Monday, December 11, 2006

Bliss, peace,happiness contentment..these are just some of the things i am feeling right now...yeah my exams got over today and i m so damned happy..there are some things which give u immense pleasure whenever they occur..some of them are,

1. The feeling u get after u finish ur last exam and rush to ur room in the hostel to pack ur bags and go home

2.The day after the exams get over and u accidently wake up at 7 AM and realise that u can go back to sleep till eternity instead of leaping sleepily out of bad,hastily brushing ur teeth and hitting ur books.

3.u feel hungry at 3.00 in the night after watching four movies back to back and then realise that u need not remain hungry because u are at home(not hostel) and mummy dearest has stacked the refrigerator with ur favorite dishes

4. on a weekday when u have to attend college and u set the alarm for 7.00 and u accidently wake up at 6.30 and get out of bed only to realise that u still have half an hour of sleep to go

5. When a professor forgets about a test he/she announced and u realise that u didn't waste time studying for it..

6.The feeling of completeness and bliss u experience when u walk on a tree lined road after it has rained heavily and the sky is still overcast

7. u got to the hostel mess to eat the crap the cook has dished out only to find that some friend's kind mother has sent enough food for the entire batch to feed on for a day.

8.When u have a craving for a particular book and by chance the next day either someone lends it to u or u find it in the library.

I could keep going on but i just finished my exams today and i m gonna go and hit the bed and rediscover sleep....zzzzzzzzzzz...

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Ragesh said...

cool.. #2 and #6 are my favourites..