Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I have been tagged by Sheks to tell the world five things that it does not know about me..so here goes

1. Whenever a particular flooring has square tiles i ALWAYS do the knight walk i.e three squares forward two squares right then three squares forward and two squares left so on and so forth(or the L shaped walk). i acquired this weird habit after learning to play chess and have been doing it ever since. it was an obsession a few years back but nowadays i try not to do it when i am in public places.

2. Whenever i am driving or in the bus or in general on road i have the habit of adding up the numbers on the registration plate of the vehicles stading before me or passing me. i started this because i used to get really bored waiting for the signal to change.Nowadays i am so obssessed that i sometimes do not notice the signal change to green and go on adding..:)

3. Whenever i travel alone in the train i always make it a point to take a P.G.Wodehouse or Bill Bryson or James Herriot or some other author who cracks me up because i love the look on the faces of fellow passengers which says "what the hell is she laughing about" when i read something and laugh.(Sometimes i also get a look which says "poor thing!!maybe she has lost it"..frankly, I dont care)!!

4. I have this absolutely weird habit of reading the last few pages of a mystery novel to find out who the culprit is and then start reading the book. i also love to hear how a particular film (whose end has been kept a suspense) ends before watching it.

5. Whenever i am studying, reading a book or thinking i pull out strands of my hair. This habit of mine irritates my mother and sister because like a cat i shed hair all over the house and as a result of this habit i also have very very few hairs left on my head!! :(:(.. But somehow i just cannot stop it.

I have many many other weird habits but since i have been asked for five i shall stop here. Now i get to tag someone(rubbing my hands in glee)..i tag Ragesh, Srikanth, Rahul, DD, Srinivasan, Sheikheeee and Padmashree!!


Ragesh said...

Ah!, The 1st one is my favourite, really crazy though.. Would like to see you walk like that. 4th one well!, perfect! Most Gemini's almost always read last few pages of the book due to curiosity and break the suspense.. he he

Ragesh said...

And have just written my tag post too..

kausikram krishnasayee said...

i love PGW :) add richard gordon to the list

Revathi said...

dude!!trust you to come up with some astrological significance for this too!!LOL!!
@chaos buddha
i ABSOLUTELY love PGW..i have read each of his books atleast twice..havent tried richard gordon..shall try it!!

Raman India, Amritsar said...

Really a great effort by you. Very nice and informatic blog
Keep doing it. write something to make this world beautiful.
99% Bachelor

Srikanth said...

I guess the tag gotto wait some more time before i write & 2nd one on your list was cool.

And hearing lot of positive comments on your blog from quite a few of my readers.Great going!

Ashwin said...

Hi...am your sis' collegue..she's been telling about your blog..nalla keedhu ba..

and talking about wierd habits, I have one too.,..Whenever they keep sapadu at home...i cant eat if one those "karandi"s are pointing towards me..I feel as though there is some imaginary laser beam from the tip that would hit me and make me faint...seriously, i cant eat if karandi is pointed towards me...

Ashwin said...

OK there are a couple of grammatical f'ups and one felling mistake in it..ignore :-)

Sandhya said...

hey revs... really nice one... next time when i travel with u in a bike or train, i'll surely keep an eye on u to watch them LIVE:) Good to know that there are souls on earth who behave wierd at times just like i do... however ur habits involve "THINKING" (except the last one though) while mine don't :D

Revathi said...

LOL!!man..thats so weird..glad to know i have company!!and thanks for dropping by!!

gosh!!is that the message the blog sends out?? that my habits involve "THINKING"?? trust me nothing could be farther from the truth!!;)

why the hell r u a 99% bachelor dude??;);)