Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Labak Ghulak Jhatak

DISCLAIMER: A fair knowledge of hindi, english and tamil is required to follow this post. :)

Sometimes it is not a boon if you know too many languages and can get very very confusing at time. For eg: i know hindi english and tamil fairly well and can converse and switch between the three languages quite fluently but sometimes i get thoroughly confused as to what language to talk and end up making a khichdi of all languages i know.
Sample the following incidents

1. Situation: A team mate telling me that XYZ is wearing new clothes and asking if i have pinched her (Errr yeah. you know the "new pinch same sweet" concepts which we used to indulge in as little kids? The "Hey new rubber, new pencil. New pinch" and then pinching the new person with all your might. I always thought it was a means for jealous people to vent out their frustration on their peers having new stuff which they wanted but didnt have. whatever. My team mates still indulge in such activities and yours truly can do nothing but oblige!! :-\)

Me: (always the one to discourage such activities): No man. Dont kill her. especially you. it hurts like hell when u kill.
Team Mate: errrr. what?
Me: what?
Team Mate: who said anything about killing her
Me: Sheeeesh. i meant kill as in pinch, u know in Tamil!! sorry.

2. Situation: I was with 2 of my friends the other day and one of them eats entirely too much and we were generally teasing him
Friend 1: He can actually eat 17 naans. no kidding. 17 naans and thayir sadam after that
Friend 2: i just like to eat man. whats wrong?
Friend 1: kids in somalia are probably dying because of the amount of food u consume
Me: Awww Chod na. Bechara valartha baccha hai.
Them: errrr
Me: what??
Them: valartha what??
Me: i mean badtha baccha, vallarra payyan. Sheeesh!!

3. Situation: a friend asking me to give an invitation to some body
Friend: Hey do give him the invitation man.
Me: Hey sure.
Friend: Courier it to him if u cant meet him
Me: Sure. i will give it to him when i see him in naer
Friend: eh??
Me: mmm
Friend: see him where??
Me: Errr. i mean see him in person or "naer la pakkaropo"

See what i mean. Total Confusion.and how can i forget all those umpteen times when i have said "I will talk later. Mujhe thookam aa raha hai" or "Pagal hai kya? Na kaise mail pannuven? i cant access gmail" or "Amma na tujhe later call pandren. Ippo i am in office" or "andha book tune padha. Yevlo super tha na" or "yaar movie itna kevalam tha, mai solla mudiyadhu".. :-\Reminds me of this time when my sister and i were travelling in train and this little gujju kid from sowcarpet fluent in tamil and gujju wanted to tell his mom that the "towel she had hung on the window was flying" and the kid went "mummy mummy thundu(Tamil) parke(Tamil+Guj) che(Gujju)" :D:D

P.S: The title..err.. my creativity is at a nadir today. I cant think of a single decent title that i can give to this post. Can you?


Thoorika said...

Ha ha! I tot I was worse cos I am having the same prob!! But you beat me!! :D

Annapoorani said...


ROTL on seeing the title...
As always a lovely post...
i am laughing like a hyena...
Too many languages too many probs..isnt revs??
Aap ka post nalla yirukku..he he...

Venkat said...

got this from one of my frnds:

"magane, keela vaa. Vaapaa soru thinna bulatheeru".

"arisi mootai mela math beto"


Sree said...

Haha...The usual chow chow na? hum bhi aise hi baat karte hey na? kahan ek language mein bolte hey?

You know for the title, I would suggest "Chow Chow Baath" ;) - If you didn't know, Chow chow Baath is a breakfast speciality you get in Bangalore eateries...unakku how patha hoiche? :D

Nautankey said...

LOL...have seen many cases like this[err...sorry to make you sound like a case study :)]keep going bcoz in the process you end up teaching a few tamil words to others.Tamil sevai :)

Karthik Subbaiah said...

That title was definitely inspired by my shout in your shoutbox...wasnt it?
Alright revs...Its time for you to be humble and give me the credit for the crappy title you've come up with!! :P

Revathi said...

yeah?? :D
thanks for visiting :)

ungloda comment usse bhi super!! :P
Thanks a lot!!

//"magane, keela vaa. Vaapaa soru thinna bulatheeru".

Ha ha ha ha ha!! :D:D
Thanks a lot.

//unakku how patha hoiche? :D
Heh heh!! and chow chow bath is a nice name!! :)
Thanks sree!! :)

thats one way of looking at it!! :)

long time no C sir!! :P
and yeah, heavily inspired yes by a shout in the shout box i agree!! :D:D

Jaya S said...

Sounds familiar Add to it some grammatical confusion, and you come up with what I speak.

Nandhini said...

I pity ur frnds n colleagues! :P

{see who is speaking!}:D

Dewdrop said...

LOL!!! and then some more!

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