Friday, October 05, 2007


It is a Friday and I feel none of the excitement associated with a Friday because I am working tomorrow. I had this wild fantastic idea today morning that maybe just maybe everyone at work will forget that tomorrow is working and not turn up thinking it is a usual Saturday. Lame I know but then when u are as desperate as me for a weekend u begin to hallucinate and think that anything is possible. And today morning as soon as I checked my office mail the first mail to meet my eye was this mail from Operations HR “just a gentle reminder to tell u that tomorrow is a working day as usual and we are compensating for the holiday announced on Monday because of the state wide bandh”. So much for everyone forgetting that Saturday would be working. Never before have I pressed the shift + delete keys with more vengeance to delete a particular mail. :-.

And after u have had an absolutely fantabulous four day weekend (God bless mahatma Gandhi for being born on October 2. October 1 was a state wide bandh so ultimately it became a four day weekend) doing nothing but eating, sleeping and making merry with your friends, you hate coming to office so much that the hatred which osama bin laden feels for Bush would seem trivial compared to it. The best day was Monday. I love going around with my friends and roaming around the city but I love idling away time reading a book and listening to music a little more than that. Monday I was on house arrest because of the bandh and I spent it reading a PG Wodehouse, listening to songs by KK and eating vengaya sambhar and vendekka curry made by paati. I have decided that IF IF IF IF IF ever I marry I will only marry someone who can write like PGW, sing like KK and cook like my grandmother. That’s not much to ask for. And oh yeah!! If he happens to look like George Clooney I wouldn’t mind that!! ;)

I just realized that I have been meting out step-motherly treatment to my blog. After I started blogging on Cognizant internal blogs I have almost stopped blogging on my external blog. I feel really bad coz this blog has been with me for almost two years now and has seen me through sooooooooooo many things. My emotions are best expressed when I write about them and this blog of mine has been proof of that fact. So no matter how popular I get on the internal blog revsrules will always be my first love (internal blog would be my second love, and third would be the guy who can write like PGW, sing like KK, cook like my grandmother and looks like George Clooney(this one’soptional)..;) ). Well anyway so I am going to increase my blogging activity on my external blog and try to blog almost daily about my un-eventful life. Maybe writing about it will make it more eventful. Maybe. Un-eventful life reminds me, I better get back to work!! ;)

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