Saturday, February 11, 2006


Sometimes I wonder why some people are so sensitive. And in the hostel there have been so many incidents which leave me wondering why people feel bad and cry over silly things. Just yesterday two friends of mine(lets call them A and B) had a fight over an extremely silly matter(so silly that I feel ashamed to put it down here!). there was an exchange of hot words and B rushed to her room and started crying. I was stupefied. I just couldn’t fathom her behavior. When I asked her why she was crying so badly she replied “why did A have to say all that. If she didn’t like what I said she could have said it then and there. Why look out for an opportunity to snub me ” and she burst into tears again.
I didn’t have a clue what to do. Personally if I had been in her place I wouldn’t care two hoots about what A said. Hell it’s my life. Why should I let somebody else’s words affect me to such an extent . Why cant people just accept other people the way they are. Why do you expect them to behave the way you would like them to. Why let somebody else decide your happiness. Being happy or being sad is just a state of mind and it is totally up to you to make yourself happy or sad. When u feel bad about something that somebody says just brush it aside and continue with your life. When u accept people you like the way they are then why not accept the people you don’t like the way they are. No human being is without faults and the world would be an extremely sick place to be in if u only looked at everyone’s faults and refused to befriend them because of that.
When there are people who accept us though we have so many shortcomings then why can’t we do the same to other people. You wouldn’t change your lifestyle or your behavior for somebody else then why expect somebody else to change to your whims and fancies. Why do you let it be somebody else’s prerogative to make you feel happiness. “she said I sing very well. I feel so happy”. Or “she said I am very selfish. That hurt me”. I m not saying that you should completely ignore what another person says but let it finally fall on you to feel happiness or pain. If somebody says you r selfish sit for a moment and think what place in your life that person has and if he/she occupies a significant position then think about the act of yours which made that person make a retort like that and if it is really something that should be rectified then go ahead ,otherwise just carry on with our life.
Similarly with happiness, it is good to feel happiness when someone compliments you but at the same time you should know your capabilities. Never lead the life of a parasite where you are totally dependent on somebody else to make you feel pleasure and pain. Be independent be sure and more importantly enjoy life coz’ u have only one life and make the best out of it!!

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Murukku said...

You seem to have the same thinking towards life that your sister had. Whatever you have said here makes perfect sense.

There are lots of things and lots of people whome you should never care about. Care about people who matter to you.

If you had seen Mohabbatein(I did not like the movie but I liked one of the dialogues which I cant remember word by word)

Jo Tumhe chahe, woh tumhi ko chahe
Tum jaise ho, waise chahe
Jo tumhe badalkar pyaar kare.. woh pyaar nahi sauda kare

Well..before I end.. Are you the person who used the Yahoo ID secretlover_urs :)