Monday, November 13, 2006

An incident which happened in the apartment complex where my sister lives set me thinking how much the times have changed. I mean I used to think I was the current generation- Gen X...But looking at the kids nowadays makes me think that I was mistaken..

I was sitting in a park reading a book and watching a couple of boys playing a game which at first looked like tag. After following the game I realized that it was a game which we as kids used to play.

When we were around 8-10 we played a game called "cut the cake"...There would be one person who was called the "catcher" and then there were the rest of us. The rest of us used to choose a particular color by which we were identified. And then one of us (usually me because i have voice which can be heard in four nearby villages: D: D) would shout out the names of all the colors to the catcher ("red yellow blue green. What do u choose") and then the catcher would choose a color and chase that particular kid. now when he is chasing, if someone else (one of the other colors/kids) cuts the way i.e. runs in between the catcher and the victim then he becomes the next victim..

It was a game which we enjoyed playing and the maximum variation which we had was that sometimes we used to choose animal names for ourselves("dog cat elephant pig. What do u choose?") instead of colors...

Coming back to that day when I saw a couple of boys playing I was quite taken aback to see them refer to themselves as typhoid chikgungunya malaria of the kids said "typhoid chikgungunya malaria dengue. What do u choose”. And then the catcher screams dengue and runs behind a kid who squeals with delight at being called dengue and runs for dear life. I found it really amusing. I mean when I was 8-10 the only disease I knew was malaria and plague (because a plague epidemic had broken out in Surat when we lived there in 1994)...I had never heard of dengue, typhoid and certainly not heard of chikgungunya...

And then the other day one of my cousins while listening to Ramayana had a doubt which left me spell bound. She said that when Rama went to get the golden deer for sita and then the deer (actually mareech in disguise) screams out "oh laxmana help me” and sita orders laxmana to go and help rama why does laxmana leave her alone in the hut and go. He could have taken sita with him too if he was scared that something might happen to her...

I was dumb founded...I honestly did not know what to say. She had just prevented the whole sita kidnapping with her logical five yr old thinking

Her twin had another doubt. When i was narrating to her the story of Krishna she wanted to know that if kamsa knew that one of the children of devaki and vasudev was going to destroy him why did he put them both in the same cell

When I was narrated these stories as a kid I used to just listen and NEVER ask doubts. I loved mythological stories but such logical doubts never occurred to me!!!

And then the other day I got a forward which had a real conversation between a little girl and her grandfather. The little girl was sitting on her grandfather’s lap and this was the conversation which took place between them

Girl (touching her grandpa’s wrinkled cheek and asking): Grandpa did God make you??

Grandpa: Yes dear. But he made me a long time back...

Girl (touching her own smooth cheek): Grandpa did God make me too??

Grandpa: Yes dear but he made u only a little while ago

Girl (after thinking for some time)...Wow!!! He sure does a better job these days!! : D: D

Phew!!kids nowadays. They make me feel so ancient!!!


Anonymous said...

[quote]Girl (after thinking for some time)...Wow!!! He sure does a better job these days!! : D: D[/quote]

You sure made it up, didn't you.

Preethi said...

hey vaandoo.. er.. do tell me what this means sometime.. is it the tamil vandu (worm??) or does it have something to do with vodoo craft?? anyway just to tell you that it aint made up.. some kind of forward i guess :)

and ha ha shruthi good one...but seriously kids these days are beyond comprehension... you should visit some kind of gaming shop sometime to find guys who are probably in 6th and 7th addressing each other as "paradesi nai", "dei mairu", "****"... damn.. some of them.. i feel embarassed to mention even in a comment :) dont know what the world is coming to seriously!!

Ragesh said...

Thats the way it shud be.. You can see many logical inconsistencies in these stories. Always question. In fact many of these stories are a bit contorted..

Kiwilakhs said...

Hey GBCI : my first time here, enjoyed ur post. Came here via IBCD's blog. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

"He sure does a better job these days"...I cant stop laughing thinkin ur reaction to this...

R@hul said...

Gosh....In case you haven't noticed..... Irony is dripping out of this post.

Let me explain something to ya..... This post is exactly like a conversation between 2 Adults.... talking about "the kids these days" and "how it was in the good 'ole 1990s". Revs.... don't you realise....!!!! Your post itself is evidence to your ancient-ness.

What I think is.... its only your absolute and unbearable immaturity(ask your parents and they'll you it's true) that keeps us below the +60 senior citizens age group line.

And for that.... parents curse and I thank our immaturity.... :D

Revathi said...

No..i dint make it up..
sis..stop using profanity on my blog!!:D
i knew it..i knew that was coming from u!!:)
seriously man!!for a minute i was like "what??????"..:D:D..real cute but!!
hmmmm..yeah maybe u r right..i guess unconsciously i started sounding like those ol' grandmothers who sit in park benches and say "aaj kal ke bacche..."u have made me feel even more ancient..:(:(..u sure know how to make a person feel like a million dollars!!:D:D
BTW was that a typo??
its only your absolute and unbearable immaturity
isnt it supposed to be OUR absolute and unbearable immaturity???

Srikanth Kannan said...

jus came across ur blog
nice one !!
very true that kids these days are very inquisitive,knowledgable and clever.
seems u r a very good observer of things around