Saturday, October 06, 2012

Messed up Metaphors

So the tea shop right outside my school is a METAPHOR which I frequently use to tell my children about the kind of lives they should NOT aspire for.

Any child who does not do homework, does not come to school or uses poor language is always told, "Do you want to be like those men sitting in the tea shop in the morning? Always drinking tea and never doing any work? Have you seen a policeman drink tea there? Have you seen a doctor drink tea there? Have you seen a pilot come and drink tea there? The tea shop owner himself doesn't sit and drink tea there because he is busy making tea and doing work" and so on.

It is the MOST successful METAPHOR in my class and gets my kids in line almost instantly. I can almost hear their thoughts, "Must. NOT. drink. tea. in. tea. shop"

So today morning (an off day for kids but teachers had to come) tragedy struck when I was caught drinking tea at the tea shop by two of my students. 

Dai, paaru da, miss tea kudikaranga (Hey look, Miss is drinking tea) said in the same tone used to say, "Look, miss has been caught with a glass of whisky"


Kill me now

In my defense, It was NOT A WORKING DAY AND I WANTED TO DRINK TEA! Arrrgh!
Also, it's ONLY a metaphor! Hullo!


Prithi Shetty said...


Kappu said...

Hhhhhahaha :D incredibly sweet revs! preach what u practice is sometimes SUCH a tiring thing and being a teacher reminds it to u all the time.. !!

Do stop by my blog! I'd love your comments & visits!!

Deepa said...

Hi. First visit to your blog and what a delightful one it is! I like your writing style. Very droll and conversational. Truth be told, it was your blog title that drew me here. The Gujarat and Iyer factor. Not born in Gujarat but certainly lived there for a decent period of time. Am not a confused Iyer - simply loved my time in Gujarat and miss it like anything!!

Try my hand at blogging myself. Do visit if you have the time.

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