Saturday, May 13, 2006

Angry!!! :-\

I m angry!! oh yes I m very very angry..actually anger doesn’t even come close to describing what I feel now…are all men like this??? Or is it just a few…no I guess it must be just a few coz the few men that I have known in my life have been decent…if u r still wondering what I m talking abt..well I m talking abt EVE TEASING…nothing gets on my nerves more than being eve teased…whistling I can take, even singing songs to some extent but trying to get physical!!!!!!!!yuck!!!! its unsafe to go anywhere on the roads in the buses in the electric trains and so many other places…its not even about the physical torture, it is about how emotionally abused u feel..u feel like u have no self respect left… u feel so disgusted that u don’t want to complete the work u set out from home to do…it is at times like this that I feel it is better to be a fisherwoman or a woman who sells vegetables..Once I was on a bus and this bastard puts his hands on a fisherwoman and oh man!!! He gets totally ticked off by her…she says “unga amma mela kai vepaya, unga thangachi mela kai vepaya #%$^&&%$$ (bad words) and he says “aaaman nee periya kannagi..unnaku selai vekaren”And that does it..she screams her head off at him and he gets off at the next stop..i m not saying this is going to stop him from eve teasing but the next time he even thinks abt it he will aleast think twice..i think it is only the middle class woman that has to suffer all this…I mean the fisherwomen somhow manage with their rough ways and the ultra rich have never been inside a bus,train or worst on ranganathan they don’t know either how it feels to be abused just because u r a woman!! All these men should be castrated infact I wish I could mete out a punishment worse than castration!!


sheikhee said...

Gud one shruthi!!! :)

Harish said...

First time to ur blog...
I accept what you say...there are cheap minded sick people who just do these for pure pleasure without any remorse or guilt
But hey..castrating all men for that..aint u to harsh :-)

Sriram S said...

Mandaya pottu koyapikathenga waste of time ...

Nalatha Nanainga

R@hul said...

Before u castrate thing i'd like you to note. I am not implicitly supporting rape or anything but the root cause of rape seems to the utterly sexually suppressed Indian Male. Also, middle class families teach their daughters to avoid places or circumstances where untoward events may happen. This is a major reason because of which the girls are left weaponless to handle such situations. I am not saying, send them into ghettos and desolate areas.....but after all some thing can be done to equip girls to handle over-reaching bastards.

Revathi said...

"utterly sexually repressed indian male!!"
i have never heard of anything so absurd..and even if he is utterly and sexually repressed as u put it does that give him the right to go around satisfying his needs in crowded places,buses etc????please dont try to justify the actions of these incorrigble eve teasers!!

senthil said...

I feel, such problem should be handled in a different manner. I agree that the gals should be bold enough to fight against these persons. But what's the reason such types of person are created/formed. The main reason is lack of moral education. Most of those persons are from slum areas, and their way of lifestyle leads them to such activities.
Two things should be done now:
1. Girls should be taught martial arts like karate for self defense.
2. A humane approach towards these slum areas is needed atleast to prevent todays slum children from becoming tomorrows eve teasers.

Anonymous said...

Senthil really till now i was just having fun trying my best to disagree with everything that you have said but this is ludicrous. Moral lessons??? Goodness man, why dont you visit some of these slums that you are talking about... Do you even have an idea as to what is the kind of population that India has and what is the basic reason people dont get education??? HA HA and if you are under the impression that it is only these kind of slum area people who commit such kind of cheap gimmicks on women u are so sadly mistaken. Most of the rapists both here and especially in the US are people who are very well educated. Moral education, my foot!!! What they need is some kind of decent upbringing which they dont have. People who commit such crimes are people who are mentally sick. There is no way that they can be changed or rehabilitated. The only thing that women can do is to be careful. And martial arts or whatever crap dosent help when you are surrounded by five or six men and they merrily gang rape you.. So keep your smart ass goody goody comments to yourself till you have the credibility to say so.. Moral education and humane approach... HA HA HA

Revathi said...

ahem!!!read anonymous' comments below!!:):)
good one..way to go..i completely agree!!

Shan said...

Eve Teasing is one of the oldest of 'crimes' that has always been there. Most often that is how children are bred in the families. You can tease the 'girl' next door or tease them as a friendly gesture. As a matter of fact, the reverse is also true. Girls also tease boys. In a good interactive way, this makes get togethers lively and also develop good comradarie. More the way ragging started in colleges.

But then, somewhere something went wrong and unknown people take upon themselves the right to tease. That is when the problem starts. then, this is not an issue with India alone or with Indian males alone. It is worser in most of the western civilisations.

Revathi herself has given the solution also. Women need to be more assertive and tell them when they donot like it. I went to Ranganathan Street when I came to Chennai in 1990. After my first visit, I decided never to enter that street again in my life. (Mind you, it is equally bad for the male. If you say such 'physical' contact is hated by women, there are many men who hate it as well. Why do you think it is only for the women? And women on Ranganathan Street.. hopeless! they don't even see where they are going.)

Unfortunately, my wife was a strong 'admirer' of the shops there. And had to visit the place twice. These days even if I go to Chennai, and even if my wife insists on R.Street, I have 'politely' declined her invitation with a cold stare!

I wish we boycott R Street so that people make it better and user friendly.

The same goes for buses and metro rails. The buses are not made for 'comfort'. They still retain the 1980s design. Worse. It is very unsafe without a door and all that. The value for human life in India is low. How do you expect them to safeguard people from teasing? Women talk about it where as men do not when they get teased. It is a shame for them. But they do get mistreated by women.

This is a problem for both sexes.