actress!! heh heh!! Ah!! Now that would be a great movie" and did Gautam Menon nod his head docilely?

Simran, did you tell Gautham Menon, "listen I have looked gorgeous in all the movies I have acted so far so please give me a disgusting retro look for my young days with a bouffant hair style, pig tails and tight clothes. And oh no!! the women around me who are also supposed to have the 70s look can look modern and have fairly decent hair styles. Just spoil my look"
It was painful to see Simran, one of the prettiest and most versatile actresses given such a look. I think Gautham Menon just went overboard with the retro thing.

The sad part about the movie is that despite an absolutely brilliant performance from Surya and fairly decent performances from everyone else the movie sucks big time. Surya has done a mind blowing job, Simran takes the cake with her sensitive mother role, Divya Spandana is effervescent enough and Sameera Reddy does the sassy smart chick role well. but the end product is something which shocks you with its absurdity, It’s like this. You start making food. You see that the paruppu looks good, tomatoes look nice and red,chillies are nice and fresh, you have all the correct spices to make a perfectly good sambhar but what u finally get after three hours of playing around with all the good ingredients is an inedible bowl of something which you would like to call sambhar and which after tasting a euphemistic and polite person would go "Interesting. but one spoon is enough. Thank you" while a person like me would go "Bleaaaaaaaaaah!!" and spit it out.

The movie is a complete drag with no co-relation whatsoever between the various parts. It’s like this (Pardon all the food analogies but the only good part about the movie was all the good food which I ate). Someone gives u a nice hot masala dosai to eat with piping hot sambhar. you start eating it and u are just half way through it when someone suddenly snatches the plate and gives you cold ice cream. you are like "what the hell" but since you are a tolerant person you start eating the ice cream. you are half done with it when someone snatches that away too and gives u a cup of piping hot coffee instead. By this time you are completely pissed.
That in short is how the movie is like. three completely un related things thrust upon you with no common thread except Surya.
I dunno which aspect of the movie to talk about first. So I will start with the things which irritated me the most and move on to the things which were the most absurd

1. I am yet to see a middle class Tamil family in the 80s speak English at home and the father calling the mother darling. The overt usage of English was very irritating. Even when the father Surya was lying on his death bed, a poignant moment and a the kind of moment where every Indian would exult only in his/her mother tongue Simran says "Oh my god!! what happened?" and the daughter goes "you will be fine daddy, you will be fine". got on my nerves.

2. Ok maybe this is a pet peeve of mine but I can’t stand people calling their parents as "Mummy, Daddy". ewwwwwww!! I mean call them Amma and Appa (or whetever it is that u call them in ur mother tongue) and see what a difference it would make. In the entire movie Surya must have called his father Daddy a gazillion times and to me, each time it felt like someone was running a nail across a black board (shudders!!). So much so that at the end of the movie when the father Surya dies and son Surya goes "Daddy Daddy" someone in audience could no longer control his anger and said "Dei, Daddy Daddy nu sollu, Daddy body aaitar da. ippoyavdhu Appa sollu" :D. I couldn’t agree less

3. Yes Gautham Menon. We are all fools. And so are the people sitting at the US consulate office stamping the Visa. We completely believe that if u tell the Visa people "I don’t want to study, I don’t want to make money, I don’t care about your country, my 'girl' is there. thats why I want a visa" they will smile benevolently and give you the Visa!! Duh-huh!!

4. ok. I have heard of smart intelligent people doing engineering and scoring obscenely high marks (I was not one of them) but I am yet to hear someone say "I am expecting 99% marks. I am flat rank holder, city rank holder, state rank holder and AIR holder". Jeeeez!! Gautham Menon, couldn’t u have been a teeny weeny bit realistic?

5. Talking about realism, I have been employed for the past 2 years earning what people would call a modest salary, quite enough to lead a fairly luxurious existence but forget a house, I don’t have enough money to own even a square feet of land and this unemployed guy who has arrears in his final year of engineering builds a house for his dad, clears all his debts and even gets enough money to fly to the US and woo the girl he loves. BAH!!

6. The MOST responsible and nicest parents (which is what the Krishnans are shown as) will not know that their son does drugs till he reaches the point of no return and as soon as they "think" he has recovered (oh they don’t even send him to a rehab. they just shut him in a room and let him scream. Really responsible I must say) they will send him on a holiday to some unknown place to "discover" himself. Really Gautham Menon. I think this is where I had tears in my eyes and wondered how much more you could insult our intelligence.

7.I think I am just going quit the IT industry and become a vagabond and work undercover as a pimp and sell women. Trust me it’s the easiest way to catch crooks. Pose as a pimp and every criminal in any place will at once believe the fact that u r a criminal and lead you to THE guy who does child trafficking and sells women just like that. Very easy. Really

8. The movie is also an insult to the intelligence and infrastructure possessed by all criminals. Tell me one terrorist organization or criminal gang which fights with swords and daggers?? :-. I am glad they didn’t show the criminals carrying a bag of stones and using that to pelt the good guys!! :-\

9. Most women (MOST) would go into hysterics and cry if they heard their husband was going to die. When the doctor tells Simran that Surya would die of cancer she tell him "Uh oh!! I thought he would die of heart attack. Didn’t expect cancer". LOL!! the dialogue writer sure had a great sense of humor!! :D

10. Most women (MOST) would either sit next to their husband's body or cry their eyes out after he is dead. Simran on the other hand sits inside a room sending an SMS to someone while everyone is in the hall crying for her dead husband. A scene which was supposed to be a poignant one became a laugh riot. :D

Finally I can’t fathom why the movie was called thousand elephants. I can think of the following reasons
a. Surya said "Daddy" 1000 times?
b. You would prefer to be crushed to death by 1000 elephants than watch this movie?
c. The movie had a net total of 1000 Tamil words?
d. I can give you 1000 reasons why you shouldn’t watch this movie??

Being sarcastic you say?? All I can say is BAH!!!

Do yourself a favor, DONT watch the movie. I went with high expectations and came back thoroughly disappointed. And if you have already watched it Sigh!!! what can I say!! God Bless You!! :P


Aravind said...


I can so understand how pissed off you are!!

Even in Surya's 17 year old part, the friends looked too modern for that time.

Gowtham's dialoges have always been wildly fluctuating from the worst to best. This film proves it again.

And Sameeraa getting 99%, ROFL!! :lol:

Ramyah said...

LOL. I think this is the most sarcastic review that i have ever read. Well, i haven't watch the movie yet and reading your post i'm looking forward to laugh at the absurdities of the movie:p. I'm watching it!

Seetharaman Trichur Narayanan Iyer said...

Am one of the poor souls who watched that blasted movie on SUNDAY!! 16 nov after cat!!!
Imagine self's plight!!! :-(
And well, I had the feeling I was better off watching the switched off TV in ma home for 3 hrs than the film!!!
Sighhhhh!!! why do these things appear only on hindsight!!! :-(
But this is the best review I ever read for that movie!! I cud not agree less!! :-D

>>Jass<< said...

YAY! I dint watch it! YAY!

Vignesh said...

GOD!!! what is this....? Sarcasm is something which comes naturally to me... athukaga ippideeeeeeeya??
loved it!!:)was in splits right from d second i read the title...LOL:))

im yet to watch it... Aaaa now i think im gonna have fun watching :)

Nivedita said...

ha ha a. i can feel ur pulse.. did u start thinking wat u gotta blog, the moment u stepped out of the theater? u seem to be fuming! sad, u watched it with lot of expectations..

Kaps said...

English padathulenthu copy adicha english words thaan use pannuvaanga.

Anonymous said...

hey.... we watched it on day 1. i agree with almost everything that u said.... esp the "daddy" part.... i hated it!!!! but u shld learn to appreciate the good things.. ie the music... u havent mentioned it anywhere! :)

and its good that this time .. tune "title ko goli nahi maara"!!! Good title! :)

- Maya

Anonymous said...

Best review for VA sry PA :)
I got really pissed off and even more irritating is to hear some ppl saying tat was a wonderful movie!!!
Last sunday morning I was in a totally depressed state and later I figured out the reason. Yeah i watched this bloody movie on saturday :( That ruined my entire weekend mood
I have an idea. Why not send your review to all my friends with the bottomline " Forward this if you care " :)
The comment I gave after watching is "DD la oc la pakka vendia documentary a kasu kuduthu pakka vechutanga"
I completely agree with watever u said. U jus read my mind :) Hats off girl
Hope u r out of the VA effect by now. wish u a speedy recovery lol

- Vidya

Anonymous said...

I already started asking ppl to go thru ur review
U can expect more visitors :)
BTW does ur sis write frequently?
I'm not able to visit her blog. It requires invite :(


The Seeker said...

First timer here!

That was sarcasm at its best... Laughed my wits out :)
I wish gautham menon read this... Haven't watched the movie yet!!! But everyone said its a wonderful movies... I wonder Did gautham really made a fool of everyone or are they really fools enough to call it one !!!!

Sanjeev said...

I could not agree with you more.. a movie that create a hype matching the size of thousand elephants but ended up being just short of cloth for a rat's handkerchief..

I share your agony at this moment of great grief..I too was witness to that great tragedy few days back..

And the worst thing is that such so called "class directors" who make "so called class movies" blame commercial movies for spoiling our tastes..

Would rather go and watch a movie that has zero logic but provides wholesome entertainment,have fun and forget it once I leave the theatre rather than sit through such spineless torture in the name of a realistic movie..there was no purpose in the film,and one could not relate or connect to any of the characters..

great movie have brought out the anguish that many experienced through each of your points in the blog and you have robbed me of a post :D

Arun said...

hahahahahahahaha!!! :D :D :D
topz !!!

Murali said...

Wonderful review, Revathi!

I had the EXACT same feeling about the movie and u have beautifully summed it up.

I think the strongest arguments are made by points 1,3 and 6... C'mon, looks like gautham got confused and made this a part-fiction movie :D

Lovely blog, keep writing!

Srikanth said...

Here's one movie I will not be watching... I have been reading your blog these last few days... loved your short story(Cognizant Contest) one...

Nice review :P

Ashwin said...

I was going to write a review ( not as a cheap trick to draw hits to my blog, you see).

But then I saw dostana on sunday and then realized 'Varanam Ayiram' can go to oscars..

I mean, what kind of a guy (gay?) will take a movie where the climax is a nauseating lip lock between Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham..and Bobby "dead pan looks" deol remarks "they are really good guys"...

Varanam Ayiram for all its colossal torture, was still about agreeable emotions..


Priya Raju said...

Good Review - I can see it comes from your heart :D There was too much hype about VA - that usually means the movie sucks. I have no plans of watching it, after reading your review.

However, here are some points where I disagree with you.

>> The overt usage of English was very irritating.

That's what we did in our family. Both my parents are professors of English - and me & my brother went to Catholic schools.

>> I can’t stand people calling their parents as "Mummy, Daddy".

This is a personal choice. I call my parents Amma & Appa, but many of my friends call them Mom & Dad.

>> I am yet to hear someone who looks like Sameera Reddy say "I am expecting 99% marks."

You seem to think beautiful girls can't be brainy. That's a bit biased of you :-) I've seen handsome men do brilliant things & beautiful women crack the toughest problems.

>> The MOST responsible and nicest parents (which is what the Krishnans are shown as) will not know that their son does drugs till he reaches the point of no return.

Sadly, this happens more often than you think. It is impossible to know what your kid is really up to. Sure, there may be some signs that parents miss. But, there won't be alarm bells ringing audibly when your kid is doing drugs.

Can't comment on 9 & 10, since I didn't watch the movie. People who are grieving do the weirdest things. Not all people bawl their eyes out. People who are very westernized may not show their grief overtly.

aravind said...

the most sickning review i have ever seen til date ...

k point taken , if yu don like something in the movie ,yu can say 100 bad things abt it ... y do v ever look at the positive side of it ???

i wonder yu keep on bla bla bla abt the daddy part , ve yu even once mentioned " watevr happens life has to move on " it carry s a lot of thought !!!! revs its high time yu appreciate good stuff !!

ya daddy daddy was kinda irritating at times n the 2nd half of the movie was a bit too long bt thn yu can watch it for surya n his acting .. again nothing mentioned abt the songs picturisation ..sad ..

when ur gonna watch a tamil movie expect all silly things to happen ...wont yu clap hands n whistle when superstar rajini throws 100 people in one shot ??? is that reality for yu ?? does that make any sense to yu ??? if s may god bless yu thn !!!

again nothing told abt surya s dialouge delivery the sense of humour he has at times ,

VA is awesome if v go to the therter wit no expections as any other tamil movie ..its an nice worth watching once !!!

Revathi said...

gautham menon wrote the dialogues for this movie?? :O??? one many army to cause disaster eh?? :P

Thanks for visiting!! :)

oh well!! if u WANT to committ suicide go ahead. but remember i warned you!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

//I had the feeling I was better off watching the switched off TV in ma home for 3 hrs than the film

Ha ha ha ha!! :D Poor you!! :)

Lucky you!! Sigh!! would u believe me if i told u that the movie rocked and this review is just a joke and go watch the movie?? 8-)

poi paaru. yennaku yenna!! :D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

yeah. golden rule in life. never have expectations from any tamil movie!!

heh!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

Revathi said...

lol. Thanks Maya. and from ur husband's comment i can see that u watched dostana too!!LOL!! and yeah music was great. i must agree!! :)

whoa!!! Thanks a lot gal.
Thanks so much for visiting!! :)
and speedy recovery!! sigh!! i hope se. i still keep having nightmares though!! :P
and my sister's blog. errr. she doesnt write on it. we write ABOUT her idiosyncracies on it!! :D. so its a private blog!! :)

i dunno man. maybe u should watch it and decide for yourself. i didnt like it!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

//but ended up being just short of cloth for a rat's handkerchief

LOL!! :D:D. i can almost feel ur anguish after reading that line!! :D
and do write a post man. it will be good to see that many people felt the same way as i did!! :)

Thanks for visiting!!

Thanks!! :)

Thank you so much!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thank you so much!! :)

I am going for dostana tomorrow. god save me!! :)


//Both my parents are professors of English
See there is at least a justification as to why u guys spoke English at home. The English which the Krishnans speak at home seemed very forced and they are shown as normal Tamil speaking people and the sudden awkward usage of english words was very jarring.

//This is a personal choice
Ah!! well i told you it was a pet peeve of mine but what was more irritating was that he called his mother Amma (if he had called her Mummy as well i think i would have left the theatre during the interval!! :P) and i couldnt understand why he had to keep saying "love u daddy" "love u daddy"

//That's a bit biased of you

Mea culpa!! :). Guilty as charged. in hindsight that does seem like a VERY biased statement. My bad. i apologise. in my defence i can say that Sameera reddy is supposed to be a very dumb woman in reality. so for me it was like Sarah Palin saying "I have an MBA from Harvard" in a movie!! (Sarah Palin BTW is dumb from what i have heard!! ;))
@ all u beautiful women
no offence!! :)

//But, there won't be alarm bells ringing audibly when your kid is doing drugs

Hmmmm. but you oughta watch the movie to know what i am talking about. The son comes home drunk and the father says nothing, the sister is shown as staying with him always and going to every place he goes and there is no justification as to where he gets the money for all those drugs. it was quite absurd!!

and about 9 and 10 you should watch the movie (:D:D). I mean i am not saying every woman should cry her eyes out and everyone has their own way of expressing their grief but those two scenes are REALLY absurd the way they have been taken. I mean they show Simaran and Surya being COMPLETELY in love with each other wont she have the teeniest bit of pain on her face when she learns her husband will die of cancer in another year? instead she says "i was thinking he would die of cancer" :D. quite hilarious it was!!

Thanks for visiting Priya!! :)

//wont yu clap hands n whistle when superstar rajini throws 100 people in one shot

Anywhere in this blog have u come across any line written by me which says i idolize rajnikanth. i dont do movie reviews for Rajnikanths, Vijay's, Ajith's movies etc because plainly put they are not worth reviewing. they are crass and logicless and totally not worth a review. I expected great things out of this movie and hence i am thoroughly disappointed.
and since everyone has been appreciating the good stuff i thought it was time i gave a little bit of reality.
and maybe i am stupid but pray may i ask what is so profound about
//watevr happens life has to move on
Thats like saying "whatever happens we must brush our teeth in the morning"
Jeeeeeeeeeez!!! Everyone knows that. LIfe goes on come what may. Thats hardly a dialogue u need to appreciate.

Thanks for visiting!! Every one has his/her own views!! :)

Sree said...

So the intellectual persona seems to be terribly hurt and embarrased of her own strength (intelligence)!! :D
Good review...I am not going for this movie...except for Surya's looks nothing seemed interesting!! And I am not a six-pax fanatic too!! ;)

aravind said...


"whatever happens we must brush our teeth in the morning" -- pg woodhouse ??

wow revs superb quote if everyone in this world knows n understands that saying "watever happens life must go on " y are people taking drugs , comminting suicides , indulging in al unwanted activites .. nw don tel ths only a small number so no big deal ... if a person goes into the skin of the saying in makes sense !!!

and again abt rajinikath that was jst an example k , yu wher tellingabt the reality part missing in the movie so tamil s movies are never ever real so no point blaming thm its a wel known fact !!!!!!!!!

Anitha said...

Huhh..thatz the most sarcastic review i have ever read..
Its jus t reflection of evryones feeling(atleast yen kooda paartha ellarukum thoninadhu)
Man! i watched it 1st day 1st show nd finally i was lik phewww...y shd i 'av wasted 20$ for such a ---(censored)movie!
Nacchunnu iruku comments lam ;-)
Kno wat..u hav left a point..surya romba nerama ore mission kaga helicopter la poradhu! ROTFL..believe me or not i thot i cud jus run away(agn i don wanna waste 20 bucks..Sighh..;/
i dunno how Gautham Menon cud think ppl watching r so dumb!

Btw, fantastic post Revs ;-)

Revathi said...

lol. Thanks man!! :)

Thanks a lot man!! first day first show a??? Mannn!! i feel sorry for u because i know the expectation with which u would have gone for it. and yeah. andha helicopter pavam. orey mission kaaga 3 hours it was flying while surya went "love u daddy" "love u daddy"!! :D:D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

King said...

i thought of watching dis movie.. but after reading ur reviews, thinking twice! :P

btw, gautam mela yen ivalavu kola veri? :O i guess the movie is not so bad!??

deepa said...

i agree with u, gautam shd ve screened only de first half!
1) gautam's mom is tamil, dad's keralite.. hence English is their lingua franca. n it's reflected on screen. i didn't like de english usage either.
2)the kidnap drama, de army crap was way toooo much
3) surya is not a good English speaker, wonder why he was chosen (but i looove him, tht's another story)
4)simran n her costumes, aargh!!!! but i shd say, nalini sriram has done a great job with sameera's n divya's costumes!

Revathi said...

i dunno man. i didnt like it.
kola veri ellam onnum ila. pavam gautham!! :)

Thanks for visiting!! :)

EggHe/\D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EggHe/\D said...

Darn, why didnt I read this before I went to see this movie, which to me was like vaanaram aayiram instead of vaaranam aayiram.
Scene - A beggar after seeing this movie, he says -
Beggar - Ayyo, amma , appa ....
Beggar - Ayyo, amma , daddeeeeeee
ROFL post. Much fun came.

partha said...

My deepest condolences to you for watching the movie. But u have given us all a nice blog to enjoy because of the movie. Long live gautam.

Revathi said...

Since when has ur name been egg head? did ur friends name u that coz u watched VA??
lol!! kidding man!!
seriously. daddy daddy rhombha over a irundhudhu!!

Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thanks a lot. Thanks for visiting!! :)

EggHe/\D said...

@revs - Naah, had they named me that after watching (or rather sitting on the seats and squealing when this slothfest of a movie would end) I would have helped that soul depart to hell myself :)
As an afterthought - Suriya after seeing this movie would have said the same words, ad infinitum -
"daddy daddy rhombha over a irundhudhu!!"
LOL ... keep writing ...

Abishek said...

Take the 1 train to 96th street, 2 to port authority, bus to new jersey and another bus to the theater playing "varanam aayiram". I was planning on doing it for thanksgiving weekend....not sure if its worth all the trouble now.....:-D.

oh and read this blog. really interesting. the first article appeared in nytimes....i thought it presented an interesting perspective

Maruthu said...

If Gauthom Vasudev Menon (he makes his name longer for each movie he does) happened to read this, then ur reviews will be the nightmares everytime he thinks about direction :-),he did the spoilsport,when surya and harris performed exceptionally well.Sarcasam at best and Gauthom at worst.

Revathi said...

@muttai-mandai :)

Thanks a lot!! and Keep writing?? i hope gautham menon keeps making such movies!! :P

Sheeeeeeesh!! no. soryr. i take that back. Shuddder!!

oh please go and watch it. it gives u a errr, mmmm ahem very "different" perspective. Kidding man!! and interesting blog there. :)

ohh!! indha kevalamana padam edukarthukku avar per vera maathindaara?? :D:D kashtam pa!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

EggHe/\D said...

@Revs - The more Gautham Menon makes such movies, I can see such many posts here ... and I promise I wont tell him about you !!!
Anyways on a general note - enjoyable rant this one and hope to see more ... let me watch this space over google reader ...

Anonymous said...

This movie is the worst. period

Dont watch it and waste ur time and money. period

The old surya sucks donkey balls

Anonymous said...

Excellent review man!! simply the real view of the movie. No fake or anything, ur great

This movie is worth shit

Revathi said...

@muttai mandai
Thanks a lot!! :)

Thanks!! :)
who are you??

Tendigitz said...

Anonymous is me. very much impressed by your review lol

vaaranam aayiram sucks sucks sucks said...

This is the worst film ever made in Tamil. Dont go and watch it fucks sucks. The film is full of dull faces (shit wtf) the old surya is like donkey. simran looks like a dull old beggar. the young surya just gets slaps from villains. total waste of body building and all bullshit. The whole fim is a cricket commentary where Surya blabs daddy daddy! fuck fuck this movie. anyone who makes comments ‘I like this movie, superb’ etc are out of their mind assholes. You cant sit in theatre for the full movie. gautham menon stinks throughout the movie.

Balaji Srinivasan said...

Nice review Revs. Straight from the heart.

If you leave behind logic and watch this movie, you may like it. Otherwise, it sucks!

Of all the logical flaws in that movie, the one that got my goat is this one: In a tamil movie,how can a ordinary, yet-to-graduate guy can become rich overnight, without a song in the background! BAH!

Revathi said...

Thanks!! :)

errr. Thanks!!

LOL!! seriously!! :D:D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

idhu oru padame alla said...

dont watch this movie. a total shit.oru thrill, twist edhuvum illadha indha padam verum sappa… father son relation ellam TV serial oda niruthikanum padam edukka koodathu. over english torture vera. thu. daddy I love you… you will be alright ennanga da idhu

guna said...

3 hrs continuous a ukkandhu pathavan laam ippa mental ayittanuga. paru da , gautham menon direct panna adhu periya kaviyama…. gautham menon sucks.

Revathi said...

@idhu oru padame alla
i cant agree more with u!!
daddy torture rhombha thaanga mudila.
oru 3 hr long documentary paakara madri irundhudhu!! but documentary a kevala padutha kudadhu!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Ha ha ha!! cycle gap la na mental nu sollitengla?? :p
Sigh!! adhu yenavo correct dhaan!! :D
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

i watched dostana ....
it was a budget film,
budgeted in all aspects...budgeted story, budgeted dress lines ...everything budgeted ...but freaking tickets are at 150 bucks

Ikshaa said...

Can make out how much u expected out of the movie but how worse it turned out.But I do feel bad for the director..after all he is from my colg :(

nithya said...

u stole words from my mouth!!

krishnaraj said...

Try making something else next time. Try rasam. I don’t think u had to go “bleaah” over the movie. If it was, theatre owners would have had a difficult time by now.
It’s quite difficult to make a movie on the subject which Gautam Menon has considering the sentimentalities involved. I guess, he did a good job marrying the emotional quotient and action quotient in the movie.

TK said...

well even i felt whatever u told were right ma'am
the film so damn borin with daddy daddy n more daddy
whu wil work when they hear ur daddy is dead
the most irritating part is he loves his daddy so much dat he goes for workin when his daddy is dead

Raj said...

i never watch any movie so closely to dissect what hair style the heroine and side actress has..

people norm don send sons and daughters to rehab or hospital if they are addicted to drug, not even when one becomes mental.Still happens in most of the family.They say it damages family pride n respect.

we brand some1 terrorist,after they do something. they are not stereotype to carry only AK-47.there are people who still terrorize ppl with just knives.

i side with ur comment of using 1000 tamil words LOL