Saturday, December 29, 2007

Lost my Orkut account!!!

I have lost my orkut account!! The other day I was trying to log on to orkut and it kept telling me that I had given the wrong password. Now I have really fat and stubby fingers and whenever I am typing any password I always hit a couple of wrong keys and hit the correct one only on the third or fourth try. This can be a pain when I am logging on to my machine in office. After three wrong entries my account gets locked automatically and I have to call the global service desk to unlock it. Now almost every second day I call them and ask them to unlock my account. In fact last week my account got locked three times in one day and when I called GSD the third time the woman at the help desk didn’t even wait to confirm my details. She was so used to hearing my voice. This was the conversation between us.

Me: Errr. My account has been locked

She: just a minute ma’am I ll unlock it

Me: my associate id is…

She: yes I know ma’am. Associate id is 123456 and DOJ is blah blah. you called an hour back

Me: Errrr. Yes!!

Well anyway. So when orkut told me that I had typed the wrong password 2 times I didn’t bother. But after trying five times (the fifth time I typed my password in word and copy pasted it) I began to have my fears. The first thought which crossed my mind was "Oh my god. Someone has hacked my account. Soon they will misuse my profile and my photograph will start appearing on "ahem-aaahh-cough-cough" sites." Now I use my yahoo account to log in to my orkut and my google account for blogger and gmail. Then I tried logging on to my gmail and I found a mail from google telling me that my yahoo account was no longer active and that I would have to use my google account for everything and if my blogger/orkut was still using yahoo I would lose all my details!!! :(
So now i cant access my orkut account of three years, i cant edit anything in my profile, i cant accept testimonials and the whole process of creating a new account, re constructing a friend list of 289 friends seems like a very tiring job to do. if this had happened an year back i think i would have probably committed suicide. seriously i was completely ADDICTED to orkut. my day would be incomplete if i didnt log on to orkut, scrap a few useless people, write testimonials for a few friends. if by chance i didnt log on to orkut i wuld think about orkut the whole day. it was like dope. i couldnt live without it. but now an year later i dont feel a thing. i have lost my account and i just dont feel like creating a new account, renewing my contacts etc. i think right now i am more addcited to blogger than to orkut. i am so glad that i didnt lose my blogger account. Anyway so if u know/knew me on orkut and have scrapped me and are angry coz i havent replied u know the reason now. if ever i decide to create a new account i will let u know!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh is this the reason?

The 200 odd of us in your friends list decided to commit mass suicide by jumping into the same puddle near MRTS where my car got stuck.

Let me call them all and ask them to return back home to watch sun music.

Arun said...

now how about that !!! ...hmm something similar happened to my yahoo mail account sometime back..but it was sorted out by itself..and yeah I can imagine the horror when you type it out thrice and do a copy paste next time and still the damn thing refuses to budge !did you take a backup of the contacts list csv?hmm...and yea the charm of Orkut didnt last long did it ! man we were such junkies in the early days !

Anonymous said...

/i decide to create a new account i will let u know!!/

Please do. I always look forward to your new post.You have an excellent sense of humor that I enjoy very much.


Revathi said...

hu hu hu hu!! you are so funny!! humph!! maybe i really should blopg about how ure car got stuck in that muck!! :P

nope!! no back up. i didnt even know u cud take a back up of these things. :P.
// man we were such junkies in the early days !
Ewwww. u make us sound like some 58year old retirees!! :P

Thnaks a million rumya. ur comment always makes my day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Just to avoid forgetting passwords keep changing them every week.It might sound silly and many say changing passwords often may cause forget them, but actually its the other way.

And Orkut addiction,its true indeed, but if you leave orkut aside, you will find millions of other interesting things that can be done on net.

Jaya S said...

Congratulations :). You've just attained liberation. Are you sure you want to go back into that jungle ;)? (I'm going to be on top of the most-wanted list for my aversion to social networking...but I'm frigid :).) Been reading your October archives...they were all honestly extremely amusing. When is Conversations II coming up?

revathi said...

//if you leave orkut aside, you will find millions of other interesting things that can be done on net.
thats very true as i have discovered recently. thanks to no orkut i have been doing a lot of quality reading lately!! :)

Thank u so much. conversations II??Hmmmm. lets see. i have been a good girl lately. havent done much eavesdropping. should probably start soon!! ;)

mike said...

hey i had an account in orkut
but now i cant use my old account
i am been given to sign up once again
my old account is still there but i cant sign in there

Anonymous said...

i can get back your pwd...rgds