Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diwali "Eve"

Yesterday a friend of mine burst into my room in the afternoon looking all flustered and worked up

Me: hey. Whats up?

Friend: You wont believe it man. Its broad daylight. 3 o clock in the afternoon. I had gone out to get an ice cream and I got eve teased.

(Context: Right opposite to my college is a boy’s hostel of central polytechnic which consists of a bunch of sexually frustrated boys most of whom are just discovering their hormones. Needless to say anything even remotely female excites them and it’s a nightmare to go out alone after 6.30 because of the cat calls and whistles.)

Me: Sighhh. You know what irks me most? The fact that we cant do anything about it.

Friend: Totally man. You know what she said in the gender class right? They are just trying to assert their masculinity by doing this

Me: Mmm-hmm. They need to get into either the role of a protector or provider. When neither happens these good for nothing fellows go around teasing or else they feel emasculated.

Friend: Yep. Its not about the fact that I went out in a pair of jeans. They would do it to a girl if she was in a salwar. Heck!! They would do it if they were blind but realized a girl was approaching them.

Me: Hmmm.

Friend: We need to challenge the hermeneutics (If you don’t understand this word. Chill. Neither do we. We had just learnt it in class that day). Of the fact that men are supposed to be protectors and providers while women are just objects of pleasure or just plain objects.

Me: The whole gender equation must change man. I mean who decides what are the characteristics of a man and what are the characteristics of a woman. These are just mere constructs of society which we need to challenge

Friend: Very true. Enough of this weaker sex nonsense and all the inequalities we put up with. And you know these incidents make me feel so cheap. Like I were some piece of trash or something. Sometimes I want to just turn around and lash at them but its no use I know. It would just provoke them to tease me further and frankly I don’t think they are worth it.

Me: True True.

Friend: Sighhhh.

Me: Hmmm. What did he say by the way? The usual whistling and cat calls and acting smart by trying to cycle right on top of you? Something obscene I am sure. Cha!! *coupla bad words*

Friend: Errr. He said “Happy Diwali”


This is what happens when you have gender classes continuously for a week and are so full of fresh ideas and thoughts and perspectives that you seem to want to debate and question everything!! Ohhh!! I love education!! :-)

Happy Diwali to you guys and errrr.. Nope I aint eve teasing!! :P


Vinu said...

you girls think tooo much...!!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

dont blame the men. a female friend of mine once told me that women in general get very offended if they are ignored / let alone.

And yeah, Happy Diwali!!

Dilip Muralidaran said...

Sexual Stereotypes are unavoidable in any society that has religious roots/influences. I know i will be hated for saying this, but unless you get god out of the way "I'm the man, i have the penis and i can fuck every woman if i want to" attitude will not change.

A religion based/inspired society is always a paternal society. And in a paternal society no one gives a flaming 4 letter expletive about women, period.

GoodEarth said...

Woww! lovely lovely!!
now i zimbly love eve teasing :D Happy Diwali to you wet hen!! :P

Liberal said...

Nice one! The twist in the end was pretty cool. Although I do disagree with that protector/provider/eve-teaser zero-sum game you are talking about. This makes us guys sound a little too primitive, as though you're trying to fit us into a stereotype. If a guy gets thoughts of a deplorable nature, but controls them completely, he can be interpreted as decent. Many educated guys fall into that category.
PS: Can you adjust your settings so a person can comment using his/her id?