Sunday, January 20, 2008

I am dead!!

My last and final hope of leading a better and meaningful existence just bombed today. The last silver lining on my cloud decided to hide itself behind the blasted cloud. For people who know me u know what I am talking about. For others I am really not in a mood to explain. I am in a “look at me and I will cry” and “touch me and I will scream” mood!!

What with today’s debacle and the fact that blogger has been banned in office I have a feeling the entire world is on a “lets screw Revathi’s happiness” mission. My blogging frequency will drastically come down now and I will be “busy” doing coding, designing and testing!! :(

All my life lines are being blocked one by one and it is suffocating me. Its like this. Imagine a man drowning right in the middle of the pacific ocean, and a helicopter comes to rescue him. He is suddenly very hopeful and thrashes his arms to catch the helicopter’s attention. The helicopter comes really close to the man and then flies away because it is unable to spot him. The man screams, shouts and ultimately dies. I feel like that man now.

Its funny. When you are 21 you think you are immortal and can achieve anything that u want. I just realized that I am dead. IT has killed me. :|


Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

cant you proxy it?

Revs said...

no!!! :(. no proxies of any kind allowed!!! now all i can hope for is that i should fall in love with java and SQL ASAP!!! :(

Anonymous said...

first orkut,now this..I think theres a conspiracy brewing,Revs..:p
did something to piss someone off at google inc?
but hey lookin at yer "i'm in love" post I guess it wont take long for you to fall in love with java and sql..;)

- Arun

Anonymous said...

/lets screw Revathi’s happiness” mission./

You are so funny. I laughed so hard. Keep posting.


Milinta said...

IT is screwing all our lives man. :( but don't be so morose. u can always blog here ila... Is blogging on external links too banned from ur office??

ashwin said...

IT can screw all our lifes :) Don't get bogged down :) start sending mails :)

Well I have been doing that :) It's time i take it from my in box & post it in my blog

Do visit my blog @ to read about how IT sucks

Lekhni said...

Cheer up. You can always post from home. Use Ashwin's method.

blueneutron said...

Hey thats sad!! Don't worry though, I am sure you will come up with something.
And yeah, do keep blogging! :)

>>Jass said...

You can still mail in a post to your blog :)

I ve never tried that though I think it exists.. ;)


GoodEarth said...

Hey Revs, i believe Blogger was blocked last week. But, today i am able to access it and for the first time i am able to comment on; earlier, the websense had blocked the comments section alone... BTW this is Sowmini from CTS.

Jaya S said...'re scaring me with your horror stories about life in IT. In love with Java? Is that possible?

Revathi said...

Hah!! no way. i would rather fall in love with the next garbage dump i see than falling in love with java and SQL!!

thanks for visiting

no man!! i cant even read blogs!! i am screwed!! :(

sure man!! will drop in sometime. thanks for visiting!! :)

@lekhni and aish
thanks for visiting!! :)

really?? can we do that?? should find out. thanks

Naaah!! its still blocked!! :(

no!! its NOT i repeat NOT possible to fall in love with java. maybe u can fall out of love with it!! :P
thanks for visiting!!