Friday, November 10, 2006

I wanted to blog about this incident which happened on my trip home about 4-5 months sister and i had gone to jamnagar(where my parents live)..this was my sisters first trip home after marriage and we were strolling in the park when we met a lady who was a good friend of my mother' let me tell u something about this lady..She is one of those who is beautiful but is EXTREMELY dumb..if intellignece hit her right on the face she would probably take a kerchief and wipe it off and adjust her make up(u get the drift??)...

Well lets call her Miss.Dumb Aunty(DA)..well we met her and the following was the conversation which took place betewen my sister and her

DA: arey beta!!!when did u come?? how are u??

sis: i m fine aunty thank u..

DA:(looking at me): u must be doing engineering no??

me: yes aunty.
DA(addressing my sister): where is ur husband beta??has he come??

sis: no aunty..he couldnt make it so i came alone this trip

DA: oh the way what does ur husband do?

sis: Well he works for kotak securities..he is into portfolio management..

DA(obviously haveing missed out half of that)..ohhhh!!! that must be tough..

sis(thinks) : duh!!!!
but says nothing.just smiles politely

DA: he must be going to the border often nahi???is he at the border right now??

now i have a very very serious problem..if there one thing i cannot control it is laughter..if i find someone or something funny i HAVE to laugh right then otherwise i would at this point of time i get what DA is trying to say and search for the nearest bush to hide my face and sister had obviously not caught on and

sis:(absolutely flabbergasted) sorry aunty!!

DA: well he must be going to the border very often no if he is working for securities!!

sis(catching on and trying her best to keep a straight face..she is better at this i decide..had i been in her place i would have burst out laughing right at DA's face):no aunty actually he works for kotak securities which is a branch of kotak mahindra bank.

DA(obviously not understanding): oh..ok beta.tell mom that i asked about her..and do drop in at my place some time with ur husband

me(thinks).gosh!! i wonder how my brother in law(BIL) will react if he hears all this.

sis: oh definitely aunty...

DA leaves and sister dearest and I collapse on the nearest bench laughing our wits out..gosh!! some people can be sooooo dumb!!:D:D


Anonymous said...

this is very funny. I enjoyed it...

To compliment it, I have a joke to tell (it's not original. I read it somewhere...)

Mr.Banta Singh went to an interview for the post of Driver and drives around to show his skills. After they reach home,

Car Owner: I am impressed. Rs.3500 is your starting salary.

Banta Singh: Starting salary is great. But what about driving salary?

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srinivasan said...

U had to pull u'r sister's leg even in this one...didn't ya?!;)

Preethi said...

hey srinivasan :P sorry for the looooooooong silence :) just work and laziness :) but man.. i for one am happy u are there in my paksh.... check out the way she has pulled my leg yet again.. though subtly since most of it is about that amazing aunty :P:P....and i think she hasnt told you about the fact that she published this blog twice and i had left a "kaara saaramaana" comment.. cha this is not fair.. even bloggers shdnt be allowed to change their blogs once it has been published :) what say!!?