Monday, October 19, 2009

Of sad alert messages

So I logged on to the Tamilnadu PF site to find out the status of my PF. I entered the wrong establishment code by mistake and following is the error message I got. WTH!!

This is the website of the employee provident fund organization's regional chennai office and the least you would expect is decent/grammatically correct alert messages and not an alert message which would make you think that Javed Jaffry's english in Salaam Namaste was good. Did no one test the site??
Sighhhh. "Establishment not exists"?? Ewwwwwww!!


Sanket said...

Looks like QA department there is not irritating enough! :P

SG said...

Nice post. What can they do? English is not their mother tongue (pronounced "tong u").

Shivasubramanian A said...

You used the phrase "Alert messages?" Yay.. you are still a developer!!

Sriram said...

How dare you! Don't you know that they're doing us a service by putting up a website in tamizh? And you talk about grammar. The website should have been in tamizh instead of english. Engum tamizh edhilum tamizh


Balaji Srinivasan said...

This post is very nices. I am the likes it. :)

Rajlakshmi said...

one certainly cannot tolerate mistakes when it comes to esteemed organizations.. how about sending this post as a mail to them :)

Revs said...

Thanks for visiting :-)

Yeah I understand that but then have the site and alert messages in Tamil then!! if u have to have it in English then have it in proper english I say!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Sighhh!! I am aint I?? how sad!! :P


Chi pah!! :D

I should do that but I dont think anyone would care! ;-)

Himanshu said...

Hilarious!! LOLzzz

Anonymous said...

Haha, Tamil Nadu is the land that produced English geniuses like our Captain Vijaykanth and TR.

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Oh Raavs... You are totally missing the point here I say... See... I know you were JASE for two pathetic years in your life... And as a prompt SE who would naturally have utter disregard to alert messages and confirmation dialog boxes, you would have clicked OK button and then wondered why isn't anything happening... Hence the brilliant coder of this website made sure he puts a flaring wrong alert message so that it actually alerts you!! Gaat it??