Saturday, January 17, 2009

1. The resilient nature of humans will never fail to amaze me. Its amazing how soon normal life resumes after any kind of calamity or mishap. Its time to quote the most cliched dialogue of all time. Life just goes on come what may. So after a terrible week now everyone a home is slowly limping back to normalcy carrying on with their routine lives.

2. I must have done something right in some of my previous births to deserve the kind of friends i have. Aki, Moti, Gundoo, Sam, Diw. Thanks a lot for just being there on sunday and lending me your shoulder. i owe u guys one.

3. It was G.B.C.I's (my blog's) third birthday on Jan 10th. I dont think i can ever think of GBCI's birthday without thinking of perima.

4. Its not very difficult to actually pretend like you are working. All u need is an excel sheet with some gibberish written on it and keep adjusting the column width or copy, paste data from one cell to another. Be sure to listen to some music so that no one disturbs you or asks you what you are doing. You will be in trouble then.

5. My dad's concept of missed calls is very weird. I tell him clearly "Appa, i will give u a missed call. Just let your phone ring and then call me back. ok?" But he picks my call grunts into the mouthpiece and then cuts it. When i asked him why he does that he says "i need to ackowledge your call dont i?". Sheeesh!! Me thinks my dad doesnt know what the red button in the phone is for. he just always uses the green button! :-\. Oh BTW all you people who are thinking "sheeesh, she still gives missed calls?? Even now when she is earning??" lemme hasten to reassure you that i m not the kind of leech who likes to suck all the blood out of her parents and then go "Smack!! That was yum!!". Its just that its free if my parents call me. :rolling eyes:

6. My sister who is(or is it was. I dunno. She refuses to tell me!! :P) working for a certain company which errr is going through rough times now (no prizes for guessing which company i am talking about.;)) has been threatened by her husband that he will throw her out of the house or mete out untold atrocities on her if she doesnt earn her rozi roti. So if any of you good samaritans want to prevent domestic violence. please give my sister a job!! :P

(I sound like those guys who come on local trains with letters which read "I am deaf dumb blind lame and have 4 holes in my heart. Heart surgery will cost 175000 rupees. Please donate generously" with a pitiful look on their face)
Yaar Preethi. Just hang in there. Tera kuch na kuch bandobast mai karti hoon. Behen hoon aakhir. Kuch to farz banta hai!! :P

7. I think i am becoming super old. There was a time 6 months back when i had amazing stamina and could trek easily for a long time. Last weekend's trek to kolli just proved what a pathetic shape i am in. I needed to take rest every 10 metres and panted and puffed my way up the mountain. People who called me super woman in the last trek looked down upon me the same way narayan murthy is now looking down upon satyam employees. (that was mean of u mr.murthy. Satyam employees are not at fault if their CEO goofs up. Its almost like saying all muslims are terrorists just because majority of the terrorists are muslims).
anyway bottom line, i need to buck up and i am going to run 5 kms everyday starting next week and build my stamina!! (no kidding!!).

8. I thoought i got over my OCD. Apparently not. i saw 7 points and my hands itched to make that number even and write one more point. Hence this point. 7 rubbish points or 8 rubbish points. what difference does it make?? :P


Arunan said...

I think NRN is quoted out of context! He said he will not touch a tainted company only for buying the company. And there was another report from Infy's HR telling that it is not correct to poach a crisis hit company's workforce. Papers combined both these statements and it meant different altogether!
"I am going to run 5 kms everyday"!!! oops! Did I read that correct! Good luck! Nice post!

Arun said...

hey when ya dont give yer post a title it doesn't show up on my RSS feed list !!!
anyway belated b'day wishes to GBCI !:)

and the OCD, muahahaha cant get rid of it :D !!!

Anonymous said...

5 kms everyday!!! u serious?? are u including ur running to the office, to the bay, to the vending machines etc??

GBCI's been in existence for three years (and still counting)?? God save the world..

Revathi said...

Ahhh!! How very like me to not read the facts and blame the guy!! ;)
Sorry about that!!
Thanks for visiting!! :)

damn!! i thought i had gotten the better of OCD

ahh!! welcome sir..what will GBCI be without sarcastic comments from its readers. Its amazing how all my sarcastic commentors are called Rahul!! :P:P
Thanks for visiting man!!
G.B.C.I wouldnt mind if you let a happy birthday wish!! :rolling eyes:

Anonymous said...

i m not the kind of leech who likes to suck all the blood out of her parents and then go "Smack!! That was yum!!". Its just that its free if my parents call me. :rolling eyes:


5 kms! Great :) Good luck :)

Sree said...

Yay! Happy 3rd year Birthday!! :)
Revs, I think its high time to put her into some school (its free for you if your dad pays! :P) and grow up!! ;)
Good post there buddy! :D

GoodEarth said...

Wow! your blog is fast growing (unlike you!) :P Happy Birthday GBCI!
ill ask you the next year.... abt ur running 5kms/cms every day! Good running till then! :D

Tashi said...

You're right abt the Excel worksheet method. I do it everyday. Amazing how many ppl fall for it!

Revathi said...

thanks!! :)

yeah man!! i should send her to school!! she is too wild anyway!! ;)

Thanks!! :)

heh heh!! :D

Sanjeev said...

congrats on completing three successful blogging years.. treat eppo ;)

Maams said...

//All u need is an excel sheet with some gibberish written on it and keep adjusting the column width or copy, paste data from one cell to another.

Is this what u are doing when u don't reply to our chain mails and say u are busy with work... :O

I love your dad! He perfectly defines his generation.. Just like my dad, you never realizes there is a left button in mouse and always uses right-click-->open to open anything in comp :)

Interesting post!!