Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

The year is coming to an end. And as usual it is time for me to take a couple of useless resolutions which I know I will never keep but which I will make just for the heck of it.
So here I go. Here are a couple of resolutions which I am making and which I hope I keep.

1.I am going to practice being nice. Nice to everyone I know, don’t know, like, dislike, everyone. I will also try to be the same person that I am with my friends to my family. In short I will try to get rid of my hyde personality!!
2.I am going to start writing accounts. For those who know about my “account writing” skills quit laughing. I am serious. I started writing accounts in my first year of engineering and I have successfully managed to fill up 5 pages of accounts for 5 years. I am pathetic with accounts. I just cannot manage money. The minute I have some money on my hands I spend and 2 days after I have spent it I don’t remember what I did with it. So I am going to write accounts sincerely now.
3.I am going to do more of what I like this year. I hope I get lots of opportunities.
4.I am going to read more books. The past year I would have hardly read some 7-8 books (only 3 good books in that) and this year I am going to take some time out and do some quality reading.

2007 has been a good year on the whole for me. Coming to think of it all 21 years of my life have been good. But 2007 was different. A lot of new things have happened in my life. The best moments of each month would be:

Jan 2007: the unforgettable final year tour. Wow!! Is it already an year?? Unbelievable!! Seems like yesterday. Last year this time I was in kulu manali celebrating my new year in sub zero temperatures and this year I am sitting in front of a computer doing java coding.
I also remember writing THIS post last january. Since the number of relatives reading my blog has gone up I would like you guys to read it again. Nothing much has changed in the past one year!! ;)

Feb 2007: the singles party on Feb 14th!! The last and best singles party of college life. Amazing fun we guys had celebrating our singledom. (MS-Word says there is no word like that but u know what I mean). We have already started planning for this years singles party. Its scary. Out of the 6 ppl who were are at the singles party last year 2 are getting married. The singles in our group are becoming extinct. :(

Mar 2007: The college culturals. The last one yet again. Mind blowing fun. Shit man!!! I so wish I could go back to college now. All those night outs before the culturals, those petty fights over money, petty fights with the boys, petty fights over almost everything. Sigh!!! Instincts 2007 was just so great.

Apr 2007: Successful completion of our final year project. Phew!! How much we struggled to convince everyone that our project would actually work and ultimately we got stuck with an external who was just not interested in our project.

May 2007: leaving college. Leaving a place which was a part of me for 4 years. Leaving friends, leaving hostel, leaving a carefree and joyful existence. I cried so much that if all my tears had been desalinated Chennai’s water problem would have been solved.

Jun 2007: joining Cognizant. And more importantly joining the cognizant internal blogging network. A move which I don’t think I will ever regret. Have met some amazing people, made some great friends and if I can say so myself have grown as a writer. After joining cognizant I think it is one of the best things to have happened to me.

Jul-Aug 2007: Training. I would be lying completely if I said training was hectic. Training was awesome and rightly called as the honeymoon period of an IT professionals life. Trying to be professionals in an IT company. A very different experience indeed.

Sep-Nov 2007: moving in to a new accommodation. Lots of adjusting, lots of fighting, lots of compromises, lots of fun.

Dec 2007: Assassination of Benazir Bhutto. (Did u notice that?? Someone once complained that I don’t write about current affairs and things that matter. Did u notice what an absolutely valuable piece of information I have provided??). Anyway yesterday the first Cognizant bloggers meet happened. It was amazing fun. It is good to meet people whose writings u admire. Helps u relate more to the writer I feel. And the year ended on an extremely happy note for me when a very nice man told me that if ever he had a daughter he would want her to be just like me!! I have never been this thrilled and happy about anything before. Thanks a lot Mr. nice man though for ur sake I hope ur daughter is nothing like me!!! I shudder to think of the havoc a replica of me would wreak. :)

It’s the year end and I am in a really happy, sappy mood. I hope this euphoria lasts throughout 2008!!
Wish all of you a very very Happy and Prosperous New Year!! :)


Jaya S said...

Good girl :). But here's one more thing you can do: pray for a generous external for my final year project (provided we finish it). Have a great year!

Milinta said...

re'veti', account making indeed!!! lol :) :) anyways if u need any help, consult me. after all, i finished writing a management paper on accounting only yesterday. LOL again!!

revs said...

Ahh!! u get the distinction of being the fastest one ever to leave a comment on my blog!! :). and yeah i shall pray for u. i shall pray that u should come out of college unscathed. and u still in final year? man!!u r a baby!! :P

ha ha ha ha!! Sure. will come to ur for "how to successfully maintain accounts" coaching!! :)

Arun said...

luhvly post ! great resolutions - 1 and 3..I think I am gonna borrow the 1st one...and account keeping? I did that last year..lasted for 3 solid days !

sukumar said...

Nice new year post.A bright and bountiful new year to you as well. It was great meeting you in person on sunday.

Anonymous said...

Who is this nice man yar ! I know your paraents will be thinking one like you in itself is one too many.Is'nt he asking for trouble !

Revs said...

Thank you!!And...
//I did that last year..lasted for 3 solid days !
That aint very encouraging dude. and i have written accounts for 2 days now and i am already bored.:P. lets hope it last for 3 weeks at least!!!:)

Thank you so much for visiting Sukumar. It was great meeting u too!! :)

Sigh!! i tried telling him that it would be nothing but trouble. lets hope for his sake that he doesnt have a daughter like me!! ;). who are u BTW??

Anonymous said...

one of your ardent fan - infrequent reader of your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Happy NEW YEAR Revathi. I wish you happy and healthy NEW YEAR(2008).

/I am going to do more of what I like this year. I hope I get lots of opportunities/

I am 100% sure you will get your wish.


Archana Raghuram said...

Nice post Revs. My god, it has been an eventful year indeed. It reminded me of my first year out of college and into Cognizant. After you get older, every year seems like the previous :-(

Best of luck for your last singles pary. If you-know-who's post is to be believed, looks like your days are numbered in this club ;)

Archana Raghuram said...

Nice post Revs. My god, it has been an eventful year indeed. It reminded me of my first year out of college and into Cognizant. After you get older, every year seems like the previous :-(

Best of luck for your last singles pary. If you-know-who's post is to be believed, looks like your days are numbered in this club ;)

Revathi said...

Thanks a lot!! :)

Thanks a lot!! :)

Aaah!! looks can be deceptive. u look like such an angelic person but that comment had to be from the devil itself!!! LOL.:D
you are NAUGHTY!!! :)
i m going to celebrate this singles party and many many more to come!! :P
Happy new year!! :)

>>Jass said...

Assassination of benazir lol!
Man I really cant recollect the past, I hardly remember things, If I had written this post, I d be like
Jan07 - I dont remember
Feb07 - Cant recollect
March07 - Too lazy to think

Actually, I think I m too lazy to think or so i like to say :P

Anyways nice post :)

Revathi said...

hey even i m pretty bad at recollecting things but then these are just the good times of each month.
Errr... I dont mean the assassination of benazir bhutto was good mind you!!! :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)