Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Re"Vetti" - R.I.P (Even my jokes are as sad as my Life is :-\)

I hereby announce the death of my alter ego a.k.a Re"vetti". I was re-christened Re"vetti" by a friend of mine (I forget who. I think it was Rahul. I am not sure though and I definitely don’t want to give HIM credit for re-christening me!! :P) around three years back in my second year of engineering when the maximum work I did was eating and sleeping(yeah sometimes when I was awake and not hungry I also visited college once in a while). I was utterly jobless then and hence the name Re"Vetti" came to be. it became hugely popular and almost everyone I knew (even those I didn’t know) then started calling me by this name.(I didn’t mind. as long as I wasn’t called fatty or shorty or something I was happy.)

Anyway coming back to the point I hereby announce the death of my alter ego Re"Vetti" because after she stayed in office till ten for the past two weeks(it promises to get worse by the way) and worked on Saturdays she no longer deserves to be called thus!! I can’t believe (and most of the people around me can’t believe) the fact that I am actually doing some work. in the past 21 years of my existence I have never done anything which can even remotely be classified as work (no wait!! I really really worked for my sisters wedding. I tasted all the food in the sathram and informed my parents if the menu and taste were fine. yup!! now that’s work.***) and now I am working so much that I have no time left to do anything else nowadays. I get up at 7.00 leave for office at 8.30 come back home and 10.30 and hit the bed. (wow!! what an absolutely happening life I must say). one day I had so much of work that I had to actually catch the cab at 11.45 in the night and by the time I came home it was 12.30. Sheesh!! I can’t believe its me. I used to look down upon people who worked beyond 6.00 in the evening and now I have become a person whom I would have scorned a few months back!! :(

I think god has this quota that every human being should do so much of work and since I haven’t done any of it in the past 21 years he is making me work my posterior out now (oh yeah!! I am a thorough professional now. I don’t use terms like A** and all that now. sigh!! how much a job in a software company can change a person!!)

So it’s official. all u people who derived pleasure out of calling me Re'Vetti' kindly desist from using the word vetti in my context. I no longer deserve it. people who sympathize with me after reading this blog and are going "Awwww. poor girl" u guys are the best and I hope god blesses you with as little work (and as high a salary of course) as possible. and for people who are smirking and going "Hah!! she calls 12.30 late?? I stay in office till 2.00- 3.00 and am back in office at 9.00 next day morning" u seriously need help. there is lots and lots to life apart from work and if u r missing out on all that its time u went to psychiatrist and got ur head checked. Sorry if I sound rude but frankly I doubt it if anyone belonging to the latter category would actually visit my blog.

By the way my blog is right now suffering from abject lack of visitors with visitors fewer than Pamela Anderson’s clothes in Baywatch (and that is saying something). Now I am not a person who cares about numbers. I don’t care if I have any visitors or not. I write because I love to write and right now it is the only source of entertainment in my otherwise bland and bleak existence. It was just something that I noticed. U stop updating Ur blog and the visitors to Ur blog also stop.

I am sure at least 99% of u r wondering what the hell is she trying to say. Honestly even I don’t know. So I will just stop rambling now and let u derive ur own conclusions from this post of mine. I will just get back to work. C ya.

P.S: initially I thought I wouldn’t post this blog at all because it was so full of shit but then it took me ten minutes to type all this nonsense up and I am not letting all that effort go waste!! so people who are still reading and have actually read this far I bow down. if I had been in ur place I would have just clicked that small red color cross on the right corner of my window right after the first para!! :P

***- This is what i meant when i said my jokes are as sad as my life is!! My sense of humor seems to have gone for a toss!! :(


Anonymous said...


/ people who sympathize with me after reading this blog and are going "Awwww. poor girl" /

I am this category. Things will change soon. just enjoy each day as it presents.

Keep posting.


Anonymous said...

madam re "vetti" i am a frequent visitor to ur blog.. and i completely sympathise with u.... i generally do with every younger sis!!!!:)

Murugesh said...

Always happen in the first month of the first job for everyone... it's gooooooooood that u become busy now... u have a sense of humour...yes...had you written this in tamil...

saipriya said...

hey revs.. dont worry.. the more u slog the more jobless we become..:)
so dun worry babes..there are loads o people ta read ur blog..

BOB said...

Well the post (mentioning abt no.of visitors)was not necessary as I thought u'd be eyeing in on 20K with ur natural and quick writing skills.. Its like team Australia giving a press meet tht we wont play good cricket..
And I'll say "Awwww. poor girl" cause to get little work (and as high a salary of course) as part of ur request to the god..
Keep writing and continue ur great work..

R@hul said...

I... it was I... who named you Re'vetti'... you can't take that away from me. No... I won't allow that. 'I' named you 'REVETTI'. Ok... I'm done now.

You were right in your comment on my blog. I stepped into a landmine. Now, I've got 500 pages to read and understand in 2 days. I've been at it since morning and I've reached pg 129. I'm giving up......!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surprising to read ur statements...
i could see strands of streams of consciousness in ur statements...
no! am not sympathizing with u neither would u need it...

bcause u write a lot,u 've expressed it!!There r a lot of people travelling in the same boat...but choose to remain silent travellers...
So, wat am i saying??
Keep going..u r well admired!!!
Faith that is firm is also patient!!!
--reader of ur blogs!!

Archana Raghuram said...

Hey Revs. Welcome to IT. Just think of all the aunts and uncles who believe our job is fun and all we do is chat and flirt and buy gadgets, how do we explain our schedule to them!!!

I hope things ease up soon and you get you are back to being Re'vetti'.

Re"Vetti" ;) said...

@rumya,anon1,anon2,murugesh,bob and anon3
thanks a lot for all that encouragement!! i really need it right now to keep blogging!! :)

ok!! it was you,yeah u, no one else but YOU who named me re'vetti'. happy now!! and man it gives me sadistic pleaure to see that u are also suffering!! :)

"Just think of all the aunts and uncles who believe our job is fun and all we do is chat and flirt and buy gadgets, how do we explain our schedule to them"
well said!! seriously they think i got o office, have tea breaks, have good lunch and come back. a month back they wouldnt have been wrong but now thats the exact opposite of what my life is!!! :)

ashwin said...


courtesy ur project mate sathya, i landed into ur blog . Good read :) feeling the same (or even worse about this hopeless IT industry. Check my post in http://ashwinsampath.blogspot.com)

keep blogging.. Don't curb to external forces

ps: if u r gonna post some musings about this industry, let me know :) I will be happy to read it