Thursday, December 06, 2007

Random Rambles

Saw aaja nachle on Saturday. Good movie. Madhuri looks fab, kunal kapoor looks like a dream; konkona sen sharma does a great job. So why am I not exulting and going "Oh my god!!!!? Such a great movie!!"? Well it was just too predictable. Half an hour into the movie u know how the movie is going to end. U know the good guys get the bad guys, the bad guys lose, some bad guys become good guys and so on so forth. So the movie was just yawn!! But excellent dance. Someone who loves to dance would have completely enjoyed the movie I think (yours truly has got two left feet. I can’t dance even if u told me that George Clooney would marry me if I danced!! am that bad!!). but one time watch.

Sunday: Well. Nightmarish. An extremely trivial issue (at least I think it was trivial) got completely blown out of proportion and I was at the centre of the explosion. I think it is silly to make such a big issue out of nothing but I am also kind of glad it happened. A few things are out in the open and I can talk about them freely now. General opinion is that I seem to have a double personality. People mail me and tell me very politely "I think, maybe u have a double personality". It’s funny. There are people who have a double personality and are unaware of it. I am a person who is completely aware of it but I seem incapable of doing anything about it. I am like ur desi version of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Jekyll part of me is this nice, genial, happy go lucky person and the Hyde part of me is grumpy, complaining, aloof and a somewhat bitter personality. I am completely aware of the existence of both these characters yet I seem unable to change the Hyde into Jekyll. the irony is that people with whom I can afford to be Hyde I am all Jekyll and people with whom I should most definitely by Jekyll I am Hyde. u don’t understand what I am talking about.??? Good. Coz even I don’t understand!! :P.

I am a Gemini and most Gemini’s I know have this double personality. I am not justifying my behavior but I was just musing that maybe if I were born 20 days later or earlier I would have been a different person. Ah well!! Whatever!! I have had a gazillion ppl calling me names and telling me what to do and what not to do for the past week and I have reached a point where I am thinking that if all the energies which these people have been expending over me was used constructively and converted into some usable form, it could probably solve the energy problem of India and the world. is there some convertor which can convert advice energy to electrical energy? I would patent it using just the members of my family (i know their ability. i would be a multi billionaire in a month. i trust their advice giving capacity). I can almost hear some members of my family who read this blog going “my god!! She will never learn. Always sarcastic. Sheesh!! ”. Lol. But seriously I have reached saturation point.

Monday – work – break – work – lunch – work – work – work – take cab home at 11.00 reach at 12.00.

Tuesday – work – break – work – lunch – work – work – work – take cab home at 11.00 reach at 12.00.

Wednesday – work – break – work – lunch – work – work – work – take cab home at 11.00 reach at 12.00.

Did ya notice that? Did ya notice the absolutely happening life I have been leading for the past three days. Phew!! Each day has been so exciting I dunno what to expect. The thrill of anticipation just kills me. :-\ Ok!! I know I am being overtly sarcastic but seriously. I have had enough. Yesterday night I actually dreamt of JSP, Servlet and javascript pages. I can’t wait for the weekend. But then if my family members are in the same form as they were last weekend I wish the weekend flies away too!!

Thursday today. Not that I expect anything earth shattering or mind blowing to happen today but I hope it is peaceful without any comments from the guy sitting at the on site.


LOGIC said...

Well I have heard the same from many. I dont know how people get JSP and servlets in dreams. I never get any sort of such dreams on technology.(though i wish to). I guess the huge dose of technology in a short span is causing this.. take them slow and have a peaceful life.

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Thats indeed a happening life. Think about it. Its like those school days were you had 5 periods of subjects and 2 periods of PT(Play time). Ok..I am being overtly over-positive if not subtely sarcastic...Do all SEs live the same kinda life...??I wonder. For the jsp, servlet, js dream thingie reminded me of a couple of strange incidents when I started saying Grade instead of Grade in my lingo and used to have weird dreams about how I added a new method to the request object .setParameter() and was awarded the noble prize in web tech breakthrough. These days I have started wishing people, "Sweet night, good dreams"..or even better.."No dreams."

Karthik Subbaiah said...

Whoa...Did you notice that..I still dint manage to say "Great"...Great...Absolutely great..*sigh*:(

Milinta said...

/ the irony is that people with whom I can afford to be Hyde I am all Jekyll and people with whom I should most definitely by Jekyll I am Hyde./

he he... good one revs.. As far as I know each and every person in this world has two personalities. not just u or the geminis. but most of them don't accept it. that's the difference. Anyways hope u get out of the 'Hyde mode' soon :) ;)

Revathi said...

Aaah!! u know what? thats the irony of life. u would love to get tech dreams but u dont and i would love to see george clooeny in my dreams but i dont!! sad life eh??

ROFL.well u managed to say great right the third time!! :) and errr.. dude shouldnt u be wishing people good night sweet dreams instead of the other way round!!u need to quit the s/w industry go to the himalayas and take a little sanyas!! :)

Thanks for that comment man. i think u must be one of the few ppl who understands the real meaning of that statement!! ;)

Karthik said...

@great:Exactly...I said it right the third time because I made a mental note that Great in not Grade but is infact Great. And hence the great saying great as great and not as grade.
@Wish: And as for the wish - Well, if you wish the other way around, the second part of the second wish might stay intact,but the probability of gettin a dream like mine or even yours goes up trinjumpatically and noone would want that. teehee..Lubilubi...Crappolla once again. :D
@KS: Yieeks...Noone has ever called me so. But the trend of keeping such acronymous names for me has certainly increased I say. I need re-evaluate how people should call me. :|
P.S. for K.S.: Karthik should jus be fine!
P.P.S: Romba pesaren illa?? :D This is called Voluntarily lagaing productivity ka vaat. Okie..*Lips Sealed*

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

you dreamt of JSP? sister yesterday night i just nuked anna was nuclear engineering today ....but hippy done with exams...hope your TLs comp crashes ..will that make your job any better?

Revathi said...

Ahem!! sorry. from now on karthik it is!! as for the P.P.S dont worry coz i have a congenital disease of talking more than necessary!! ;)

Noooooo!! please dont wish that. coz then i ll be doing all his work too and i am not interested. and dude i really dont think there is anything which can make my job better. :(

Karthik said...

If thats the case, I guess its time you do some shouting in the Shout Box too. :D
Poor shoutbox is shoutless...