Thursday, February 08, 2007


Because I have absolutely nothing to do during my final year of engineering(not that I did much during the first three yrs but I at least had college five days a week and tests and assignments over the weekend but in final yr I have just two papers and hence college only on two days of the week and hence enormous scope for doing nothing) I have been staying at my sister's place(to do “project work”. just typing the word makes me go into peals of laughter. god only knows what’s going to happen to our project. well I will reserve that for another blog).

Well for the past 20 years I have known my sister and though she is far from being sane, level headed and normal I could safely say that her views on soaps and mega serials were pretty much the same as me. So u can imagine how surprised/shocked/flabbergasted (no forget it!!U can’t imagine. I positively goggled) I would have been at 9.00 pm on Monday night when I sat down to watch KBC my sister snatched the remote from me and declared that she wanted to watch "Woh Rehne Waali aasmanon ki" or some crap like that. When I gave her one of my looks (the kind of look which said "u know. It’s not too late. I can still take you to a good doctor and u will be all right in a couple of days"). That was when I got my second shock when she said "please yaar.I have been watching it for the past five months"... ( there anyway that u can divorce a sibling??). And she put me through the torture and I had to sit and watch that serial.

Well this is how the story of this megaaaaa serial goes. (I got the whole story by just watching one episode). There is this guy whose horoscope says that the girl whom he marries will die within 40 days. He loves some woman and because he obviously doesn’t want her to die he marries this other woman (who by the way is called pari (fairy in Hindi)...I have always wondered why the protagonist in these soaps is always called by names like tulsi, paarvathi, sita, kumkum, Devi. I mean seriously get a life. There are also people who are called revathi, shruthi etc and trust me they are not all that bad ;)). well anyway so he marries this pari female who is the epitome of sincerity, peace, patience and love (obviously!!) who keeps smiling even though she knows that the bastard married her because he wanted her to die. I mean seriously how can u keep smiling diabetically when u know that 40 days later u r going to die. Well anyway so this is the story. and oh by the way these 40 days started 5 months ago (when my sis started watching it) and still a day or two of this disgusting pari's life are left (which I am
sure will stretch for a month).

well anyway so this pari is so sweet that she changes bastard and makes him fall in love with her and so my sister is watching the serial because she wants bastard and pari to fall in love and obviously because she is the main heroine she must live and hence the 40 day theory is shit and since she is loveliness personified she gets the man she wants (all this does not deter my sis from watching). well anyway I wouldn’t be so irritated if these soaps were a real realistic(am sorry did I just use realistic and soap in the same sentence?? I must wash my mouth with soap. pun unintended).

Well anyway,
how is it that when I get up in the morning I find

1. Half my hair on the pillow
2. A new pimple on my face
3. My remaining hair standing in four different directions at unnatural angles
4. Dirt on the corners of my eyes
5. Dark circles under my eyes
6. My pjs absolutely crumpled and smudged with orange juice, sambhar etc…

and how is it that when pari gets up in the morning she finds

1. Blush on her cheeks (attributed to extra rouge)
2. Her lipstick still intact
3. Her fake eyelashes and eyeliner absolutely in place without smudging
4. Her hair perfectly made without a strand outta place
5. Her silk nightie looking the way it does in showrooms
6. The standard smile on her face

And all this after bastard makes her sleep on the floor because he does not want to share a bed with her!!

puhlease!!!!!seriously sometimes I think ekkkktaaaa kkaappooorr(I dunno what the latest spelling of her name is. this is the last one I know according to numerology) thinks she is making these serials for monkeys and not human beings. actually I think monkeys must have more IQ than people who watch these serials(sis I did not mean U..really..I swear;))..

well this post is getting way too long. I will be back soon with Mega Serials- Part II where I will delve into the various illogical repetitive and unbearable scenes of WRWAK(if u r blinking then all I can say is Duh!!dumbo.that is the short form of Woh Rehne waali aasmanon ki)

Ciao for now!!


milinta said...

that was reallllyyy HILARIOUS!!!! [:)][:)]

Ashwin said...

She said she was watching horror movies. May be she meant this soap only :))

Ashwin said...

OMG...P wrote a rather long comment saying she would pull a coup by starting a blog expose on you and also me...Think she wasnt able to post it from office...anyway I took offense and will shortly be launching a blog on "pr..i" can co-author how unbearably disgusting P is :)

Revathi said...

(rubbing my hands gleefully)..cant wait for u to put up that post dude!!:):)

kausikram krishnasayee said...

you must watch the tamil once ...

Ashwin said...


I have created an ode for p's "all things stupid" and its in a private blog...send me over your email id to I will make you as a co-author for that restricted blog.

Its going to be a one post blog with no end to that post. I trust P's IQ (Idiot Quotient)

kausikram krishnasayee said...

err i meant the tamil ones

Ragesh said...

Lol! Part 1?, This post in itself is as big as a mega serial I guess

Harish said...

Goddamn funny....i loved the name part. Sita, Tulsi...gosh.
I hate serials...tho i like stuff like Everybody loves Raymond:-)
1. Because I don't need to cry for some make up laden heroine.
2. I can watch any episode and don't need to worry what happens next
btw...why do married women find them so interesting :-)
Perhaps u may as well after marriage ? :-)

ravikumar said...

You can change the title revsrules to comedy time it seems. Anyway well I tell u what I found in the tamil serials I watched during hols.I saw a lady pregnant 1 yr back and she's is in hospital now only. Also I last week saw a new born baby .This baby started walking within the next month episode of the serial.
The serial directors really creating medical miracles atleast to say .

Sandhya Ramachandran said...

lol!!!! That was one of the funniest posts I've read!!! :D :D :D

Coool! I agree every bit with u abt these serials! I can't stand them! I used to watch some nice crisp ones before(those 5 eopisodes, 13 episodes ones) But once the 'MEGAAAAAA' serials were born, I stay away from the TV permanently!!! :D

he he....