Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sometime last week i got my results and have been wanting to blog about it for sometime but due to lack of proper net connection have been unable to write. The first feeling that coursed through my mind when I saw the results was ultimate relief. "Shit man I cleared all my papers. I m gonna keep that job in CTS after all." was the thought that crossed my mind. Because I did not have access to the internet I learnt about my marks only the next day. I m basically writing this blog in a state of extreme hatred and anger towards my professors. When I actually saw my marks I was aghast when I saw the internal marks column of my marksheet. Three of the professors had given me 15 on 20 which is extremely poor internals

Now I wonder how the brains (if they have any that is) of these professors work. I am somehow convinced that their brains must be filled with cowdung. But hey wait a minute. Even cowdung is supposed to have medicinal properties so I guess their “brains” don’t even have cowdung. All they have is loads of spite, a very distorted sense of respect and the amazing and unwanted ability to harbor ill feelings.

I guess the professors must be using the following scheme for marking

1. If student is creative, can think on his/her own and asks relevant questions which make u squirm and say “I will refer and tell you ” >> -5

2. If the above student forgets to wish u when he sees u in the library(where u r pretending to read but actually cant understand a god damned word of whats written ) or canteen(where you are seen fighting with the canteen manager to let u take food for free because u r a staff) or sports block (where u r seen taking advantage of the fact that u r a staff by playing with bare feet when the rules say that must wear proper sports gear) >> -10

3. If student is extremely silent copies all the assignments from the prescribed book without a clue about what the assignment is all about and always sits on the first bench pretending to take notes(I say this not to insult the student but the professor. Which student can possibly take notes when the professor says stuff shit like “I want both the solution and the answers” , “what is this noise coming from the backside of me” , “it is like that only that the compiler compiles”..sheesh!! ) and nodding his head dumbly >> +10

4. If student is an active member in the organizing committee of either the symposium or the culturals and therefore does not attend classes frequently but still does well in the unit tests >> -20

5. If student runs behind the staff after every class asking silly and stupid doubts, asking them “important” questions for the upcoming test grinning sheepishly and wringing his/her hands. Also compliments the staff and asks for extra tests assignments >> +20

Seriously I am not at all being sarcastic. Each of the statements which I mention I have seen them happen to many students and most of the times to myself. I will be honest. No I cannot run behind staff trying to be extra polite and please them when I have ZERO respect for them but just want to get internals. I CANNOT sit on the first bench trying to appear serious when all I want to do is laugh my head off at the staff’s stupidity. I CANNOT and will not wish staff when I see them outside college hours. We are just two unrelated human beings then.

What irritates me most is that professors like these always say that they will grade u based only on ur test performance when frankly speaking they don’t care a rats ass about ur test marks. One particular professor(an extremely pathetic one) I know taught us for only a month and during this period(it was the symposium time) kept three tests, some hundred assignments and then left for God knows where and gave everyone(except a few) extremely poor internals. What the hell could he have judged about a student in just a month?? I am so pissed that I could track him down and give him such a piece of my mind that he will never forget his entire life.

Though I feel extremely pained to be leaving college in another 2 months(I m gonna really miss coll life) academically I am so glad that I am no longer gonna be associated with such half witted, moronic and anally retentive profs. I still have my project to go and I am sure all the profs are just waiting to screw me. Anyway lets see what happens!!

Some people just have the knack of getting on the others’ nerves I guess!!!


Ashwin said...

Unfortunately Shruthi, you are so damned wrong in thinking, mornoic, anally retentive creatures like only in universties.

Ask Preethi...She will have loads of shit to talk about such imbeciles in office too..

Being a trainee is slightly worse than being a college kid...especially when you are asked not to talk in the "class" when "training" is going on!

Here is where I would introduce to a concept that will change your life (mine did) for ever

In work there are just four possibilities

1. Same shit, same day
2. Same Shit, Different Day
3. Different Shit, Different Day &
4. Different Shit, SAme day

So just brace up yourself and say "shit happens". Otherwise you gotto blow your top every damned day!

When things go beyond rubbish, start reading Dilbert...

Srikanth said...

“it is like that only that the compiler compiles"


Getting full internals is an art that too without writing assignments.. Just when i thought i almost mastered it.. 2 %^&*( had put me just 17. that too after taking a seminar in one of them. grr

And for godsake dont call them PROFs.. PROFs deserve more respect for their knowledge..better to call these people as teachers..

I wont like to comment more,coz still one more sem is remaining.. :(

Milinta Xavier said...

wanted to write a blog on this myself but now that u've done it, cant wait to tear them up a little more.i've had the most humiliating experience this semester with my internals.

i did have an idea abt the pea brains of our...NOT PROFESSORS..errr NOT LECTURERS...hmmm NOT TEACHERS... i think the rite word is NON ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF(NAS), but i thought all these days that maybe i was to be blamed too, not having taken any of the unit tests serious enough to study, or the classes interesting enough to attend. so i decided to give the NAS a fair chance this(7th) sem. i STUDIED for all my unit tests n did them well n managed to pass(in fact i'd even scored high) in 15 out of the 18 tests held.i even painstakingly increased my attendance which usually borders on 75% to 80%... and what do i get as internals??? one 15, two 16s, two 18s and a 19 for all my efforts. NOT A SINGLE 20.

i cant think of 1 particular NAS without getting psychotic. i had scored above 75% in each of her 3 unit tests, written out 2 assignments in my neatest handwriting(and most importantly, on my own) and attended umpteen of her totally useless,'coming- droning- slide changing- attendance taking' so called lectures ALL FOR THE SAKE OF A 20 on my mark sheet and she @#$%%^ gives me a 15...

the only things i didnt do was to hound the NAS all through the day with doubts like 'Mam, this paper is so tough.. bayammmmaa iruku mam... will i be able to study mam?', or flood them with good mornings-afternoons-evenings each time they crossed me,or say 'tccchhhh' clicking my tongue sympathetically to their doleful family miseries.

what the NAS has eventually achieved is that, it has driven a 'trying to reform herself' student(read me) to her good old habits.. i no longer attend classes nor study for uts.. i'm not going to lose my self dignity and respect for the sake of a few marks dished out by NAS whose level of intelligence and common sense is compatible only with yet-to-be-identified martians. after all, i don care a damn!!

Dinesh said...

I remember writing an apology letter for talking the pretty girl next to me instead of doing my chemistry experiment :-)

Believe me, I've had some truly incompetent and insecure nuts teach me at college. If you notice, most of these lecturers have no real work experience.

Harish said...

"If student is an active member in the organizing committee of either the symposium or the culturals and therefore does not attend classes frequently"
Been there...done that :-)
Welcome to CTS :-))
Where are you going to get posted?