Monday, December 21, 2009


Paa is what the title suggests it is. Paarvailla or "not bad" in Tamil. Following are my thoughts

1. R.Balki, BAD idea to have jaya bacchaan read out the credits. I mean yeah its innovative and has never been done in indian cinema but there was something so artificial and false about it, by the time she finished with your name we were all kind of cringing. And I think the least Jaya Bacchan could have done was practise saying Ilayaraja and desist from pronouncing Ilayaraja like an "Amit". I cringe almost every time when northies amitise tamil names

2. The movie might as well have been named Maa or Bum or Auro. The mother son and grandmother so relationhip was shown more than the father son relationship. They dewelled so much on the whole "redevelopment politician" it makes you wish they had spent that time in building the father son relationship

3. What in HELLS name was that whole doordarshan expose thing? That was definitely pukeworthy in the movie. I mean agreed the media go overboard and all that but the way Abhishek Bacchan gets back at them and makes it seem like the smartest thing to do. Ewwww.

4. I think my most favorite character in the movie is this friend of Amitabh Bacchan's called Vishnu. Especially the scene where he is on the phone with Auro and he says stuff like "yaar mai creative aadmi hoon. Ab kya geometry algebra sab padhna" is LOL!! :D. Some of the dialogues are really funny/ Especially the "MP ka 'bum' blast" kinda silly third standard jokes.

5. Vidya Balan looks hot and is such a yummy mummy it makes you wonder why she doesnt appear in more such roles and why she chooses to act all hot when she can be homely and sweet. After Parinneta I liked her best in this.

6. Amitabh Bacchan is just a class apart. Though you are used to the deep baritone which says "Mere paas gaadi hai bungla hai..tumhaare paas kya hai?", and it takes you some time to get used to his voice saying "tumhara potty mere peth mein.." in that squeaky voice I dont think anyone else could have done justice to this role.

7. One of the very good things about the movie was the total lack of melodrama. I mean there are no scenes where there is an "" music in the background when Auro cant play cricket or cant run or has a wheezing attack. He is treated just like a normal 12 year old boy and never does the progeria become the main part of any scene. I wish they had maintained that till the end and not had the "saat phera" wala scene. Another pukeworthy scene

8. I also felt it could have been cut in a lot of places and made into a much shorter movie and they could have concentrated on the father son relationship

Anyway, my first movie in this vacation. Yayyyyyyyy!! Its so good to be back home, eating good food and watching movies and writing senseless blogs. Ahhhh!! Bliss :)

P.S: Jamnagar aint cold. Thank God!


Vinu said...

1. Gee...what is with you and this north-indian thing. As if people down south have a clean english accent and as if they don't 'goundamani'-tize the north indian names!! :(

2. Haven't seen the movie, but why BUM?? Too much ass shown?

3. Should really see the movie. But your review is kinda making me hesitant now :D

//writing senseless blogs...
You gotta be kidding me!!!

//Jamnagar ain't cold.
Come to New Jersey Baby. Just had an awesome snow shower! (and it isn't really cold so to speak)

Nams said...

aah.. good to see a new blog - finally!

all said n done, it was a beautiful movie... :)

how long u in jammy?

Balaji Srinivasan said...

Aaah!! Finally you updated you blog! :)

I haven't this movie yet. Nothing spectacular eh? How are the songs picturisations?

Blog often madam :)

Sandhya Natarajan said...

nice review... 'paa'rvailai eh? does nt seem to live up to the hype.. but balki seems to ve some strong resemblance to mani...with pc sriram -illaraja combo...

Milinta said...

Sigh! U and thamizh.. Its 'pa'rvaaillai revs. Not 'paa'rvaaillai. U r an 'almost Amit' when it comes to spelling in thamizh :P

P.S. : Someone in ur comments section spella ilayaraaja as illaraaja. which means no-raaja?? Even Jaya bachchan was better! :D

Indha maadri fun posts keep writing!! :)

Rajlakshmi said...

finally an update from your blog...
haven't watched the movie so dnt knw how much it sucks :)
enjoy your time :)
Merry chritmas

R3 said...

nt int to watch the movie but it got gud reviews.. but inspite of al the promotions it flopped !! :D
good to see ur post.. back to ur homtownuh.. enjoy the vacation :)

Revs said...

ha ha. not too much ass.LOL. Auro calls his grandmother Bum :)
and errr.. lets not turn this one into a north v/s south indian argument :P

you have a blog?? chorrrrrrrrrrrrr. bataya hi nahi :)
leaving day after!

Thanks. songs - nothing great ! :)

Thanks for visiting :)

LOL. naaaai nee :D :)

Thanks man. Wish you the same

Thanks for visiting :)

Himanshu said...

I totally agree with you on #3,#5,#7. It is just perfect a review with your typical style of humor.
Awesome one Revs.
Enjoy your holidays!! :-)

Himanshu said...

oh by the way... I still dont understand the meaning of 'Amit'izing tamil names.. explain, i say! :-P

GoodEarth said...

A plesant review Revs!
planning to watch it soon (b4 it goes off all theatres) despite the known flaws... :)

divine_queen said...

This is one review that I think I completely agree to... very well written!