Friday, October 13, 2006


One of my blogger friends suggested that after this post i should probably start an organization called "Fille Sans Collerette" which means girls without frills in French..

I have always felt that God has been very unfair in creating only two sexes..He should have made four..namely girls,girlswf(girls without frills),boys and boyswf..

Now i m not sure if there are many takers for the boyswf category but i m sure the girlswf category will become popular..

So me with the help of my blogger friend and a couple of other girlswf decided that we would start an organisation called FSC(fille sans collerette)...girlswf sounds extremely unsophisticated felt a few committe members

Well here i will lay down a few rules for the girlwf category

WARNING: Any girl who joins this community for fun or thinks that this is not serious stuff please stay away..we are very serious about our principles..:P:P..

1. Thou shalt consider only books pens watches and showpieces as good giifts...anything else like soft toys, flowers, earrings, jewels, chains, make up stuff, nailpolish etc should be looked down upon

2. Thou shalt pay attention ONLY to comfort...if u r comfortable in heels then fine but if u wear heels which break ur back and kill ur feet then kindly stay out..this community is obviously not for u.

2a. same goes for clothes too..jeans, salwars,skirts etc... anything is allowed as long as u are comfortable in it..the minute u start wondering if the right amount of skin is being shown, if the color of the fabric matches ur eyes etc kindly inform the chairman of FSC and ur membership with FSC will be terminated with no hard feelings

3. Thou shalt not sigh and gasp when u see john abraham take his shirt off or sqeal with ecstasy when u see a trouser clad homo sapien zoom past u in a pulsar..

P.S errr..exceptions can be made in movies like kaal and dhoom where NOT ogling at john abraham will be considered criminal ;);)

4. Thou shalt consider it a sin to do things like coloring ur hair, spiking it up should either be suspended in a pony tail or neatly braided..any innovations like beads in hair, streaking trying out step cut etc and ur existence in the organisation will be considered detrimental to the prosperity of the organisation..

5.Shopping will merely be a need to do activity..thou shalt go and shop only when
a) u have no clothes to wear
b) ur family insists on u buying something for ur sister/brother's wedding etc(i still think jeans and t-shirts can be made legal to wear in weddings)
c) and festival times when u really dont have a choice..

Even better u can ask ur elder siblings(even younger will do), parents etc to do ur shopping while u sit in the comfort of ur homes and watch TV...

6. Thou shalt not expect any kind of help from the opposite sex and shalt not be dependent on them for opening doors, carrying shopping(if u r a part of the community this probability obviously does not arise), as means of conveyance etc...

7. Thou shalt dress up to look presentable and smart and NOT to attract the opposit sex..

8. Thou shalt speak up for ur rights in colleges, workplaces where u r discriminated against just beacuse u are a girl..thou shalt not remain silent..

We do not have many rules, but we are extremely strict about the rules which we have laid down..If u think u r qualified enough just drop in a comment in the comment box and ur application shall be considered..:):)

And one more thing..if u think we should include any more rules..please mention them to in the comment box..Ur co-operation is appreciated!!


Anonymous said...

hello GBCI...unakkae idhu too much a illa..

Revathi said...

idhu overa ilaya depends on who u r mr anonymous!!;)

srinivasan said...

I obvsly can't apply...but, would like to act as a consultant!:)

Rules of the organization should also have a catchy title...for instance, "8 simple rules" or even better "the 8 commandments"!:)

Other possible rules:
Thou shall be courteous at the same time forceful in explaining your seemingly "non-conforming" behavior to the "lost and confused" looking members of the masculine version of homo sapeins sapiens.

Thou shall always insist on paying for your part of the bill when you go out with guys (both varieties) to eat/drink coffee/watch movie, etc!:)

srinivasan said...

Possible exceptions to rule 2:

1. The guy is way better-off financially...
2. You don't like the guy much and simply want him to spend money on you and give him a "bulb" later!:)

Revathi said...

yeah i wanted to include going dutch too..but i DID NOT want to be fair to men in this post so just chucked the idea..
and NO we will not explain ourselves to lost and confused men..we are a very secret organisation and telling abt us to all would be a breach of confidentiality!!!;);)
we are enigma that men are supposed to unravel!!:P:P

aaahaaaaa!!!yennake idhellam konjam too much a dhaan irruku!!:P

srinivasan said...

Secret organisations don't seek out applicants in public fora![:)] The website of the organisation as I imagined it was to have a FAQ section for the benefit of the "lost and confused" would have answered questions like...

1. How to pataaofy FSCs?
2. What sort of gifts are preferred by FSCs.

So, I request u to kindly reconsider u'r decision! Actually, this IS getting verrrrrry over!:)

Ragesh said...
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Ragesh said...

"we are enigma that men are supposed to unravel!!"?? Lol, that's kind of contradictory to the anti-ogling principle..
And since you won't gasp at a Pulsar rider, he won't try to to unravel your mystery as well, and why did u go for a bike as small as the Pulsar. Think big.. think Ducati 916, Suzuki Haya Buza, or the Rs. 2 Crore, 400 km/hr Y2K.. then try to resist.. LOL :d

kavitha said...

I have been a silent reader of your blogs..and u really amuse me..

I am your kinda girl only..But am not sure if you group would allow married moms to be a part of it :))
if so i would be happy to join

B.B.C.I said...

where hast thou been i besech thy words like derest to its dew...

Revathi said...

OF COURSE u r welcome to join our fact one of the core members of our organisation is a married girl(my sister ;))
duh..sorry dude..i m not so great at shakespearean english!!

Harish said...

U gotta be kiddin me
I guess such girls only exist in men's dreams and not in reality
If you find anyone as such, do mail me please :-)
btw...i was also bred in Gujarat. Kandla port for 12 years in my childhood :-)

P.S. said...

how many of you have seen jeeves in flesh and blood.
Well, at least on a laptop screen.
if interested, pl mail indicating what video files can be offered on exchange on one to one basis. minute for a minute.have about 23x55 minutes of PGW. pl circulate to like minded folks