Saturday, January 06, 2007

I have been having the time of my life for the past 15 began on december 20th when all four of us(mom dad sis and me) set off to ooty to attend the 30th year 10th std school reunion of my mother..when i was first informed of the reunion i was like "yeah much fun are 45 yr olds going to have "..i imagined few pot bellied men smoking a pipe and reminscing on the good old days probably leaving the seat only to refill their plates and glasses of vodka and the women wearing saris and lipsticks and refusing to get up lest the folds of their saris go out of place... The batchmates thirty years later with their teachers

i was in for a very very pleasant god..the amount of energy and enthusiasm which was exuded those three days ABSOLUTELY blew my head off..i have never i repeat NEVER seen 45 yr olds let their hair down like this..u see such infectious enthusiasm only once in a lifetime..

some of the in blue

now as a rule i never dance..i am a pathetic dancer..i have two left feet and the minute i take the dance floor ppl laugh their head off..That day I me Revathi Ramanan actually shook a was impossible not to actually..there were about 27 ppl 25 yrs older than me who were dancing without a care in the world without caring a damn about what ppl think about their dancing was awesome mindblowing astounding stupefying..actually i am running out of adjectives..before we left my mom told us that for three days she wasnt a wife and a mother but just a student and man i swear she relived 30 yrs in those 3 mom is generally a very enthusiastic and jovial person but her enthu scaled new heights those three days..

singing the school song

And her batchmates..what can i say..such nice amazing ppl and most of them have done so well for themselves..what is most reassuring is that the ppl who were at the bottom of the class have become such big shots and are still so humble and nice..moral of the story: Studies is not important..;);)..jokes apart i have never met such nice absolutely down to earth elders..and i bonded really well with the children of all the batchmates too...overdose of nice ppl actually..
On the final night we kids had to organise some games for the students(they kept referring to each other as boys and girls so i shall refer to them as students)..we chose dumb charades and decided that we would give them really simple movies because it would be difficult for them to wrong we were!!!how we wished later that we had given them tougher movies..they guessed each and every movie..movies like "fiddler on the roof" ,"hey dude!!!wheres my car","stop!!or my mom will shoot" were acted and guessed in record time..and then they danced and danced and danced like god..they just kept dancing..amazing energy really

shaking a leg..the 'students' are in the background

we came back onthe 24th and on the 25th i left on a 12 day trip to delhi,amritsar,chandigarh,kulu manali and shimla..another mind blowing trip to celevrate the last few months of college deserves another blog tour experience shall be my next blog!!

the banner

Mention of the reunion in The Hindu


Anonymous said...

hats offf to aunty!!!!

Harish said...

wow...reunion after so many years?
Awesome...btw...dont worry abt being 2 left footed..i am the same but dance when am in mood ;)