Monday, June 23, 2008

1. Everyday when I look at the mirror I see the face of a stranger. There are no profound implications of this statement. Its just that I have been shedding so much hair that everyday when I look atthe mirror I see that my hair line has receded further and have trouble in recognizing myself. It reminds me of the protagonist in the movie crouching tiger hidden dragon whose hairline used to start from the middle of his forehead. I used to crack up every time I looked at him when the movie got released but something tells me that pretty soon I will be like that given the exponential rate at which my hair is falling.

2. I have been reading gerrald durrell’s “my family and other animals gifted very lovingly to me on my birthday and I just LOVE the book. I dunno how I hadn’t heard of gerrald durrell so many days. He is one helluva writer and I would rate him next only to PGW, James Herriott and Richard Gordon in humor writing. Typical clean English humor. I just discovered that I seem to enjoy all books which either deal with animals or talks about them (doesn’t help that my favorite character in PGW is the empress of blandings or that I grew up reading tinkle where kalia the crow was my favorite character!!) what’s wrong with me? I mean I have heard sentimental and romantic people read mills and boons, adventurous people read spy, detective or adventure novels, serious people read philosophical books etc. and I read animal books. So where does that put me? (P.S: on second thoughts don’t answer that question. Milinta and Kilpauk Mental, I don’t, I repeat DON’T want any wise cracks in the comments section about this from you guys. I was just thinking aloud)

3. This weekend I attended the marriage of a very close friend in sivakasi. She is 22. How, how HOW can people get married at the tender age of 22? As her fiancĂ© tied the mangalsutra around her neck I suddenly felt like shouting and saying “Stop!! This is illegal. This is child marriage” but all I could manage was a whimper and a sob as she went from Miss to Mrs in a few seconds. Sigh!! I mean I have known her for five years and she is the kind of person who cant even fold a bed sheet properly, let alone cook and clean and the very thought of her getting married, running a family, cooking and being a daughter in law and wife is very unsettling. I dunno how she is feeling but I am worried sick. Personally I think the legal age for marriage should be pushed to 25. Come to think of it, even my sister got married when she was 22. How the hell did she do it? Now that I am 22 I think I can vaguely understand how apprehensive she must have been.

4. I have the worst luck in this world. I mean its amazing how much pleasure Murphy gets out of seeing me suffer. And my bad luck affects everyone around me. On the way to sivakasi on Friday evening we reached the station in the nick of time after a friend of mine left her bag in office and came to the station without it and we ran all the way back to office and got it. and then the next day the train was 5 hours late and we reached sivakasi at 12. on Sunday after the marriage I was to go to Madurai to attend the engagement of another friend and I caught a bus at 12 to Madurai. As luck would have it the bus broke down in the middle of nowhere, it was sweltering hot, absolutely no shade or trees and I was the only one going to Madurai. Everyone else was going to virudhunagar and got into another bus and I waited and waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Finally a bus came rumbling and was jam packed and there I was, stuck between a woman who had never heard of the word deo and a man who had obviously never taken a bath and I reached Madurai at 4, only to discover that I had missed the engagement!!! And then the next day morning the train again reached Chennai 4 hours late and i had to miss office (ok. this is the good part!!!:P ). It was all I could do to prevent myself from screaming out of frustration. Why me? I mean there are 137899853226839 other people in this world and Murphy has to play with me ALWAYS. Sigh!!

5. I am not able to decide about my views on many things. I mean I thought I was a pretty broad minded and open person and thought that nothing could actually shock me. But the other day I was in coffee day for a friends treat, a place I completely avoid going to because rather than having one coffee/milkshake there I would rather have bajjis at subbaiya’s for a week. Anyway I was there and I saw a couple getting extremely cozy right there in the middle of coffee day for everyone to see and I was disgusted. I don’t understand. What does being modern translate to? Does it mean having an open mind or does it mean wearing minimal clothes? Does it mean shedding your inhibitions and flaunting ur BF/GF to the entire world? What was the couple trying to prove? Their undying love for each other? Or that they didn’t care a damn about what people think about them and were exercising their freedom of expression? What is the limit for PDA or public display of affection? Don’t get me wrong. I am not a messenger sent by Bal Thackeray whose job is to track down all the people in love and shoot them down. But yes I get uncomfortable when I see a guy wearing jeans so low down on his hip that I feel like buying him a belt or something to pull them up, and I feel embarrassed when I see a couple doing anything more than holding hands. Call me old fashioned, call me conservative, tell me that I am behind times but it will take some time for me to assimilate this new definition of modern.

6. For the past one week I have listened to the song “You Fill up my senses” by John Denver and “Tosey Naina Lagey”(dunno which movie) approximately 5876 times. Both of them are beautiful songs and I just don’t tire of listening to them. Tosey naina lagey is soulful Hindustani music and is the kind which can move u to tears and listening to “you fill up my senses” will give u the feeling that all is well in this world. What an amazing voice John Denver has.


anu said...

Murphy loves u,darling Murphy loves u....There are approximately x raised to 1234567 women in this world ,yet my hubby rags only by the same logic,Murphy loves u.....

Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,
Say that health and wealth have miss'd me,
Say I'm growing old, but add,
Jenny kiss'd me. (In this case ,Murphy kissed u)
Dont snort so loudly ,my dear...not very lady-like

anu said...

A totally off-the-mark comment...

Sanket said...

You would love 'Life with a Pi' then, it has got lots and lots of animals!
Tose Naina Lage is from movie Anwar. Listen to 'Javeda Zindagi' from the same film. Music director is Mithun, the 20 year old genius!

Sheks said...

You should have gone to Virudunagar first and then caught a bus to Madurai.Virudu vaanga kooda late-aa polaam,aanaa virundhu saapida late-aa pogave koodathu!

Vignesh said...

If u get a chance visit any of the pubs in the city, coffee day will then look like a monastery..:))
All these i think are the side-effects of globalisation( wierd but true)

And regarding men in low hips... After coming to chennai, and starving for good food i lost nearly 4 inches of my waist line... and that means all my pants are 'loose' So pls don generalize:) Its not all bout style, even paupers like me wear low hip pants :))

Karthik Subbaiah said...


Anonymous said...

And here comes Mr.Anon with his comments... Faceless, nameless and his comments...buhahaha...priceless!!
Anonymity ki jai ho!!

@1: You know should stop seeing the mirror...coz the mirror would be really bored of seeing you. hehehe...

@2: I dont have to say whats already proved beyond an iota of doubt... The 'pig' thingie. For now I'll settle for a sane comment that probably your future lies with PETA. :D

@3: I concur. Definitely someone who doesnt know to fold a bed sheet properly can become a huge bhoj on the poor guy. I pity him. All women..take note. Unless you dont know how to fold a bed-sheet and dont pass your MEQE, you shall not be allowed to get married.
MEQE: Marrigae Eligibility Qualification Exam!!

@4: I am bored of hearing this Murphy guy's romance with your life. I can Murphy love someone so much that he showers all the bad luck in the world on her?? me...:P:P

@5: Ignorance is bliss!! But I concur with your view on that.

@6: Lovely song that by John Denver. Other songs that you must listen of him are Leaving on a Jet Plane and Country Roads. Btw...I have his life time song collection.
Tosey Naina Lagey is from the movie "Anwar". 'Maula mere' is another song from the same movie which is good.

Geekistan zindabad:(Geeky comments follow)
1. I dont understand how you think there are 137899853226839 other people in this world when the world population is just 6,705,610,206 excluding you as on 15:07 GMT (EST+5) Jun 24, 2008. :P:P
@Anu: x = 532.75626

2. Tosey Naina is out and out Sufi music. Not Hindustani AFAIK. :)

P.S.: Who the hell is this Karthik Subbaiah who either posts loooooong comments or posts such irrelevant hmmms...huh!!

ashwin said...

Hi :) I saw ur reply in last blog. IT is sucking work from me :) (don't ask how its possible. I am also confused thinking about that)

1.U must be lucky that you are posted in Chennai. My stay in Bangalore for a couple of months scared me. For the first time in ** years, I had hair fair problem. Once i was back to chennai, I never faced this problem.(Salt composition of water varies from state to state :) )

2.No comments on that. At present ,I am reading "Three mistakes of Life" & it's not that bad a read :) (Especially after reading "How Opal Mehta Got .... ". That was a nonsense book)

3.Yup.Marriage @ 22 is young :) My sister managed to escape till 25 when she finally married. Now a days, guys are getting married @ age of 24 (Courtesy love marriages). This worries me too :)

4.Murphy has been very unfair to me too in couple of occasions.

5.Public display of affection shouldn't cross the Laxman Rekha :) Atleast in your case, you saw this in Cafe coffee day. Some times , in my office, i see few ladies wearing attire which come under catogery of "distractors " :P Kidding. On a serious tone, I think a session must be thought to ladies regarding "Western Formal Wear". Guys are always caught in our company for dress code violation whereas Gals manage to escape.

6."Tosey Naina Lagey" is a song from an album by "Anwar" (I guess i am right) Good song :)

Matangi Mawley said...

hey.. this is my first visit to u'r blog.. it s gr8!

on "marrying at 22"..

i had a friend.. she used to study really well.. i mean, we used to compete with each other- every time.. while we were at school.. after my 12th std i completely lost all contacts with her..
later, some day i came to knw tht her parents gt her married off to sme "dubai return" as soon as she finished her schoolin! at 19!!!

nw, evn 22 gives a churn on my tummy!

Anonymous said...

Next time you see a couple getting cozy in coffee world, take a snap with your motorazr (er..thats buried now). Send it to me. I will tell you if it indeed crosses the

BTW 21 is a very young age to get married. Its such a pain to cook, fold the blankets, make coffee, vaccuum the house, go for shopping etc when the wife sleeps her way to glory...

tsk tsk...all narrations are fictitious and resemblence to my real life is coincidential (or so I have to say to save myself)

- Tormen...

Anonymous said...

Lolz...I thought you would talk about mirror cracking materials but you talked about a hairline crack! ;)
Obsessed with songs are u? You are blessed to be in such a blissful position!! I am still stuck in one!! :P
Coffee day is a place where Caffenine and Hormones compete on who gives a high!! :P But the Bill finally beats the $hit out of them!! :D
And Murphy being in love with you...well...You are my buddy after all! :P

Awesome post...keep them coming Revs!! :D

Sue said...

my family and other animals is a cool book. dnt worry. you're not the only one who enjoys reading animal stories and doesnt know what category of readres she fits into. and 22 is definitely a tender age to get married. but its a pity parents dont think that way. nice post...

Revathi said...

and thats why i love ur comments. because they make no sense whatsoever!! :P

yeah. i have read life of pu. again one of my favorite books!! sigh!!

yeah i thought of that. but the stupid driver asked me wehere i was going and rhombha honest a i said madurai and he refused to let me get on a bus to v'nagar!! :(

lol. point taken dude!! :) wont talk about low hip jeans in future. hadnt thought of this angle!! :)

@kilpauk mental
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!! :)

@kilpauk mental's evil twin :P
your entire comment was fully faltoo!!! :P. so i shall pretend that i did not read and did not laugh aloud at each point!! :P
i have the entire collection too and i love his voice.
and @geeky comment!! sigh!! you know what KMS you are all bad things rolled into one. long+faltoo+geeky commentor!!
thats a rare combo. u can be one or otyher but not all three!! :D
lol. kidding!! had a good guffaw after reading ur comment!!! :)

sigh!! poor u man!!! work has been pretty relaxed for me so no complaints about that!! :)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Thank you soooo much for visiting man!!! :) and jeez ur comment gives me the creeps!! :)

ROFL!! just you wiat till i show this to maya dude!! no more vada and adai aviyal for u. be glad if she lets u stay in the same house as her!! :P

thank you soooooooooooo much Sree!! :) and u stil stuck with aditi. aditi is also on my "listen-to-it-8756-times' list BTW!! :)

Thanks a lot for visiting sue!! :)

rvn rahul said...

U like animal stories?? heh heh.. sisterhood huh?? ko girl..

Nice post.. :)

btw chk out

u'll love it.. the whole site in fact.. :)

Ashwath said...

good post... aana title onnum illaye..

infact nanum ungala mathiri bad luck guy than... Murphy gets hold of me everytime... ;-/