Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I watched Schindlers List today(yet again..this is the fifth time i am watching tht movie)..and i cried yet again..it is amazing how that movie makes me cry each and everytime i watch it..just for the record let me tell u that i NEVER EVER cry for movies..but somewhere in the middle of Schindlers List u forget that it is a movie and not real life..the characters are so real and so convincing u just cant stop the tears..Especially the last scene when Schindler points to his car and says "Ten more i could have got ten more for this car..why did i keep it"..He points to his Nazi pin and says "two more..this pin is gold..i could have got two more for this pin"...thats when i started bawling..uptil then i was just shedding tears..but that scene was just the limit..

I wonder how Steven Spielberg does it..i wonder where he gets the characters for his movie from..i mean each and every character in that movie was just made for that role..even the very small parts like the little girl,Danka Dresner or the little buy Olek leave an impression on u..i could just watch that movie ten more times and still have an appetite for it..u want to strangle Amon Goeth(ralph fiennes) when he metes out atrocities on the Jews, u want to shield the rabbi from the guns of the SS officers when they attempt to shoot him for not making enough hinges, u want to kiss Schindler when he gives his workers the weekend off and u want to hug Izhtak Stern when he gives Schindler the gold ring made by the workers.

Now that, is what i call a movie!!!


Atanu Bandyopadhyay said...

That movie described a rare Nazi. Moreover, that movie described a rare business enterpreneur. I don't know if you watch what's happening to the workers and labourers in India, but the government seems hell bent on protecting a few businessmen rather than a the majority workers. Schindler's List can mean more than just the story of a rare Nazi; it can be watched by workers the world over that might unite them to demand humane working conditions as a right.

R@hul said...

Hi Revs....

Did you know why Hitler hatred Jews so much?

Hitler's father was a very very cruel man who beat him and his mother. Also, Hitler's father's birth was a mystery. Because Hitler's paternal grandmother worked in a Jewish household as a maid. And when she got pregnant, nobody knew whose baby it was.

So Hitler was secretly suspicious that his father might have been a half-Jew and assumed that like his father, all Jews were weak and immoral in character.

Another reason was that he was medically paranoid and showed many symptoms of this paranoia. So, he actually didn't hate Jews. In fact, he thought they were an inferior race and so set out to eliminate them. To him wiping them out from Germany was like cleaning a house infested with pests.

Nanyaar? said...

I have to accept, seems like a wonderfull movie (btw glad to know that you have written about some good movie)

And Oh, suprisingly enough I havent even heard the name..

I'll watch it.