Thursday, January 10, 2008

YaBa DaBaaaaaaa Dooooooooo!!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Blog!!!
Happy birthday to you

For those of you who think that I have completely lost it (No!!!no one gets to say "u never had it in the first place!!" :-\) and think that I have the maturity level of a 2 year old, well my blog just turned 2 and I am just soooooooooo happy about it. 2 years back same day I started blogging. I remember starting a blog because I was really really bored and sick of the Jamnagar winter and had no idea what to do with my time and when I wrote my first blog I was sure I wouldn’t write for more than 2 or 3 months. 24 months and 94 posts I figure is not bad. From "writing because I am really bored" to "writing because I can’t live otherwise" I have come a long way. In these two years I am glad I haven’t suffered a block (not a long one at least. I had one in june last year and I still regret not having an archive link which reads june 2007!! :( ). This blog has seen me through a lot. I have poured my frustrations, my anger, my happiness, my pain, my sarcasm… everything on this blog and I am glad that I still have a lot left to say. I would also like to thank all the people who have taken some time off (I do appreciate the fact that there is so much else that u could have done with that time of yours) and read my ramblings, left a comment or not left a comment. I am glad u guys have been a part of my life. Thank you!! :)
I m in such a good mood today that even the news of george clooney's impending wedding to a waitress half his age wont ruffle me!! :)


Milinta said...

Appie Burthdae G.B.C.I!!! :) :)
Somehow i feel really happy abt it too..maybe cuz i've seen the blog grow right from when it was born :) hope this place sees many many more birthdays in the yrs to come!!
P.S. : u dont have to thank me for visiting revs. i thank myself all the time for it.

Anonymous said...

Great Revs! Keep it going. I am sure you will scale new highs this year the toddler that you - your blog- are now!

ifbr ( infrequent blog reader)

Anonymous said...

Great! Happy BDay.
Coincidentally me too celebrating 2nd Bday,but still suffering from post-less syndrome, so not posting :(.

Keep bloggginggg..

Revathi said...

Muah!!! Thanks for visiting!! Really. You have been one of my most loyal readers!!
And GBCI thanks u for ur wishes!! ;)

Thanks a lot. :)

Aww man!! Get out of ur block soon and start posting. Thanks for the wishes by the way!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday dear GBCI blog !!!
yer a wonder yer so good :p !!!
and weird coincidence my blog's 1st birthday is tomorrow !!! :D
Elvis,me,your blog and mine all in a matter of 4 days !whee !

- Arun

>>Jass said...

Kudos to you!
Keep Blogging! :)

Jaya S said...

Congratulations :)!

BOB said...

Congrats on the feat Revs.. Keep the job goin :)

Revathi said...

Lol@ yer a capricorn!! now i think maybe i should have started writing this blog in june sometime to make it a gemini!!! :D
and hey yeah!! stange co-incidence. Happy birthday to "like a rolling stone" too!! :)

@jass, jaya and bob
Thanks a lot!!! :)

ashwin said...

keep ur good work going :)

Aman said...
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