Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I love birthdays!! :)

I love birthdays.

I love being wished on my birthday.

I love it when people who would normally not call me, call me and wish me.

I love it when someone says “Happy Birthday Revs” and I go thank you thank you!!

I love it when my sister who normally cannot stay awake beyond 10 in the night is the first person to call me at 12.00 and says "Happy Birthday Shruthi". ( the fact that dubai is 2 hours behind us and 12 for us is 10 for them can be discounted. It’s the thought that counts)

I love it when my friends act all “ooooh!! We forgot to get u a cake man” and have a forlorn expression on their face and then at 12 ,drag me to the terrace and make me cut a beautiful chocolate cake. I don’t have the heart to tell them that I saw the "cake world" cover in the hall when they got it.

I still love cutting a cake, blowing out candles on my birthday and listening to the happy birthday song.

I love it when people who normally only pull my legs or tease me say / write nice things about me on my birthday. I know how difficult it is for you guys to write nice stuff about me. I mean I can almost imagine u guys going “Revs..errr..ummm ahhh!! Nice girl with smelly feet, bad hair and bad teeth. Heh heh”. Lol. So all u guys who wrote wonderful things about me on the cognizant birthday blog Thanks a lot!!

I love it when one of my best friends forgets my birthday and I message her saying “you forgot my birthday. Wish me NOW” and she calls and goes “jeeez I am sooooo sorry.”. yeah I am super shameless. When people don’t wish me on my birthday I message them and threaten them to wish me.

I love it when my grandmother says “kazhudha vayasu aaiduthu aana moola mattum valarave ila” (roughly translated as you have reached a donkey’s age but still have the maturity level of George Bush)

I love it when my friends tell me that they are gonna buy a book for my birthday and ask me what I want. I have to be the most shameless person because I sent a message to all those people and asked them to buy a book which I wanted!! :P (Psssst Mi!! I just finished reading my family and other animals and I fell in love with it. Thanks!! :D. others!! I am still waiting for my gift!! Humph!! :P)

I love it when my friends have good fun at my expense. Yeah!! It’s a long story. Will blog about it some time. In short one of them kept a bouquet at my desk in office, led me astray and kept me guessing about the sender of the bouquet till evening. Aravind, Sree, Sow, Trich, Jass - u dawgs!! Thanks for the bouquet and err thanks for having fun at my expense. :)

I love the fact that I can still love birthdays and not worry about the fact that I am actually getting an year older.

Its not fair. Why cant I have more than one birthday an year. :(


Anonymous said...

Lolz...So different from your last post Revs...the ??? one seems to be written by the other you!! :P
Well...no matter how you are treated the 364/5 days of a year, the 365/6th day you'll be chadaofyd (praised)...and no matter, you try to run away we will catch you for your pending treat!! :P
And your wish of celebrating your Birthday more than once a year can be fulfilled, only if you happen to treat us each time!! ;)
Toh hojay? Kya bolti tu? :D lolz..

Hope you had a great time yesterday as much as we had at your expense (not that you sponsored my Dasavatharam ticket! ;))!! :D

ashwin said...

belated b'day wishes :)

>>Jass said...

You can have as many bdays you want reevs! Like s3 says , Do not forget the treat for each bday, ab dekhte hain how many bdays you like ! :)

Milinta said...

Oh so there's a big story centered around that bouquet? And did aki promise to buy "Uncle's long legs" for you?? ROFL man! I can't stop laughing whenever that comes to my mind :D As preciously hilarious as aki's "fungus" joke :D :D great post!

Revathi said...

That is after you give treat for ur promotion!!
shaana math ban!! :P
Thanks Sree!! and yup i had a capital time.

long time sir!! :). IT industry killing u? Thanks!!

u hu hu hu!! has anyone ever told u that you are super funny?? :rolling eyes:

ROFL man!! seriously. the whole of yesterdya when i was in bus, walking on the road i was smiling to myself thinking about Uncle's long legs. Aki and her one liners!! :D
Thanks!! :)

Sheks said...

Its not fair. Why cant I have more than one birthday an year

Birthdays ellam IPL mathiri...varushathukku oru thadava thaan varanum.

But it is possible for you to celebrate 2 birthdays a year provided your age is not a multiple of 19 because every other year you have what they call "Natchatra Porandhanaal" loosely translated as Star Birthday.

Anonymous said...


I remember reminding P last year to wish you!!!

This year orkut reminded me :)))

- T'mentor

anu said...

Cos u wud grow older faster.Thats y u have only one birthday a year...and I knew i had missed ur bday cos its mid - june and u are a gemini...I knew it...though for the life of me I still cant remember the date....so trample on me but ,pray,tell me the date.

Revathi said...

lol. u dont even try do u? i mean whenever you open ur mouth by default it is mokkai!! :P
kidding. Thanks for visiting and yeah my nakshatra porandhanaal is around the corner!! :)

Ahhh!! you reminded her last year is it? no wonder she wished me on the wrong day!! :P
Thanks!! ;)

no sweat!! it falls on june 16th!! :)

Sheks said...

Try what?

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

hey where is the subbaiya bajji treat?

preeti rocks said...

i cant forgo my beauty sleep for you for more than once a yr. yeah i wished you 10 30 pm itself the prev day, but i woke up at 10 30 am on your birthday to wish you :)

alone in d crowds said...

Belated wishes...
May ur todays always be better than yesterdays.

avani said...

lol @George bush :))

Sanket said...

Oh really?! I wonder why didn't you reply to my Happy B'day mail then >:-<
Btw, I was in Mumbai yesterday, was just wandering in the lanes near Gateway of India and guess what I stumbled upon? The Leopold Cafe!!! (Yup, I did finish Shantaram finally :D) It was full of foreigners, actually that whole lane was shopping paradise for them. That completely made my day. But the sad thing was, there was nobody I could share that excitement with for I don't know anybody other than you who has read Shantaram :(

Savita said...

belated birthday wishes.. Revs!!!

I too had to threaten Rani to call me on my birthday and had shamelessly asked for Shantaram as a gift :)

Sanket said...

Hey, I have tagged you! See my latest post.

Revathi said...

try to put mokkai i meant. it come naturally to u!! ;)

sure thing. u treat me for having become BE and i ll trat u for my birthday!! :)

thanks man!! knowing u i know thats a great effort from ur side!! :)

Thanks!! :)

long time sir. thanks for visiting!! :)

i didnt get any mail man!! honest!! :(. otherwise i WOULD have replied!! and i saw the tag. will do it ASAP. and u liked shantaram too?? woohoo!! way to go. ur status in my eyes has been elevated!! :P
and leopold cafe? now i am all jealous!! :-\

heyyy!! long time man!! Thank u sooo much!! :)