Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Namratha's birthaday on Saturday...went to Sathyam to watch a movie..but all the shows were booked till monday..we were kind of diappointed..but that dint dampen our spirits..went to spencers. got some gift for her and then went to planet yumm...ate like we had never seen food..intake of some really sinful calories in the form of cake,pizza,noodles and how can i forget the absolutely sexy chocolate from the chocolate fountain...sigh!!a whole week of working out in the gym doown the drain..why are the best things in life are either fattening or not available??who cares..:):)we did our level best to empty namratha's pockets..we almost succeeded..almost..left her enough money for bus fare home..so on the whole a productive day..went home and slept for 12 hours straight and geared up for mock CAT the next day..i stop my post right here..I dont want to talk about how i did my mock CAT!!

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Nanyaar? said...

Yum- Gym - :O CAT??