Monday, June 02, 2008

Lessons learnt by Revathi Ramanan in the last one week!!

1. Never ever ever again waste money (however little it is) by buying any book written by chetan bhagat. I picked up three mistakes of my life and I can write a book with the same title the three mistakes of my life being

1. Five point someone

2. One night at the call center

3. Three mistakes of my life

Ok!! Five point someone wasn’t all that bad but the other two books!! Saaaaaaaaaad!! Someone please ask Chetan Bhagat to stop writing. Buying this guys books is like watching a karan johar movie. U know its gonna be bad but u still go ahead and read the book and watch the movie for reasons known to no one. Next time Mr.Bhagat decides to write a book and I like a fool decide to buy it again and write a post on how sad it was please feel free to get in touch with me and kill me. I would be very grateful to you.

2. Moto L6 when dropped from the fourth floor of an apartment is shattered into approximately 47 different pieces. This has been tested and proved by the author. :(.
Yep!! I accidentally dropped my cell into the lift of our building while attempting to close it. I had to then call the watchman and ask him to open the lift, jump down into the shaft and retrieve my sim card. My cell was beyond repair and I wish I had a camera so I could take a picture of my cell’s display and paste it here so you could see how I had tortured the fellow. I am now using my friend’s nokia 1600. May my moto’s soul rest in peace. Anyway with my cell gone I have lost all my contacts so if you figured in my contact list please do send me a message letting me know your number.

3. if u work in an IT company you would have come across the automatic doors which have sensors of some kind and open and close when the detect any movement around them. The lesson I learnt last week was that these doors can detect movements only when some one approaches the doors and not when someone stands right between the two doors. Here’s what happened to me last week. As I approached the doors, they opened and just when I was about to cross them my shoe strap snapped and I stood there in between the two doors trying to fix it. And suddenly I felt someone pushing me and when I turned around I was shocked to see that the doors were closing in on me and there I was caught like a little rat between the doors squealing for help. And then a good Samaritan came and the doors opened. It was such an embarrassing situation. So all u designers of automatic doors please make the doors intelligent enough to detect the presence of someone between them also

4. when your sister who recently moved to dubai calls u and starts crying DO NOT assume that she is crying because she is missing you. This was the conversation between my sis and me last week
Preethi: sob sob!! Sniff sniff!! Shruthiiiii
Me: (acting all smug thinking she is crying because she is missing me): what is it Preethi?
Preethi: Shruthi can u believe it? They give milk in bottles here and not in packets like in India. Who gives milk in bottles??? Waaah waaah
Me: (rolling my eyes and thinking)Sheeeesh!!! So much for missing me!!

Jokes apart i do miss her!! :(

In Happier Times - yeah!! the person with the idli like face on the left is my sis and the person on right who looks like she is the brand ambassador for anchor white is yours truly!! :) . This is one of my favorite pics taken when we went to Kabini some time last year!! beautiful place, lovely memories!!

5. Distance DOES the make the heart grow fonder. My sister and BIL when they were here wouldn’t trust me with a saefty pin at their place and now my BIL has gone as far as giving me his hardly used almost new 8 Gb Ipod nano saying he anyway doesn’t have time to listen to it and figured I would be the best person to make good use of it. You are now reading the blog of the proud owner of an 8 GB ipod nano. :). Sigh!! Is it possible to die out of happiness?? If yes then I would have died long ago!! Thanks guys!! (hey Milinta u dawg. i wrote this post before i read ur vile comment on my last post!! :P See even i can be grateful!! ;))


Arun said...

//"I was caught like a little rat between the doors squealing for help "

hahahaha ! :D ! open see-shame ! :p

lovely post !
free ipod eh?! not bad ! :)

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

//Buying this guys books is like watching a karan johar movie

I sooo empathize... thank goodness our man near ramkay did not have the book when i asked ..
and the photo...i wouldnt call it an anchor white brand ambassador.... i would think more in the lines of closeup toothpaste

>>Jass said...

LOL! I so imagined the doors closing on your err posterior. LOL!


*rubbing eyes*

Did you increase the brightness of the picture on purpose? Reduce the contrast or something!

Anonymous said...

I dint read the post yet. But i have to comment for this photo. Preethi looks like she has alcohol in her veins instead of blood and you look like you are seeing camera for the first time.

Plz you can do better justice to yourselves.

- Ashwin (No need to torment. You have done that favor already)

Anonymous said...

Life is a constant learning process. The only thing thats constant is acquisition of the eternal knowledge of earthly idiosyncrasies!! - Anonymous(a.k.a KMS)

After the unleashment of the customary crap, lets jump into the real comment. :)

Hilarous blog!!
Have been hearing a lot about this Chetan Bhagat thingie...but never really read any. :P:P
@Broken Cell phone: I dont know if the company you work in, is so poor, that they have open lifts where you can drop things through multiple floors. Maybe its done as Claustrophobic-proof. :D
@Automatic Door closing stuff: Happened once to that female who caused lift nausea to me. haha.. God is indeed present and he does justice. :D:D *Wicked grin*
@Anchor White Ambassador: Soooo true!! Thats a nice career option actually...hehe
@8(0)GB iPod: Nice trade for a broken cell I say. Ultimate leveler.

P.C.: I should seriously reconsider the length of my comments. They are growing way to long.. :D

Let me post this comment as Mr.Anon!! buhahaha..

Revathi said...

heh heh!! and u know. u really oughta try it. i mean stand right in between the doors and you will know exactly what i am talking about. and free ipod (authors eyes going all dreamy!!) Sigh!!! yeah. thanks for visiting!! :)

//i would think more in the lines of closeup toothpaste
Yeah!! Like thats very consoling! (rolling eyes). and dude please. i will give u my copy of three mistakes if u want to read it but please dont go and buy it. please. the original book is 95 bucks and our thatha might give it for 40 but it is still not worth it!! :-\

nope. this is how the original picture looks. havent tweaked it. and dude!! cant u just appreciate and the pic and go "wow!! what beauties" rather than going into the techical details like "the resolution is not right, what was the shutter speed and did it close like 1.476 nanoseconds after u clicked adn how many mega pixel etc??" eeeeeeeeks!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

you know what?? you are just jealous that both of us are looking pretty. you dont know the number of fan mails i got as soon as i posted this blog (errrr.. most of them consisting of "ewww. take the photo down, its too bright", "sheeesh. i couldnt sleep last night. your pictures kept haunting me" and "give a free pair of shades for everyone who visits your blog. will help us look at the photograph". :P)
jealous man!! thats what you are!! kavala padadhu. oru nala neeyum konjam paakra madri irrupa!! :P

oh!! leaving anonymous comments are we?? :)
//The only thing thats constant is acquisition of the eternal knowledge of earthly idiosyncrasies
Thoooo!! yenna ory saying. swami karthikananda ki jai ho!! :P
--and hey this incident didnt happen in office. it happened in the apartment complex where i once lived.
--and hey automatic door closing has already happened to someone?? whoa!! i thought i was the first!! not bad!! ;)
--and about anchor white errr that was supposed to be a joke. you are supposed to go "Awww Revs!! no. you look good and that smile would give julia roberts a run for her money!! :P" and not "nice career option"!! sheeesh!! :P
--and free ipod!! yeah yeah!! i am trying to get a free cell phone now!! ;) :P

Thanks for visiting KMS!! :)

GoodEarth said...

Oye Revs,
Interesting read :-)
i wholeheartedly agree with that 3 mistakes part! The day i read the very first book "5.someone", i realized that i ahd unnecessarily wasted my precious money & time buying/reading this piece of literature... but sadly enough, i laid my hands on "1 night @ the callcenter".... and developed some kinda skin disease after reading those ghastly episodes! There is no chance that i will ever read any of his books again.... no way gosh!! loved that komparison with Karan... very true... no one knows why he/she watches those sad movies.... knwoing that they are utter CRAPPP :-)

And can u imagine my discomfort & disbelief.... when someone, after erading my blog @ Ch1, said that my posts remind him of Chetan Bhagat and his style of writing :-(

And heyyyyyyyyyy, i too have this experience of standing "slightly" in between the automatic doors... and that too with a black tea cup in hand! so u cud very well have imagined the "side" effects :-) but i guess we are certainly made of some "solid stuff" that'll not allow the door to crash in on us so easily :-)

That was a very sweet snap... except for the photo impression of a strange looking re(v)ptile captured on the right side of the snap :-) Oooooh, you own a 8GB Ipod nano!! Whoaaa Revs, im waiting for u to die out of happiness, so that i can grab the piece ASAP :-)

Vignesh.r(edux) said...

Thanks for being the scapegoat..u just saved me from a catastrophy(read Bhagat)!!

i have seen that pic before... where??? lemme guess..hmm correct pasamalar poster paatha effectu!! :))

Sheks said...

You're saying Motorola has become what it really is--Motor odala!

Even before reading the rest of the sister-crying part,I imagined her to be crying because the SuperKings lost the IPL.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

cha you are such a nice person .... if it was me, then i would have given it a raving review and if some one complained after reading my misguiding review i would have said "yam petra inbam neeyum perrave"

Milinta said...

he he... :-) there's no proof that this was written before reading that so-called vile comment so i shall maintain that you are an ungrateful wretch :P And yeah, I treat the tapeworms in my tummy infinitely better than the way you treat ur mobile phone.. Adhuku kaal irundha unna vitutu odiye poirukum! Even nw i suspect that it committed suicide by falling into that lift shaft. Tough life it had!!

And what's with your 'thanks for visiting' every time someone comments here??? With newcomers i can understand but it gets on my nerves revs :-/ Next time i see that for my comment i'll make sure i'll never ever comment on ur blog again. hmph :-/

Revathi said...

//said that my posts remind him of Chetan Bhagat and his style of writing
Awwwww really??? thats sad. and madam. i just asked if it was possible to die out of happiness and i have discovered that no its not possible after all!! and i am living all right!!! :P
and strange looking re(v)ptile??? Ooooooh!! being cheeky are we?? madam!! u dunno the number of fan mails i got for that!! :P

hey!! yeah i did u a favor!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Aaaaaaaaaaa!!! marana mokkai. but u r right!! and actually even before i broke it, adhu odala!! :P. and sigh!! my sister is so drowned in work she would probably think IPL is the name of some client!! :(

Yeah!! i am a super nice person!! sigh!! i m so good i amaze myself!! :P

Loooose!! there is something called basic respect and decency in this world. you would do well to learn it!! :P
//And yeah, I treat the tapeworms in my tummy infinitely better than the way you treat ur mobile phone

ROFL!! this is a public forum mi!! be nice, be nice!! :D
whoops, i almost said thanks for visiting but am not gonna say it!!
Miiiiiiiiiiiiii!! :)

The Thinker said...

Hey nice blog...had fun reading ur adventures.

And by the way be happy.. time for a new phone!


Dinesh said... you actually counted the pieces? :-)

Anonymous said...

Lolz...another hilarious take...sheesh, of all "droppings" and never recovered from the fact that you followed your sister down here, did you? always making her your bakra...hehe...Leave the poor soul alone! ;) Nice pic...Anchored!! :D

Anonymous said...

its so true, about the movies..
dont by the books!! read the last page..and then decidee..



Revathi said...

Thanks a lot man!! Thanks for visiting!! :)

i said approximately 47 different pieces!! there could have beem more. ;). But yeah i did look pretty silly standing in the lift shaft with a 500 kg lift poised above me ready to fall, counting the number of pieces!! :\
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Lol @ anchored!! :D. heh heh!! and if not my sis then who else man?? ;). You?? :P
Thanks for visiting!! :)

lol. u know what. i have this disgusting habit of reading the last page of EVERY novel.:D. i spoil the suspense for myself in mystery novels by reading the last page!! ;)
Thanks for visiting!! :)

Ragesh said...

hee hee enna takkunu got englightened eh ? hee hee. so finally i got to see who preethi is.. guess and elevators/doors do not share a good rapport, coming to auto doors, yes, is so obvious that they should sense presence of people in the middle, i mean come on how tuff is that, i sometimes lean against the open door, only to find it pusing me with all it's might. only then I found out that its only soo intelligent, and if u come in front of it from it's die also it wont open, it can sense only presence in front of it at distance of around 3, any nearer guess angle misses u. he he

Ragesh said...

sh*t i missed many words in my last coment and i am too lzay to correct it , he he

'A' Rod said...

Hmm..fortunately I havent got around to pick one of those books :).. after going through your post dont think i will !

alone in d crowds said...

mm.. 15 days. Rather 15 week days (read it working days) is what took me to finish ur blog from beginin.

N u r good. Fantastic sometimes. Fine many a times. Good on average.

Praveen led me to ya. nxt is myriad moods. Wat my life lacks the moment is a few laughs. N u ppl are generous.

Btw, I identifies ur 'garbage collector' ambition wid this post of mine.

Drop in if ya care.

preeti said...

I am very happy for your mobile that its free from its tyrant owner. remember how much scene you put when you came to hostel saying you ve got it in proper shape and bla bla bla.. good for look like overcooked potato i that snap :)

Aishu said...

Hey Revs!!! :D
Completely agree with you on the 3 mistakes part.. Gawd! Can't get any worse than this..
Ah.. siblings are these species who are a nuance when near and the best thing life gave you when far away.. I too learnt it the hard way.. :|
Now gotta read all the other posts..