Thursday, December 18, 2008

Owing to the installation of the toll at OMR all buses come half an hour early to office as a result of which i am here in office at 8.30, with no one around me, trying hard to start working and do a decent round of requirement analysis at least this time. exactly 20 seconds after i opened the requirements doc i realized i am totally totally not interested in this and so here i am another word doc open in front of me typing this nonsense.

· This weekend has been another one of THOSE weekends where i have done 3207423 things in a short span of 2 days. I like weekends like these. They leave me no time to think or brood. Even before i am done with one thing there is something else demanding my attention and i switch to that and before i know it whoooosh!! the weekends gone

· My close friend got married and friends’ marriages are always amazing fun with all the speculation about who is getting married next, brainstorming sessions about what gift to buy, staying the night at a friends place putting mehendi and watching movies. good fun :)

· I finally did hold the veil for my friend when she got married. God!! i felt so important. I mean no one was allowed to come close to the bride but another friend of mine and i were allowed to stay close, talk laugh and hold the veil. Felt good!! No one has ever given me so much of respect before!! :P

· This year started off with me attending the marriage of a hindu friend, followed by the marriage of a muslim friend and then followed by the marriage of a christian friend and i have come to the conclusion that hindu marriages are the most cumbersome and complicated of the lot. the muslim and christian weddings are over in half a day. thats it. i mean they start at 11 in the morning and by 4 everyone is home again. Hindu marriages on the other hand are a 3 day sloth fest and are an abominable waste of money and time. I remember when my sister got married we had sumangali prarthanai, maplai azhaippu, kasi yatra, oonjal, thaali, metti, grahapravesam, nalangu and reception!! Phew!!! by the time it was over we were all so tired that for a week after her wedding, i remember we just slept and rejuvenated ourselves. I think everyone should just run away and get married. Would make things so much more easier

· One of my friends got over enthusiastic during the wedding and put the hair iron (the one which straightens your hair) on my hair and now i have some 10-15 strands on the right hand side of my head which refuse to curl and are just standing upright and it looks kinda sad coz i have super curly hair otherwise and these strands really stand out

· So (sigh) a couple of my friends (sigh) are going to the himalayas (sigh). and i cant go(sigh) because i have office and (sigh) some other crappy exams too (sigh)
oh BTW if you hadnt guessed yet i really really really want to go(sigh)

· have finished reading all of Rohinton Mistry's books. I liked them all but none even come close to fine balance. Wondering what author i should start off with next. Any suggestions? How does Amitav Ghosh write? Should find out and buy him next. Will settle for good ol' PGW or RKN this month though. finances are really poor and i really dont think i can afford to buy Amitav Ghosh or any book now. I have also been trying to get my hands on Out of Iran by Sousan Azadi suggested by a friend. I also finished reading Midnight’s children and maybe I am just shallow or maybe I don’t have the taste for Rushdie kind of writing. The book bored me to death.

Ahhhh!! It is 9.15. time to call the on site and get my requirements clarified!! Sigh!! Adios!!


Sujatha said...

Try buying Amitav Ghosh at Moore Market!!!
Its bloody cheap there :-)

Shyamala said...

Yea sujatha is correct..
My bus always comes by 8.45 and coming to office by 8.30 is not so different.. And yea that half hour i ll catch up the sleep which i left in the bus :P

Shivasubramanian A said...

"Wondering what author i should start off with next. Any suggestions?" - How about Michael Crichton, the writer of those sooper dooper techno thrillers?

Sree said...

Toll toh sirf bahana hey zyaada kaam karwaane ka...nahi toh shaam ka bus bhi aadha ghanta jaldi nikalwaalete na...shouldnt there be a 'fine balance' in this case too???
Aage aage dekho kya hota hey...picture abhi baaki hey mere dost! :(

waise main zyaada books nahi padta, so I don't think am eligible (otherwise I am huh ;)) enough to make suggestions...sigh^infinity! :)

Balaji Srinivasan said...

At least you remembered that you have some stupid exams.. i almost booked tickets for GOA for new year celebration. It struck me suddenly that I've an exam in morn of the day we proposed to return. Sigh! Missing GOA for the second time in a row for the same silly reason - got a stupid exam! Sigh!

Aman said...

Atleast we know you r gonna run away and get married :P

Have you read Maximum City? Just finished it right now...found it pretty interesting

Revathi said...

Aaaah!! Moore Market!! i think the distance puts me off and i end up buying the original in shops close to home!! :)Thanks for visiting!! :)

Heh!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

@shiv A
oh yeah!! i have finishd michael crichton more or less. anything else?? ;)

i was telling the exact same thing to a friend of mine. i mean they oughta let us off early every day!! Sheeesh!!

seriously. indha saniya pidicha exam naala my life has become hell. have some serious kick ass plans for january. lets hope they materialise!! :)

haan yaar. maine decide kar liya hai. shaadi karoongi to sirf baahg ke!! :P:P
and yeah man i have read maximum city!! i LOVED It. one of the best books that i have ever read on Mumbai. wanted to do a review but didnt think i would do justice to it. Maybe i should try now!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Srinath S said...

amitav ghosh...

I really like his writing too..

i suggest you start off with "a hungry tide"..awesome book about a love story set in the magical world of sunderbans.(I was pretty lucky that I managed to go on a boat cruise of the sunderbans for 2 days shortly after i read the book:)

then u can read his lates" a sea of poppies".Good book too.

I am waiting to read his "The glace palace".


p.s: Any more advice on books and authors u can drop me a line.I claim to be an expert reader:P

Revathi said...

ohh!!! i pride myself on being an expert reader myself!! ;)
i guess we "expert readers" confer this title upon ourselves!! :P
Will try out Amitav Ghosh and buy it after my much awaited incentive comes!! Yay!! :)
Thanks for visiting man!! :)

GoodEarth said...

You FINISHED reading Midnight's children?? Whoa!! a standing ovation for you milady!! i died on reading the first few pages itself!! i wonder if anyone else apart from Rushdie can relish & digets the stuff he writes!! Hmmph! :-|

and 1 more thing... u cant generalize Hindu marriages baby! there are multi million ways Hindus all over India & the rest of the world... get married. So, it is not the boring 3 days of rituals everywhere you see ;-)

And good that u cudnt goto the Himalayas! a pure peaceful place like that ought to be conserved/preserved against exploitation by "inhuman elements" :P :P

Thoorika said...

"I think everyone should just run away and get married. Would make things so much more easier!!!"

Hope you parents are not reading your blog !! :P

Write a review after you are done with Amitav Gosh book!! :)

Jaya S said...

You should come over to Singapore. (Forget the finances. You're planning to run away anyway, right?) The library here is super. And we could find you a Chinese groom, witness a Buddhist wedding probably ;-).

Revathi said...

:rolling eyes: at the last comment!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

heh heh!!
Thanks for visiting :)
and review sure, after i save enough to but a book!! :P

wow!! sounds cool. so we have a deal?? :P

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