Friday, January 11, 2008

I am in love - Yet again!! :)

I have to stop doing it. I seem to be doing it on a regular basis now. I really really must stop falling in love. I seem to be falling in love so frequently that if I increased the frequency the shiv sena men would come and get me. At any given point of time I am love with at least 5 different people. Even as I type this I realize that I am falling love yet again!! In the past one week following are the people I fell in love with.

1. I fell in love with my 7 year old cousin. After a long time because of him I laughed at something totally silly.
Now my cousin Siddhu (short for Siddhanth) and I are the only people in my house who crave to have a dog in the house and the other day we were having a discussion as to what we would name the dog, if we ever had one.

Me: Siddhu nu koopadalam - *giggle, giggle*

Sid: shruthi (me) nu koopadalam - *giggle giggle*

Me: hey ile na andha doggie a “Shruddhu (shruthi + siddhu)” nu koopadalam. *guffaw*

Sid: idhu nalla name a irruku aana paathu shruddhu nu koopta approm adhu buddhu aaida poradhu.

Now this was such a lame joke but believe it or not Sid and I laughed for 10 minutes continuously as if we had cracked the funniest joke of the year or something. If someone else had cracked the same joke I would have gone "Soooo lame!! Hmph!!" but that day I was really proud of us.

2. I fell in love with my 5 year old cousin Arya when she called me the other day and said "I love u shruthi" her voice dripping with an innocence and genuineness which only a 5 year old is capable of. Not a day goes by without me wishing "I wish they were here in India". I hate having to see them grow up in photographs.

3. Even as I write this I am falling in love with my sister because she just called me and said "hey I have made ur favorite adai for dinner. So u better come home tonight. We will rent a movie and pig out in front of the TV". I love her adai’s and I love watching a movie with her because every time we start to watch a movie I fall asleep half away and she gets totally irritated. :D. I think the only movie for which both of us dozed off was khoya khoya chand. SAD movie!!

4. I fell in love with an auto fellow two days back because he actually charged less that I expected him to, to reach a particular place. It is a pleasant surprise when u brace urself to bargain and fight and then realize that he has actually quoted less that what u had in mind.

5. I fell in love with myself (yeah guys!! This one is really important. It is very important that u love urself if u want the world to love you. Never fall out of love with urself.) when a little something I wrote for someone’s birthday made that person really happy.

6. I almost constantly fall in love with people who say nice things about me or write nice comments on my blog. (yeah!! I know I am shallow. :P) but every time some one writes something as simple as "hey!! Nice blog" or something I find myself falling in love with them. Lol. I have a really really weak heart!! :P

7. I fell in love with this friend of mine when I re-read THIS blog which she had written about our life in college. I miss college more than anything or anyone else right now. :(

8. I fell in love with a team mate of mine after she came and told me "hey I found a couple of defects in ur code. They were minor so I fixed them on my own. Am not logging them for u". Such an angel she is!! :)

9. I fell in love with George Clooney (yet again!!) when I saw ocean’s twelve last time. How can that guy be so criminally good looking even at the age of 50?

10. I fell in love with P G Wodehouse (yeah!! I know he is dead) after I read pigs have wings yet again last week and laughed till my sides hurt.

So as u see in the past one week I have fallen in love with so many people and so many times that u can imagine the number of people I would have fallen in love with in the past 21 years. I am worried that if ever I get married and my husband asks me "so, have u had any past relationships?" I wonder what I will say!! :P

Jokes apart. Right now I am totally in love with life and seem to be falling in love with everything and everyone. I love this phase in my life. I love writing about it, I love being able to write about it, I love the fact that I always seem to have a smile on my face, a song on my lips and a spring in my step. I love feeling useful and being able enough to help someone I don’t know. I love the fact that I have just enough time to do everything I like to do, I love the fact that I am getting to spend quality time with my friends, I am also glad that it has been more than a month since I had a fight with my mom. I love it all!! I feel free, I feel liberated, I feel sooooo good!!! :)


>>Jass said...

you are in love with life kiddo ! Its a great feeling while it lasts, hope it stays for eternity :)
The last time I was tthis high , I was like "Jeez, why haven't i been sad in a while, I need to cry a little" Heheh
Enjoy it while it lasts :P

Jaya S said...

Congratulations, again :)! It is only natural that a person with such a propensity for falling in love should be one of the happiest people in the world. Good for you!

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

good good hakuna matata eh?

iamyuva said...

good for you.. happy for you.. and remember it can always be your choice to be this way.

Arun said...

Nat cole sang "love is a many splendored thing"...but when you have so many 'loves' uh something has to be done about the plurality of the what didja decide on the dog?

Revathi said...

lol. yeah i know that feeling. when i was in third yr of college i thought the same . i was like "man. i havent cried for almost an year now. maybe i shud just practise in case i forget"!! :P
and jass tu rota hai???Rofl!!! :D

hey thanks buddy. :)

hakuna matata it is!! :)

Yeah i know!! hope this never changes!! :)

Ah!! we havent yet decided. i wanted to call it roger, sid waned to call it mani, so i guess we will probably end up calling it roni or something!! :P.

blueneutron said...

Nice one, Revs...Looks like love is in the air. :)

Sanjeev said...

good one.. should say "loved" reading you v mentioned in point number 5 is just awesome..often we dont realise how good we actually are/can be..a postive self appraisal would do a world of good.

Anonymous said...

hey revs!!!!!!!! kyaa kamaal ka blog hai yaar.. simply LOVEly.. :) keep loving, keep writing!!


Revathi said...

lol!! yeah. thanks for visiting!! :)

@sanjeev and kalps
Thanks a lot!!! :)

>>Jass said...

Haan mai rota hun. Are you like jealous because i can and you cant? :P

Revathi said...

ha ha ha ha!! no i am not jealous. i would beat anyone hands down when it comes to crying!!! :)
just that now i have something against you!! :D

Milinta said...

lovely post revs... i laughed so hard for that 'buddhu' joke you and sid cracked(u know me :P).. he he.. Touch wood the 'love'ly phase lasts.. :)

senthil said...

Good one.. but i dont know, how to take this post? :) i mean, as a comedy, or to think you as a person of immense love :)

The Thinker said...

Ha..! im happy for u..! keep it going ...!