Saturday, April 01, 2006

This is a poem i read in one of the chicken soup series and i just fell in love with it..


There was once an oyster ,
whose story i tell.
who found that some sand,
had got into his shell.
it was only grain,
but it gave him great pain.
for oysters have feeling,
though they are so plain.

now did he berate,
the harsh workings of fate.
that had brought him,
to such a deplorable state.
did he curse the government?
cry for election.
and claim that the sea should give him protection.

no he said to himself,
as he lay in a shell.
since i cannot remove it,
i shall try to improve it.
now the years have rolled around,
as the yaers always do.
and he came to his ultimate destiny--stew.

and the small grain of sand,
that had bothered him so.
was a beautiful pearl all richly aglow,
now the tale has a moral,
for isnt it grand what and oyster can do,
with a morsel fo sand.

what couldnt we do,
if we would only begin,
with some of the things,
that get under our skin.


R@hul said...
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R@hul said...

How many chicken soups have you had...???

I have one right now...Chicken soup for the writer's soul...but i'll start reading it right after i finish The Simple Truth by Baldacci...