Friday, May 12, 2006

I was just going thru my 12th farewell photographs and found one snap of my math professor a.k.a CV…if any of u sankara ppl visit this blog then I m sure this blog will make a lot of sense to you and I just had to share this incident with u..;);)
I have had lots of interesting converstions with CV..this is one of them!!

1. first was the time when i had just joined school and i was summoned by CV in the staff room(the mortuary like room near the commerce section) and this was the conversation which took place between us..

CV: Vanga ma Revadhi(spelling mistake intended..thats how he pronounced my name)

Revathi: Good morning sir

CV: Neenga dhaane ma Gujarat lendhu vandhurkenga??(grins brightly showing all his "flawless teeth")

Revathi(thinks): ayyo pei!!!!!!!!!!!
Revathi says: yes sir...

CV: have u learnt sex in your school ma?

Revathi(thinks): what the @$*%^@&^*#*??
Revathi says(with a flabbergasted expression):Sorry sir??

Vijaya ma'am pipes from the nearby chair: U would surely have learnt sex in 7th ma!!

Revathi(thinks): duh!!

CV(irritated): yenna ma muzhikarenga?? sex padichadhu ila ya??Venn diagram,Major sex,Minor sex...etc...

Revathi(with a sigh of relief): oh!!!!!!sets a sir(stressing on the letter 't' )..yes sir padichiruken!!

CV: Good ma..i was going to teach something related to sex and i just wanted to know if everyone had done it

Revathi(thinks): Shit man wish i could roll on the floor and laugh
Revathi says: thank u sir..(for what??teaching us sex??LOL)..May i go now?
CV: yes ma ..just tell everyone that i m going to teach sex next class
Revathi with a grin: sure sir!!

LOL!! i had a great laugh that day!! :D:D:D


Anonymous said...

oh my god!!!!!i cudnt stop laughing!!! iam in tears now :))
-- u know who!! hi5!!

Sheks said...

LOL!too bad he didnt get the opportunity to teach me during higher secondary.

QED said...

ha ha ha.....awsum!!!