Thursday, November 23, 2006

Finally i m done with CAT..after a whole year of not studying and complaining about it finally on november 19th i finished writing my CAT exam. About my CAT exam-The less i say about it better.the verbal part(the only part in which i usually dont get a negative score) was miserable with really wierd questions. we had to find out from a sentence if it was an inference judgement or fact.. unfortunately all sentences looked like inference judgement and fact to me.and i lost a lot of valuable marks in the guessing which i did in verbal.the Reading comprehension was equally bad.the passages as such werent very difficult but the options for the questions were miserable..all of them seemed to fit and all of them could be the answers.

Surprisingly the DI was very easy compared to the papers i wrote at my mock CAT.the quants part was also easy compared to the mock CAT papers but i was able to attempt only very few questions because of the lack of time(valuable time which i wasted trying to find out if some bloody sentence was a fact,inference or judgement).

well anyway CAT is over now and i dont want to go into all the dirty details.
Two days after my CAT exam my semester exams started.
I finished my ethics exam today. i wrote so many stories that i amazed myself. i wrote stuff like
"we as engineers need to be ethical because ethics in engineering is very important.we need to be honest intelligent diligent because honesty intelligence and diligence always pays and by following these virtues we do the best for our country,organization and community and doing the best for our country,organization and community is our duty" .
by the time i finished the answer even i wasnt very sure what ethics was all about.personally i feel studying etchics is stupid because according to the book which i followed i am the most unethical person on earth

1. The book said that taking photocopies of others notes was plagiarism. now i have never bought books.all i do is take the photocopy(more popularly known as xerox)of the relevant notes.
2. It said that i should not I should not use somebody's else's intellectual output. That is precisely what i have been doing for the past four years in my engineering life. some poor soul writes the programs and we just copy paste it and show the output.apparently i am stealing the recognition that the person gets or some nonsense like that.
and lots of other nonsense which i dont feel like going into. i just finished my ethics exam and i cant stand to write about it again.

and i was following a local author book(when u open ur books just before the exam there really is no time to go through all those fatuous foreign author books and waste time).now that guy himself had copied the foreign author word for word without any conscience by deleting all the necessary parts.and to top it all the book contained a copy right statement right on the first page which said "no part of this book shall be reproduced or copied in any form"..LOL.:D:D...

I just couldnt control my laughter.i think students would really appreciate it if such subjects were removed from the syllabus as they serve absolutely no purpose.not that all the subjects which i have studied till now have served any purpose but seriously this was the worst.

The next paper which i have is another silly subject.apparently we as engineers must take care of the environment and so we must know how to safeguard our environment. so we have this paper called Environmental science and engineering where we study how to protect the environment.

Sigh!!!I better brace myself to write stories again...

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