Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sister's "Love" :-\

Its amazing how much my sister loves me!!

Its astounding how irritating elder sisters can be

Its puzzling why parents cant stop with just one child. the YOUNGER one!! (errr. i know this makes no sense!! but whatever!!)

Sample this conversation bewteen my sis (who is currently in India visiting my parents) and me the other day

Pardon all the hindi. Since my sis and i talk only in hindi it made more sense to write the post in hindi!! :)

Tring Tring

Preethi: Haan bol.

Me: Mai hoon.

Preethi: pata hai. Kya hai? (in the most disinterested voice)

M: amma ko phone de

P: Pehle bata kya hai. kyun phone kiya??

M: (voice going up 2 decibels and accquiring a threatening tone): Amma ko phone de

P: Nahi. She is busy

M: mujhe baat karni hai. its urgent. phone de!!!!

P: Then tell me. Anyway she is busy making pakodas for me

M: pakode????? kameeni!!

P: ha ha. yeah. and mom just told me that the pakode she made now are wayyyyyyy better than the pakode she made when u came

M: u LIAR. she so did not say that.

P: math maan. mujhe kya hai. mai to pakode kha rahi hoon. tu kya kar rahi hai? Office mein hai? ha ha ha. Aur haan. Aaj raat ko aloo ke paranthe ban rahein hai aur hum sab raat ko movie ja rahein hai. Uske baad thodi daer park mein baith ke baatein karenge. tu office mein kaam kar theek hai?? Soooooonu! (this is what my sister calls me. An irritating name which i completely completely hate!!Sigh!! this name was the darkest and deepest secret of my life and now its out there!! :( )

M: Mera naam Soonu nahi hai.

P: Soonu Soonu Soonu Soonu Soonu Soonu

(Yes!! My sister is 26, married and supposedly holds a very "high" position in Satyam. Her brains however stopped growing when she was 4)

M: (bellowing now): Amma ko PHONE de kameeeeeeni!!

P: ha ha ha ha. Bye Soooooonu!!!


M: sputtering and gasping incoherently at a dead line!!

Sigh!!! Elder Sisters. One breed of humans i want to send to the moon when the first flight of chandrayaan leaves this planet carrying humans!!

BAH!!! :-\


Jaya S said...

Oh, for sibling affection :-P! You don't use the most flattering language when you talk to each other, do you?

Sree said... she so loves you...the post shows just how much she does!! ;)

>>Jass<< said...


Arunan said...

The younger ones are d blessed souls! Sigh!

When i read this phrase
"Her brains however stopped growing when she was 4"
I could imagine my younger sister growing up and starting to blog that I have a silly kid's attitude and a peanut brain!

ashwin said...

Elder sisters :) They are fun. (looking from a younger brother's perspective) They won't bully you and it's usually me who irritate my sis :)

For the past 9 years, except for couple of stints of 6 months, my sister was always outside Chennai.

sample phone conversation with her

Me : Hi
Sis : Hi
Me : Howz life
Sis : Goes on . Nothing big. what did u do 2day?
Me : Well i went for a movie. Had good food in Hotel Saravana Bhavan and drove to beach from there. Just now came back home
Sis: @!@ #*&^%@ #@^@^

Btw, blog updated :) do drop in

Ramyah said...

Actually elder sisters are very affectionate and loving.It's just that they can be irritating at times.

P/S- Do i need to tell that i'm an elder sister :p

Aman said...

Ah Revs, I know exactly how you feel. While you have just one elder sis to deal with, I have to alternate between abusing two of them at once :)

Revathi said...

errr. yeah!! this is us when we are politest to each other!! :P
u an only kid??

yeah right!! :-\

BAH!! :-\

i so wish ur sis writes something like that!! ;)

younger brother - elder sis relation is always one in which the younger brother is a PEST!! (i have a cousin bro who is 8 and he is a pest all right!! ;))

an elder sis commenting on this one?? whoa!! am blessed!! ;)
welcome didi!! :P (i never called my sis that so might as well use it on u!! :P)

yo dude!! you are THE man!! tune to bohot saari gaaliyan seekh li hongi abhi tak!! :P

Arunan said...

U have a gr8 blog here! Stumbled across accidentally and had good time reading ur posts! Though I liked d movie Vaaranam aayiram, ur post brought a smile on my face!

Sanjeev said...

This is a blog that I am missing.. too bad that my Hindi is poorer than Trisha's tamil.. can you translate this blog to English please ? :D

preeti said...

hugs to preeti and kicks to you :)

Revathi said...

Thank you so much Arunan!! :)

aagaa!! translation a? flavor e poidum!! :P (Errrr. not like it has much "flavor" in hindi!! :P)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Naaye!! :P

GoodEarth said...

Sweet sister indeed! you are so blessed Revs :D

Jibi said...

Honestly these siblings, they understand us so well they can nag us to death.

Try to return the favor to your sis when you get the chance.:)

Aishwarya said...

hehe! :D
Those really are like some conversations I have with my bro.
Sonuuuuuuuuuu! :P
(Umm.. it really looks bad.. guess i'll just stick to Revs :) )

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