Monday, December 17, 2007

Random thoughts from my visit to Bangalore

1. The more I visit Bangalore the more I feel glad that I live in Chennai. I m not very fond of Bangalore (Sorry to hurt pro-bangaloreans but this is just my opinion). Some of the things about Bangalore which I will never get used to are
Traffic: the traffic in bangalore is a killer. A mere 7 kms will take you one and half hours. Its maddening to waste 2 hours in the traffic doing nothing but waiting at signals and waiting and waiting and waiting for an absolution that never seems to come!! :-\
Transportation: the Bangalore government should be kicked in all the wrong places for running buses which have numbers in kannada, number plates in kannada, the place names in kannada and bus drivers who speak nothing but kannada and have this inexplicable hatred for Tamils. U can’t go anywhere in public transportation in Bangalore unless you know kannada or know someone who knows the city well.
Weather: I am sure 99.99% of the people will disagree with me on this but I hate the Bangalore weather. I cant stand cold places. I hate being bundled up in woolens. I love the tropical climate of Chennai and the nippy Bangalore weather gets on my nerves

2.Old age is a sad sad sad thing. The more I look at old people the more I wish I die at the age of 50. It is scary to visit a relative who just a few months back weighed close to 60 kgs and now weighs less than half the original. It is even scarier when u bid her goodbye and realize that this is probably the last time you will ever see her. I wish they would find a cure for cancer.

3.The more I see cousins and relatives from the US the more I am convinced that I never want to visit the US and never want to leave India. I made this decision in my final year when everyone I knew was writing GRE to do their masters in some university in the US. I was just not interested. The very thought of leaving my parents and sister and grandmother scares the shit out of me and more importantly I never want a day to come when I will have to address the friendly neighborhood mosquito as a “bug”.

4.the hot chocolate which is available at the Bangalore city station coffee day sucks big time. Its just a spoon of drinking chocolate in plain hot water. Not even milk or milk powder. So if u are feeling cold in the night and happen to be at the Bangalore city station u know what not to have.

5.I have decided that if ever I have enough money I think I will buy a motorbike and ride it at a speed of 90 kmph on ECR. When sitting behind on a bike can be so much fun I cant even begin to imagine what fun it would be to actually ride one. A bike displaces the i-pod on my list of things to buy with my salary. I can ride a bike fairly decently, the only disadvantage being my height. My legs don’t reach the ground!! :(

6.Finally I had ice cream at the much hyped corner house in bangalore. Had this flavour called death by chocolate and for the past 48 hours since I had that I have been feeling guilty. Ok!! I will be honest. I hogged on the death by chocolate like a kid from Somalia who hadn’t seen food for 15 years but I wonder why all good things in life are fattening!! :(. criminal intake of calories but the ice cream was worth it!!

7.I have a problem with showing affection. When I am with a person who is close to me I act all cool and aloof and don an I couldn’t care less attitude and then later after the person is gone I sit for hours wondering why I was such a bitch. Sigh!! I am so confused.

8.I learned that it is not a very great idea to share your radical views on marriage with anyone above the age of 40. Have discovered that it is FATAL to tell them that you would rather have a dog than marry and have a husband. Warning: Never try this with ur relatives. U will get a specific marriage oriented lecture for an hour, then a general lecture about children today for another hour.

9.I love Chennai. The happiness that shedding sweaters and the warm weather give me is enough to make me live in Chennai all my life. There doesn’t exist another city which has as much life in it as Chennai does!!

10. I love the way Somerset Maugham writes. was reading a collection of short stories written by him on my way to bangalore in shatabdi (sad train!!) and back and i completely fell in love with some stories. have decided to do more quality reading from now on. should buy another collection of short stories by maugham!!


Anonymous said...

Traffic is such a pain,and I always find it tough to make it to majestic on friday evening after spending 2.5 hours to travel 14 km whereas it hardly takes 20 min while coming back in morning.Transportation is infact better than it was(though not a match to chennai).Atleast Bus numbers are in english now and can always ask that from a person in the stop.

The winter in bangalore is as unpleasant as summer in chennai.

One thing why i hate bangalore is it burns your pocket bigtime.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

Once wrote about it, the people then verbally assassinated me.

>>Jass said...

MM hmm
You kinda sound like bangalore is hell? Traffic is shity enough in madras too lady , I mean by bike , chennai or bangalore there aint much difference . Anyways There is no place like home and hence Coimbatore simply rocks :P LOL! For a person who has lived in coimbatore most of his life, cities like these are definitely a trafic threat, and omg dont mention the freaking dust, BTW You ever heard of OMR? :p

About the seventh point, That goes for me too, Lot of times, mostly cos I m either lost contemplating or simply giving that zombie blank stare :)

Nice post BTW !

Revathi said...

this time when i went a couple of buses had even numbers in kannada. bugged the shit outta me. and i guess what u say abt chennai summer and abng winter is true!!
Thanks for dropping by!! :)

Whoa!!! i just read it. sagaro seems to have taken ur case royally!! :)

hey man!! good to c u here too!! ;) and yeah i guess CBE must be way better than chennai which is way better than bangalore. and OMR yeah yeah!! visit it everyday!! :)
Thanks for visiting!!

Anonymous said...

/I wish they would find a cure for cancer./

I pray for that too.

I love chennai too.Home sweet home.


Jaya S said...

I'd definitely recommend this post to anyone contemplating a move to Bangalore. I like the humour in last, there are people lambasting the place instead of hyping it up for what it is not.

venkat said...

Being a hard-core Bangalorean, i love Blore for the weather & of course, DBC in Corner house! But chennai has beaches & somehow i´m starting to slowly loathe Blore for some of the reasons that u´v mentioned(kannada,infrastructure etc). Traffic has never botherd me coz of the hot girls riding along with u on the road :)but i guess the one thng that´s missing in blore r the beaches which defntly make it much more fun!